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The University of Alabama

Archive for the ‘Pop Culture, Literature & the Arts’ Expertise

Beidler, Philip

professor of English 205/348-8508 Literature of the Vietnam War, American literature, war literature, English

Billings, Andrew

Ronald Reagan Endowed Chair in Broadcasting 205/348-6350 The Olympics; ratings and demographics in sports media; identity issues (gender, race, etc.) in sports media; popular communication; consumer behavior for television, radio, Internet, etc.

Bissell, Kimberly

associate dean for research, College of Communication and Information Sciences Director, Institute for Communication and Information Research 205/348-1235 Spin, boot camp, weight training, zumba, children running 5Ks, children running half marathons, fun ways for children to get physically active

Bomar, Bill

director of Moundville Archaeological Park  205/371-2234 (o)

Boschung, Milla

dean, College of Human Environmental Sciences 205/348-6150 (o) Personal finance, Personal financial planning, Consumerism, Shopping and budgeting, Holidays, Holiday budgeting, Family financial planning, Best use of credit, Kids and allowance, Holiday debt traps, Consumer issues/customer service

Brantley, Chip

lecturer in emerging media, journalism department 205/348-4692

Carter, Cornelius

professor of dance 205/348-2894 (o), 205/349-2039 (h) Carter was awarded the National Outstanding Doctoral and Research Universities Professor of the Year award by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 13, 2001.

Curtner-Smith, Mary Liz

associate professor of human development and family studies 205/348-8151 (o), 205/333-5964 (h) Children who are bullies, Children in divorced families, Children’s health, Helping adolescents make decisions about wearing makeup, Dating, Corporal punishment

Curzon, Lucy

assistant professor, art and art history 205/348-6458  

Dewar, Andrew Raffo

assistant professor, New College and music 205/348-9928

Dorr, Lisa Lindquist

associate professor of history and director of graduate studies  205/348-1862 (o) Southern history since 1865, U.S. women’s history, Alabama women and alcohol during Prohibition, 1920s popular culture in the South, Women and family life in the South in the 1920s

Fitch, Andy

associate professor of theater 205/348-3842 or 205/348-5283 a regional theatre designer working throughout the Southeast, Fitch’s interests include: corporate and industrial trade shows, drawing and drafting for the theater, trade journals and shows.

Greer, Jennifer D.

Associate provost for administration 205/348-6304 (o) Gender, Online news, Sports, Media effects

Hestevold, H. Scott

professor and chair, philosophy department 205/348-1912 Hestevold’s primary research interests involve analytic metaphysics in particular, problems involving time and identity. He is also interested in the nature of mercy, pity and other concepts related to moral psychology.

Jacobs, Steven

associate professor of religious studies and Aaron Aronov chair of Judaic Studies 205/348-0473 Jacobs’ primary research foci are in Biblical Studies, translation and interpretation, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as Holocaust and Genocide Studies.  

Kinney, Lance

associate professor, advertising and public relations 205/348-7706 How brands use sporting events as advertising and PR platforms to reach consumers and drive brand sales; controversial consumer issues in advertising management; advertising strategies and techniques; how various media are used by advertisers; changes in media policies related to advertising; media pricing; mass media and society

Lane, Ralph

professor of human nutrition 205/348-8128 (o), 205/348-6157 (o), 205/333-1141 (h) Children’s health, Children’s nutrition, Food, Cereals, Beverages, Breakfast cereals, Sugar in beverages, Halloween, Candy and healthy holiday treats

Martone, Michael

professor of English, creative writing 205/348-5526    

McGuire, Kenneth

associate professor of music education 205/348-1430  

Meares, Mary

director of graduate program, direct of graduate internships, department of communication studies 205/348-8072

Miller, Steve

professor and coordinator, MFA in the Book Arts program, School of Library and Information Studies 205/348-1525 Creating limited edition, handmade books

Morgan, Stacy

associate professor, American studies 205/348-0069

Naidoo, Jamie

Associate professor, School of Library and Information Studies 205/348-1518

Naidoo, Jamie

associate and Foster-EBSCO endowed professor, School of Library and Information Studies 205/348-1518

Neggers, Yasmin

professor of human nutrition 205/348-4706 (o), 205/348-6157 (o), 205/553-5744 (h) Zinc supplements and pregnancy outcomes, Food

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