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The University of Alabama

Archive for the ‘Biology’ Specialty

Caldwell, Guy

professor of biological sciences 205/348-9926 (o) 205/330-0869 (h)

Caldwell, Kim

associate professor of biological sciences 205/348-4021

Mortazavi, Behzad

assistant professor of biological sciences 251/861-2141

O’Donnell, Janis

professor of biological sciences 205/348-9810 (o), 205/310-2601 (h)

Powell, Martha

professor of biological sciences 205/348-5960 (o), 205/330-0983 (h)

Richards, Richard

associate professor of philosophy 205/348-2332 Richards’ specialties include philosophy of science, history and philosophy of biology and aesthetics. He is involved in the Blount Undergraduate Initiative, in both the planning of curriculum and teaching.

Sobecky, Patricia

professor and chair of biological sciences 205/348-1409