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UA Matters: Keep Future Employers in Mind While Using Social Media

Social media has turned many of us into experts on online impression management: we understand intuitively how to modify our appearances and messages in order to appear more attractive, get more attention, more “likes,” more followers. If you’re looking for a job (or considering looking for one in the future), you need to use these […]

UA Matters: Avoiding Poisonous Plants in Summer, Fall

The University of Alabama’s Monica Watkins suggests ways to avoid poisonous plants.

UA Matters: Exercising, Working in the Summer Heat

Hot, humid weather poses great challenges for those working or exercising out of doors. The University of Alabama’s Dr. Phil Bishop offers some advice on staying safe in the heat. Exercise and work causes us to produce more heat, and we must evaporate sweat to stay cool, so exercise early in the AM and late […]

UA Matters: Avoiding Brain Drain during Summer

Summer is a time for students, parents and teachers to get a break from the rigors of academic life and prepare themselves for the upcoming school year. Unfortunately, most students will inevitably fall victim to brain drain during this time. Summer brain drain refers to the loss of skills, especially in reading and mathematics, during the […]

UA Matters: Avoiding Hot-Car Deaths

The University of Alabama’s Tammy Morrow offers some precautions caregivers can take to avoid hot-car deaths.

UA Matters: Wedding Gift Etiquette

The University of Alabama’s Kimberly Boyle offers a few suggestions on how engaged couples can navigate the sometimes tricky art of receiving gifts.

UA Matters: Reducing Allergy Symptoms Without Medication

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Richard Friend offers some suggestions to reduce allergy symptoms without medication.

UA Matters: Tips for Getting Babies to Burp

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Maria Hernandez-Reif offers a few tips for feeding and burping your baby.

UA Matters: What to Know About Child Abuse, Neglect

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Tricia Witte offers valuable insight into what you should know about child abuse.

UA Matters: Thinking of Online Dating? A Few Items to Consider

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Christopher Lynn offers do’s and don’ts to consider regarding online dating

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