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The University of Alabama

Archive for the ‘Health & Science’ Expertise

Acoff, Viola L.

associate dean for undergraduate and graduate programs, professor of metallurgical engineering 205/348-2080 (o)      

Andrus, Fred

associate professor of geological sciences 205/348-5177

Bissell, Kimberly

associate dean for research, College of Communication and Information Sciences Director, Institute for Communication and Information Research 205/348-1235 Spin, boot camp, weight training, zumba, children running 5Ks, children running half marathons, fun ways for children to get physically active

Black, Sheila

associate professor of psychology 205/348-8648 Psychology, cognitive aging, how memory and cognitive processes change with age, aging/elderly

Blitz, John

associate professor of anthropology 205/348-4074 (o)

Blum, Alan

Professor and the Gerald Leon Wallace Chair in Family Medicine 205/348-1372 (o) Dr. Blum is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on tobacco and its effects on society. A renowned family medicine educator, practitioner and innovator, Blum founded, in 1977, DOC (Doctors Ought to Care), a national non-profit organization assisting in school health education and in community […]

Brantley, Chip

lecturer in emerging media, journalism department 205/348-4692

Brown, Ian

professor of anthropology 205/348-9758 (o), 205/633-3951(h)

Caldwell, Guy

professor of biological sciences 205/348-9926 (o) 205/330-0869 (h)

Caldwell, Kim

associate professor of biological sciences 205/348-4021

Cevasco, Andrea

assistant professor of music therapy 205/348-7804 Music therapy, treatment of infants

Cherry, Julia

assistant professor of New College and biological sciences 205/348-8416

Chilcutt, Alexa

Assistant professor, public speaking program director 205/348-6707 Alexa Chilcutt is an expert in the areas of public speaking, professionalism and impression management as well as leadership and team  dynamics.  She is the director of the public speaking program at UA and provides staff development programs for UA’s  College of Continuing Studies and seminars for individuals and managerial groups in the private […]

Curtner-Smith, Mary Liz

associate professor of human development and family studies 205/348-8151 (o), 205/333-5964 (h) Children who are bullies, Children in divorced families, Children’s health, Helping adolescents make decisions about wearing makeup, Dating, Corporal punishment

Dixon, David

Professor and Robert Ramsay Chair of Chemistry 205/348-8441

Donahoe, Rona J.

professor of geological sciences 205/348-1879 (o), 205/758-9875 (h)

Earley, Ryan

assistant professor of biological sciences 205/348-1827

Formby, Craig

distinguished graduate research professor, communicative disorders 205/348-1847 (o) Dr. Formby’s research tests, via a rotating chair, dizziness caused by inner ear problems. Such research helps pinpoint the root cause of balance problems.

Garner, Margaret

associate professor of family medicine; assistant dean for health education & outreach 205/348-2880 A clinical nutritionist, Garner’s interests include: children’s health, eating disorders, diet, obesity, weight-reduction methods, obese children, dietary management of diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, cardiovascular disease, making the most of fast foods and convenience products; nutrition and wellness  

Goodliffe, Andrew

associate professor of geological sciences 205/348-7167, 205/239-8192 (cell)

Hamilton, James

associate professor of psychology 205/348-0189 Hamilton studies medical illness behavior, with a particular focus on excessive or gratuitous illness behavior.

Han, Luoheng

associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences; professor of geography 205/348-7007 Water and water quality, remote sensing using satellite imagery

Hestevold, H. Scott

professor and chair, philosophy department 205/348-1912 Hestevold’s primary research interests involve analytic metaphysics in particular, problems involving time and identity. He is also interested in the nature of mercy, pity and other concepts related to moral psychology.

Higginbotham, John

associate dean for research and health policy, director of the Institute for Rural Health Research 205/348-7259 Epidemiology, rural health, health disparities, cancer rates in rural areas, Black Belt, statistics, medical evaluation Dr. Higginbotham is an epidemiologist. For the past 14 years, he has taught epidemiology, statistics, evaluation and research design to both medical and […]

Jacobi, Keith

associate professor of anthropology 205/348-0338, 205/348-1960

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