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The University of Alabama

Archive for the ‘Business & Media’ Expertise

Addy, Samuel N.

director and research economist Center for Business & Economic Research 205/348-6191 (o) Economic development, economic impact analysis; natural resource and environmental economics, applied general equilibrium analysis and modeling,  project evaluation

Albertson, Dan

assistant professor, School of Library and Information Studies 205/348-1517

Allaway, Arthur W.

professor of marketing 205/348-8917 (o) Marketing and Marketing Analysis; consumer choice, marketing models

Batson, Robert G.

professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering 205/348-1609 (o) Quality control, Statistical quality control, Industrial safety, Academic-industrial partnerships, Just-in-time delivery, Productivity management

Billings, Andrew

Ronald Reagan Endowed Chair in Broadcasting 205/348-6350 The Olympics; ratings and demographics in sports media; identity issues (gender, race, etc.) in sports media; popular communication; consumer behavior for television, radio, Internet, etc.

Bissell, Kimberly

associate dean for research, College of Communication and Information Sciences Director, Institute for Communication and Information Research 205/348-1235 Spin, boot camp, weight training, zumba, children running 5Ks, children running half marathons, fun ways for children to get physically active

Black, Jason

assistant dean for undergraduate student services, College of Communication and Information Sciences; associate professor of communication studies; affiliate professor of gender and race studies 205/348-8075 Native American issues, added emphasis on Creek/Seminole/Cherokee/Choctaw/Chickasaw nations; use of GLBT-Q memory and in Harvey Milk’s legacy; sports culture; music; popular youth culture, especially all forms of music and […]

Boschung, Milla

dean, College of Human Environmental Sciences 205/348-6150 (o) Personal finance, Personal financial planning, Consumerism, Shopping and budgeting, Holidays, Holiday budgeting, Family financial planning, Best use of credit, Kids and allowance, Holiday debt traps, Consumer issues/customer service

Brakefield, Jan

assistant professor of consumer sciences certified financial planner 205/348-8722 (o) Family budgeting, Personal financial planning, Wise use of credit, Holiday budgeting, Consumer issues/customer service, Estate planning, Insurance issues, Teaching kids how to manage money, Helping college students manage resources – money, time, academic pursuits, campus involvement

Brooks, Robert

professor of financial management 205/348-8987 Financial engineering; derivatives litigation

Cammeron, Dwight

director of television programming – documentary studies, UA Center for Public Television 205/348-8624  

Chilcutt, Alexa

Assistant professor, public speaking program director 205/348-6707 Alexa Chilcutt is an expert in the areas of public speaking, professionalism and impression management as well as leadership and team  dynamics.  She is the director of the public speaking program at UA and provides staff development programs for UA’s  College of Continuing Studies and seminars for individuals and managerial groups in the private […]

Clark, Chandra

instructor of telecommunication and film Local, state and national media; media decision-making; impact of social media in news gathering; marketing of news outlets through social media; distracted driving by teens; distracted driving by adults

Cummings, Meredith

director, Alabama Scholastic Press Association and Multicultural Journalism Workshop 205/348-2772

Enders, Walter

professor of economics and finance 205/348-8972 (o) Open-economy macroeconomics, time-series econometrics, transnational terrorism

Fulmer, Caroline

assistant professor of consumer sciences 205/348-0358 (o) Financial planning, Leadership development

Glaze, Grayson

executive director, Alabama Real Estate Center 205/348-4117

Greer, Jennifer D.

Associate provost for administration 205/348-6304 (o) Gender, Online news, Sports, Media effects

Gregg, Roy

director of the cooperative education program 205/348-6422 (o) Academic and industrial partnerships, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Roy Gregg directs the Cooperative Education Program partnering students with employers throughout the nation.

Gup, Benton

Professor of Finance and Robert Hunt Cochran/Alabama Bankers Chair 205/348-8984

Henley, Teri

instructor of advertising and public relations 205/348-0365

Hoewe, Jennifer

Assistant professor of journalism Phone: 205/348-9760; Email: Hoewe’s expertise includes media effects, social effects of mass media, politics, psychology, public opinion, race and gender in the media, mass media race portrayal and research methods.

Horsley, Suzanne

assistant professor of public relations Fellow, Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations 205/348-8304

Ki, Eyun-Jung

assistant professor of public relations Fellow, The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations 205/348-0367

Kinney, Lance

associate professor, advertising and public relations 205/348-7706 How brands use sporting events as advertising and PR platforms to reach consumers and drive brand sales; controversial consumer issues in advertising management; advertising strategies and techniques; how various media are used by advertisers; changes in media policies related to advertising; media pricing; mass media and society

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