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UA In the News — March 11

Could your TATTOOS protect against flu? Multiple inkings ‘help fight off a cold by boosting the body’s immune response’
The Daily Mail (U.K.) – March 10
For many it becomes an addiction – once you go under the tattooists needle, you’re compelled to return time and time again. And, while the ultimate aim may be a cosmetic one, a new study has revealed there could be health benefits linked to having more than one inking. Scientists at the University of Alabama found getting a single tattoo can lower a person’s immune response, at least temporarily. That, in turn, makes a person more susceptible to infections or illness. Yet, getting several tattoos over time actually boosts a person’s immune system, they discovered. Thus, those with multiple tattoos are better able to fend off a cold than those with a solitary marking. – March 10
Health Sass – March 10
Medical Daily – March 10
WBBM-AM CBS Radio (Chicago, Ill.) – March 10
KSAZ-Fox 10 (Phoenix, Ariz.) – March 10
An Alabama law school outdoes Vanderbilt, Yale and Columbia in key statistic – March 10
The University of Alabama School of Law has turned out governors, congressmen and a host of other movers and shakers. And, at least when it comes to one key ranking, the UA School of Law tops some of the nation’s largest law schools, including several at Ivy League institutions. Start Class ranked law schools by the percentage of students who pass the bar exam on their first attempt. UA’s School of Law ranked No. six on the list of schools with the highest percentage of those who pass the bar exam on their first try. Slightly more than 96 percent of UA law school students pass the test with just one attempt, a figure that’s 10 percent better than other places in the state.
Find Law – March 10
WVUA 23 (Tuscaloosa) – March 10
UA’s Alternative Break
Alabama Public Radio – March 11
Spring break means a lot of college students are hitting the beaches for spring break. But, not all of them. Some University of Alabama Students will be giving their time to volunteer with “Beyond Bama Alternative Break.” These young people will be traveling to areas needing help and providing different services. Gretchen Moore is the Assistant Director for the Center of Service and Leadership. She says this is an opportunity for the students to grow…“I would say for them to learn more about different cultures, and learn more about food insecurities and be able to apply those to their majors, whatever their major is.” Moore adds that a major goal is working alongside the community and for students to experience and absorb more about different cultures.  Students will be going to Nicaragua, Peru, and various locations in the South eastern U.S.
UA wants you to share photos of nature
ABC 33/40 (Birmingham) – March 10
You observe nature everyday, and The University of Alabama wants you to share what you see. UA and the Moundville Archaeological Park wants you to snap pictures and then post them online at “iNaturalist”. It’s a social network that maps bio-diversity across the globe. We’re told that all you need is a camera and some enthusiasm.

Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra to hold free shows at Moody Music Building
WVUA 23 (Tuscaloosa) – March 10
You can start your weekend on a high note with a visit to the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra. Their concerts start tomorrow with free shows for 5th graders from the Tuscaloosa area. The primary performance is tomorrow evening at 6:00 at the Moody Music Building on The University of Alabama campus.
The University of Alabama Chapter Defends Free Speech in Town Hall Debate
Before It’s News – March 10
On March 7th, the YAL chapter at the University of Alabama debated political correctness on college campuses. The chapter vice president Byron Solomon emphasized the importance of free speech and solving hate speech as a free society would. He defended the underlying values of a free society and warned of the dangers of using a coercive administration to stamp out minority opinions. Byron also was able to refute safe spaces and convinced the leftist side of the panel that safe spaces should not exclude free speech. In the end, Byron won the day with his defense of the free exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought.
Local Q and A: From China to Bama
Crimson White – March 10
Every day on campus you will meet different types of people from different places. You might even get the chance to learn from one of them such as Maria Zhang, a teaching assistant who moved from here China. What made you decide to come to the United States from China and then to The University of Alabama? I took my masters at Oklahoma State and I applied to eight or nine colleges for the Ph.D study. Most of the schools who gave me admissions were in the south. Two professors from this program highly recommend this program and I trust them. This program is very famous for the Public Relations program and although that is not my major, I think it means something. The director of the PH.D studies gave me a phone interview and we had a very pleasant talk. They gave me family and not every school gave me that.

UA students present Kami-Con, a convention focused on Japanese pop culture
Crimson White – March 10
For the eighth consecutive year, the Bama SOS Brigade, an on-campus organization of students who meet weekly to share their love of Japanese culture, will be putting on the Kami-Con festival. Kami-Con is a three-day event focusing on anime and manga, with cosplay competitions, special guests, official merchandise vendors and anime viewings. Each day offers a multitude of events, with Saturday being one of the largest days for attendees. “There are a lot of students that had much interest in Japanese culture, manga, video games and such,” said Evan Ware-Mickens, a senior majoring in management information systems and Bama SOS Brigade’s current president.

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