As part of The University of Alabama Engineers Without Borders service learning project, a group of students and faculty are traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia to assess drinking water quality in rural households as part of a clean water initiative.
The team consists of Dr. Philip Johnson, Dr. Joe Brown, Ynhi Thai, Rebecca Macdonald, Marcus Aguilar, Will Black, Billy Clark, Sonja Gregorowicz, Rob Quinney, Andrew Magee, Rebecca Midkiff, and Lissa Petrey.

Beauty and Beast

May 29, 2009

We are back in the states now and it sure does feel glorious. From here, we will do an assortment of things individually towards the follow up of this trip. Andrew has been filming and hopes to have a commercial for EWB. A photo journal will be made by Lissa. More...

Louisiana Fried Chicken in Phnom Penh

May 27, 2009


Today, we continued to evaluate the results of water quality tests on the many samples collected and brought back in the cooler from Siem Reap. But, we also had the day free to spend in Phnom Penh. More...

More water testing and sampling

May 26, 2009

Rob was released from the Siem Reap hospital, while the rest of the group either joined ADRA to collect more filter data from households or stayed behind to test the samples we had collected. More...

Kampong Spew and the hospital experience

May 25, 2009

In the early hours of the morning, we got the news of Rob’s hospitalization from eating bad food. Our entire group had been affected by the “Kampong Spew” as it became known in our group, but Rob’s state was of immediate concern. More..

Angkor Archaeological Park

May 24, 2009

By getting up at 4:00 a.m., we tried to catch the sun rising at the front of Angkor Wat, yet we just saw a nice cloudy background instead. Among Angkor Wat are several other temples. More...

Project Fulfillment

May 23, 2009


Following yesterday's objective, most of the group will be reassessing six potential marketing locations for safe and economical water. Others will stay behind and finish testing samples. More...

Test results, coloform and arsenic

May 22, 2009


We split into three groups, one for lab work and two for collecting samples. One objective for this project is to provide a publishable assessment of water quality for the sources. More...

Wells, rivers and pagodas

May 21, 2009


We arrived in Kampong Speu and met with the local hospital director and government businessmen in order to set up lab and discuss our intentions for the project. More...

Water samples, water treatment, and water wells

May 21, 2009


This morning, we have been touring a Resource Development International (RDI) site. Since 2005, RDI has been of service to Cambodia through water analysis, water treatment implements, and agriculture assessments. More...

Speed boat travels in Cambodia

May 20, 2009


Today, we travelled from Chau Doc to Phnom Penh by speed boat. We stopped at the Cambodian border to purchase visas and took a few pictures. The ride up the Mekong River was relaxing and only took about 5 hours. More...

Testing water and taking the bus express

May 19, 2009

During the morning of May 19, Dr. Joe Brown explained how to use the Oxfam Delagua portable water testing kit. The testing we will be doing includes turbidity, pH and chlorine, and thermotolerent coloform analysis. More...


May 18, 2009


Today we arrived in Ha Noi at 4:30 a.m. and just bummed on the side of the street until 7 a.m. waiting for Koto to open for breakfast. The hit of this day was the cyclo-tour, where we basically sat in a wheel chair attached to a bike and had chill time. More...

From motorbikes to bartering

May 17, 2009


On May 17, we had a free day in Sapa. The guys went riding motorbikes while the girls used their bartering techniques to buy Vietnamese Mung Clothing off the streets. More...

Where there is necessity, there is ingenuity

May 16, 2009

This morning we spent time discussing how the villagers make do with what they have. “Where there is necessity, there is ingenuity,” Marcus Aguilar remarked. More...

Mt. Fansipan and arrival to Dao Village

May 15, 2009

May 15

We awoke from a literally hard sleep on wooden floor and rainwater puddles all over it. Immediately after breakfast the boys headed out for the top of Mt. Fansipan. More...

Mung Villagers and Mt. Fansipan

May 14, 2009

Right off the bat Dr. Johnson found a new bird as we arrived into Sapa. His giddy found new bird dance was just great! We met the Mung people of North Vietnam. More...

Delays, Dinner, and Deng Xiaoping

May 12, 2009

Dinner in Tokyo 2009

Hello everyone, it is 9:00 a.m. in Tokyo...May 12th. Traveling has been strenuous on us; for it has been about 35 hours since we left Birmingham. The important thing is that we are safe. More...

The Journey Begins...

May 7, 2009

Dallas 2009

Welcome to EWB-UA's Vietnam and Cambodia trip blog! The University of Alabama's chapter of Engineers Without Borders will be spending the rest of May in Vietnam and Cambodia doing water assessment and treatment. More...