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Educated Guesses 2014

For the 33rd consecutive year, The University of Alabama’s Office of Media Relations offers predictions from faculty experts for the coming year.

Look for Bump in State’s GDP, Employment in 2013

Alabama’s gross domestic product, the market value of goods and services produced and often considered an indicator of the state’s standard of living, should grow by about 1.5 to 2.0 percent in 2013, predicts a University of Alabama economist.

Self-Driving Cars to Take Off

Once in the realm of science fiction, cars able to drive themselves will become more prevalent as the first versions are introduced to consumers during 2013, says a University of Alabama engineering professor who worked to develop the technology.

Sporting-Event Attendance to Drop in 2013

A combination of factors will result in sporting-event attendance dropping in 2013, says Dr. Andrew Billings, a University of Alabama sports communication researcher.

Bad Economy to be Good for Your Diet in 2013

The bad economy may be good for your health in 2013, a University of Alabama nutrition expert predicts.

Retailers to Keep Storefronts, Sharpen Online Services

Consumers in the coming year can look for competitive retailers to look for ways to adjust their expensive storefront footage while sharpening online services, says Dr. Kristy Reynolds, the Bruno Professor of Marketing at The University of Alabama.

No Decreases for Pell Grant Funding

Don’t expect Pell Grant funding to decrease in 2013, a University of Alabama professor predicts.

Healthcare Reform to Bring ‘Five Stages of Grief’

The upcoming year will bring significant changes in health care, according to Dr. Marilyn Whitman, assistant professor and coordinator of the undergraduate healthcare management program at The University of Alabama.

International Intervention in Syria Unlikely; Iran to Simmer

The civil war in Syria between the government of President Bashar al-Assad and anti-Baath Party rebels likely will continue throughout 2013 with the international community looking on, a University of Alabama political scientist predicts.

Some Rural Hospitals to Choose between Merging Services, Closure

In 2013 and beyond, rural hospitals in Alabama will need to combine and coordinate their services – or some will close, a University of Alabama expert in rural and family medicine says.

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