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The University of Alabama

Archive for the ‘History’ Expertise

Adrian, Lynne

chair associate professor of American studies 205/348-9762 (o), 205/553-7136 (h) Counter culture, hobos, history of hobos in the United States, poverty

Blitz, John

associate professor of anthropology 205/348-4074 (o)

Bomar, Bill

director of Moundville Archaeological Park  205/371-2234 (o)

Brown, Ian

professor of anthropology 205/348-9758 (o), 205/633-3951(h)

Chotiner, Barbara Ann

professor of political science 205/348-3812 (o), 205/752-4759 (h) Russia, politics of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, new world order, international affairs

Clayton, Lawrence

professor of history 205/348-1855 (o), 205/339-9262 (h) Central American history, culture and politics, international affairs

Dorr, Lisa Lindquist

associate professor of history and director of graduate studies  205/348-1862 (o) Southern history since 1865, U.S. women’s history, Alabama women and alcohol during Prohibition, 1920s popular culture in the South, Women and family life in the South in the 1920s

Frederickson, Kari

professor and chair of history 205/348-7100 Southern history since 1865, U.S. political history since 1865 and African-American history

Freyer, Tony

university research professor of history and law 205/348-1116

Innis-Jimenez, Michael

Associate professor, American studies 205/348-9764 (o) Latinos in the U.S. South and Midwest, immigration, history of Chicago, labor, food studies.

Jones, Howard

University research professor of history American diplomacy, military history, Civil War history, history of the Vietnam War, history of the U.S. Constitution, history of the Cold War, Coast Guard, constitutional law/U.S. constitution  

Mecredy, Randy

director, Alabama Museum of Natural History 205/348-2136 Natural history, Alabama history

Mellown, Robert

professor of art and art history 205/348-5967 University of Alabama campus history, art history Mellown teaches 19th-century art and architecture, Renaissance art and Ancient art. Mellown served as project director and principal investigator for numerous historical and architectural investigations of Alabama’s landmark structures, including the Historic Structures Report for Bryce Hospital. He authored “The […]

Peacock, Margaret

assistant professor of history 205/348-1851 Soviet History, communism, Russian history, history of 20th century, Cold War, semiotics

Rable, George C.

Professor and Charles G. Summersell Chair in Southern History 205/348-1808 (o) Dr. Rable is author of “Civil Wars: Women and the Crisis of Southern Nationalism,” “The Confederate Republic: A Revolution against Politics,” and “Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!,” which won the Lincoln Prize. His most recent work is “God’s Almost Chosen Peoples: A Religious History of the American Civil War.”

Riter, Robert

assistant professor, School of Library and Information Studies 205/348-6232

Rosenberg, Jerome

professor of psychology and New College 205/348-1918 (o) the Holocaust, Human and humane survival, ethics and social issues, prejudice and social movements, interdisciplinary models of teaching

Wimberly, Virginia

assistant professor of clothing, textiles and interior design 205/348-8139 (o), 205/348-6396 (o), 205/553-6208 (h), 205/310-2497 (c) History of wedding dresses, Historic clothing collection, Fashion