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UA Matters: Ways to Help Elderly Parents Maintain Psychological Prowess

As your parents age, their risk of loss of independence and physical health problems increases while their potential quality of life decreases, all as a result of decreased psychological prowess. Some changes in psychological prowess can be noticed as early as age 60. The University of Alabama’s Dr. Justin White offers tips on how you […]

UA Matters: Ordering Healthier Options at Restaurants

The University of Alabama’s Sheena Quizon Gregg offers a few strategies for ordering healthier restaurant options to accommodate your dietary restrictions.

UA Matters: Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

What used to be thought of as a private issue for some marriages, domestic violence is now a widely discussed and public concern. Society is no longer remaining silent about this issue; rather, it is actively encouraging victims/survivors to speak up and offering services to help end this troubling phenomenon. The University of Alabama’s Dr. […]

UA Matters: Choosing a Music Tutor for your Child

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Jane Weigel offers suggestions on how to find the best music tutor for your child.

UA Matters: Deciphering between Emotional, Physical Hunger

The University of Alabama’s Sheena Quizon Gregg offers four ways to tell the difference between emotional and physical hunger.

UA Matters: Anxiety and Depression in Children, Adolescents

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Matthew Jarrett offers advice for recognizing and treating anxiety and depression in children and adolescents

UA Matters: Watching your Weight while Enjoying a Football Tailgate

Football season is a time for friends, family, football and, maybe most importantly, food. However, this popular season may be troublesome for those trying to watch their weight while participating in food and drink-focused tailgates. Here are my top tips for making good choices at a football tailgate gathering. Do NOT show up to the […]

UA Matters: Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget

The University of Alabama’s Kimberly Boyle offers some cost-cutting tips on the big day.

UA Matters: Creating a ‘Wow Factor’ in School Lunches

The University of Alabama’s Sheena Quizon Gregg offers a few tips for adding the “wow factor” to your child’s next packed lunch.

UA Matters: Keeping a Handle on Gift Giving to Children

The University of Alabama’s Tammy Morrow and Amy Walker share a practical way to help pare down the excess in gift giving.