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UA Matters: Importance of Adequate Sleep

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Adam Knowlden offers insight into the importance of sleep and a few tips to help you rest well and awaken refreshed.

UA Matters: Preventing Cybercrime

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Diana Dolliver shares some steps people can take to safeguard their financial information and prevent themselves from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

UA Matters: Preventing Diabetes

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Joseph Fritz provides some simple precautions that, if followed, can prevent or delay diabetes.

UA Matters: Helping Your Loved One Stop Smoking

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Alice March offers some suggestions for you to help your loved one with tobacco addition.

UA Matters: How to Help Those Taking Care of Sick Loved Ones

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Amy Beasley offers some helpful tips to help reduce strain from caregivers.

UA Matters: Watching for Signs of Language Delay in your Child

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Jason Scofield shares a few developmental milestones parents should expect from their children.

UA Matters: Talking to Your Kids About Sex

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Melanie Tucker offers a few tips for talking with your children about sex.

UA Matters: What to Know if Breast Cancer Runs in Your Family

The University of Alabama’s Dr. John McDonald offers guidance on what women should know if breast cancer runs in their family.

UA Matters: Tips, Myths Surrounding Breastfeeding

The University of Alabama’s Melissa Carruth offers a few tips, as well as myths, expectant and nursing mothers ought to know.

UA Matters: How to Effectively Use Twitter for Business

The University of Alabama’s Randall Huffaker provides you with some brief tips to help make Twitter effective for your business.

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