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The University of Alabama

Archive for the ‘Politics & Law’ Expertise

Andreen, William

Edgar L. Clarkson Professor of Law 205/348-7091 (o) Environmental law, International environmental law, Water pollution, Water management, Administrative law

Andrews, Carol Rice

Douglas Arant Professor of Law 205/348-0334 (o) Civil procedure, Legal ethics, Professional responsibility, Conflicts of law

Bailey, Talitha Powers

director, Capital Defense Law Clinic director, Community Development Law Clinic 205/348-6845 (o)  Criminal law, Capital litigation, Appellate advocacy,

Borrelli, Stephen

Assistant professor of political science 205/348-3802 (o), 205/750-0360 (h), (e-mail preferred) Party pledges and policy actions in the U.S., Effects of Senate malapportionment, How elites and citizens justify changes in policy stands

Brewbaker, William S. III

associate dean, William Alfred Rose Professor of Law 205/348-1132 Jurisprudence, Healthcare law, Property law

Brodsky, Stanley

professor of psychology 205-348-1920 Forensic psychology, expert witness effectiveness, competency for execution, jury selection, trial consultation, mitigation evidence and testimony.

Bryce, James

Joseph D. Peeler Professor of Law 205/348-7372 (o)

Carodine, Montré D.

associate professor of law 205/348-7657 Race and law, Evidence, Civil procedure

Cassel, Carol

professor of political science 205/348-3805 (o) Mass political behavior, Public opinion, Political parties

Chotiner, Barbara Ann

professor of political science 205/348-3812 (o), 205/752-4759 (h) Russia, politics of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, new world order, international affairs

Clayton, Lawrence

professor of history 205/348-1855 (o), 205/339-9262 (h) Central American history, culture and politics, international affairs

Colquitt, Joseph

Jere L. Beasley Professor of Law director of trial advocacy 205/348-1145 Criminal law and procedure, Criminal sentencing, Judicial issues, Trial advocacy, Evidence, Capital litigation

Dillbary, John Shahar

associate professor of law 205/348-9988 Intellectual property, Economic analysis of the law, Antitrust, Torts

Durham, Alan

Judge Robert S. Vance Professor of Law 205/348-1137 Intellectual Property, Anti-Trust, Torts

Elliott, Heather

associate professor of law 205/348-9965 Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Water Law, Constitutional Law

Emens, Steve

professor of clinical legal instruction, faculty adviser and coach for the intercollegiate trial advocacy teams 205/348-6231

Fair, Bryan

Thomas E. Skinner Professor of Law 205/348-7494

Freyer, Tony

university research professor of history and law 205/348-1116

Gibler, Douglas

associate professor of political science  205/348-3808 (o) Foreign policy, Territorial threats, International alliances, Arms races, International conflict

Glenn, Valerie

government documents librarian, University Libraries 205/348-0760  

Griffin, Darrin J.

 Dr. Darrin J. Griffin Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies Office phone: 205/632-0777 Email: Areas of expertise: Lying, & Deception; Deafness; Instructional Communication

Hamill, Susan Pace

professor of law 205/348-5931

Henning, William H.

distinguished professor of law 205/348-1118  

Hobbs, Steven

Tom Bevill Chairholder of Law 205/348-5247  

Hoewe, Jennifer

Assistant professor of journalism Phone: 205/348-9760; Email: Hoewe’s expertise includes media effects, social effects of mass media, politics, psychology, public opinion, race and gender in the media, mass media race portrayal and research methods.

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