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UA Matters: Basic Guidelines for Retirement Planning

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Shane Stinson offers some basic guidelines when considering two popular retirement planning options: traditional and Roth IRAs.

UA Matters: How to Reduce Bullying

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Randy Salekin says the science points to several key factors that can help reduce bullying and solve bullying problems for youth.

UA Matters: How to Tell if Your Child is Being Bullied

Children can be bullied for many reasons. The University of Alabama’s Dr. John E. Lochman shares some signs to look for in potential bullied victims.

UA Matters: Points to Consider for Tax Filing Season

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Shane Stinson offers a few items to keep in mind when evaluating your personal income tax return.

UA Matters: The Importance of Reading Nonfiction With Children

While fiction books are important for students to read, often nonfiction isn’t emphasized enough by teachers and parents of young children, experts say. The University of Alabama’s Dr. Julianne Coleman shares some thoughts on the importance of reading nonfiction with young children. With the new College and Career Readiness Standards, or CCRS, in Alabama and […]

UA Matters: Having a Healthy Spring Break

It’s almost that time of year – spring break. While it’s definitely an occasion to let loose and have some fun, anyone planning on enjoying the much-awaited break should also use some caution. The University of Alabama’s Dr. Jennifer Clem offers several tips on how to have a healthy and safe spring break. Be smart about […]

UA Matters: How to File Tax Return Extensions

As the April 15 filing deadline draws near, some taxpayers may be tempted to request an automatic extension of time to file their personal federal income tax returns. The University of Alabama’s Dr. Shane Stinson offers some key points to consider before requesting such an extension. Ways to request an extension: Individuals who are unable to […]

UA Matters: Successfully Navigating School Science Fairs

Science fair projects can be rewarding, challenging and, sometimes, even a bit stressful for young students and their parents. The University of Alabama’s Julie Covin offers a few tips that just might help your student bring home the blue-ribbon prize.

UA Matters: Energy Savings in the Kitchen

Because the kitchen contains many large and small appliances that are used daily, the kitchen is a good area to reduce energy. The University of Alabama’s Greg McKelvey shares some simple ways to help cut costs of energy and water. Dishwashers use an average of 15 gallons of hot water per load, plus electricity needed […]

UA Matters: Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft

The University of Alabama’s Caroline Fulmer helps consumers understand how identity theft occurs, steps to minimize the chances of being a victim and where to get help if they are a victim.

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