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UA Matters: Importance of Volunteering for Pre-Teens, Teens

The University of Alabama’s Courtney Chapman Thomas offers some insight into why pre-teens and teenagers should volunteer, as well as some suggestions for how to volunteer.

UA Matters: Tips for Finding a Good Nursing Home

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Heather Carter-Templeton offers the following tips to help you determine the right nursing home for a loved one.

UA Matters: How Can Parents and Children Serve Their Community Together?

The University of Alabama’s Courtney Chapman Thomas offers insight on how parents can serve with their children.

UA Matters: The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Apparel Shopping

The University of Alabama’s Babs Davis, an instructor in clothing, textiles and interior design, offers some “do’s” and don’ts” for online shopping beginners.

UA Matters: Smart Steps for Getting Out of Debt

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Melissa Wilmarth offers steps that will help you reduce your debt level.

UA Matters: Paying for your Child’s Education

The University of Alabama’s Dr. Robert McLeod offers suggestions to reduce the burden of student debt.

UA Matters: Do Adults Need Booster Shots?

The University of Alabama’s Angela Hammond reminds us that it is as important for adults to be up-to-date on vaccinations as it is for children.

UA Matters: Happy (Atypical) Valentine’s Day

More so than other holidays, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to show a special person how interesting and thoughtful you are, but it also puts a fair amount of pressure on us to rise to an occasion if we’re coupled or feel a sense of absence if we’re not. However, Dr. Christopher Lynn points […]

UA Matters: Difference Between Good and Bad Debt

We live in a world where debt is a regular occurrence, and managing debt effectively to build a strong credit history is important for all consumers. All debt is not created equal; there is good debt, and there is bad debt. It is important to remember that debt and its categorization (good vs. bad) is […]

UA Matters: Cleaning out Your Closet

The University of Alabama’s Paula Robinson offers some suggestions to consider as you clean your closets.

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