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UA Matters: Tips, Myths Surrounding Breastfeeding

The University of Alabama’s Melissa Carruth offers a few tips, as well as myths, expectant and nursing mothers ought to know.

UA Matters: How to Effectively Use Twitter for Business

The University of Alabama’s Randall Huffaker provides you with some brief tips to help make Twitter effective for your business.

UA Matters: Teaching Kids How to Drive

It’s no wonder that a teen with a driver’s license can give concerned parents pause. So, what can parents do to help their teen be better prepared to drive? The University of Alabama’s Amy Walker offers a few suggestions.

UA Matters: What is West Nile Virus?

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Jared Ellis provides some basic information about West Nile Virus, as well as ways to prevent it.

UA Matters: Tailgating Essentials — What Not to Forget

Friends from different parts of the world are often perplexed that Alabama tailgating involves neither a parking lot or pickup truck. The University of Alabama’s Ashley Clayton offers a few tips to make your experience more enjoyable.

UA Matters: Optimizing Your Energy Throughout the Workday

As more Americans work long hours, it is no surprise that individuals are looking for ways to improve energy, feel better and perform at their best – both at work and at home. The University of Alabama’s Dr. Rebecca Kelly offers a daily guide on how to do just that.

UA Matters: Choosing Child Care II

Representatives from The University of Alabama’s Child Development Resources offer issues and questions to consider when visiting and selecting a child-care program.

UA Matters: Choosing Child Care

As a parent, it is important to learn what quality child care looks like so that you can make the best possible decision for your child and your family. In the first of two UA Matters posts, representatives from The University of Alabama’s Child Development Resources offer some key points parents need to consider.

UA Matters: Tips for Effective Potty Training

Do you ever feel like your toddler may end up going to college in diapers? The University of Alabama’s Dr. Laura Bloom provides some helpful tips to make it through this sometimes difficult and challenging stage.

UA Matters: College Prep Tips for High-School Seniors

Whether you’re an incoming high-school freshman or senior, there are a multitude of things you can do to prepare for college. The University of Alabama’s admissions office offers a few suggestions on how students can better plan for their college future.

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