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The University of Alabama

Dean’s List Students Named for UA Summer 2015 Term

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – A total of 390 students enrolled during the 2015 summer semester at The University of Alabama were named to the Dean’s List with an academic record of 3.5 (or above) or the President’s List with an academic record of 4.0 (all A’s).

The UA Dean’s and President’s lists recognize full-time undergraduate students. The lists do not apply to graduate students or undergraduate students who take less than a full course load.

The 2015 summer list includes the following students:


ApoAEEmily Leigh HarrisDeans List
AlabasterALErin D HutterPresidents List
AlabasterALKyndall Renice ThomasDeans List
AlabasterALJohn Paul TrahanPresidents List
Alexander CityALEthan M JonesDeans List
AlpineALShakerri Latrease GarrettPresidents List
AndalusiaALAlexandra Chandler HartPresidents List
ArabALMargaret F PlunkettDeans List
AthensALBailee S ClounchPresidents List
AthensALBlaine T MorellDeans List
AuburnALDaphne Brooke EllisPresidents List
AuburnALClarence Richard Lancey IIIPresidents List
Bay MinetteALBenjamin T PulliamDeans List
BessemerALDenorrise F Posey IIDeans List
BirminghamAL35209Michael O TuckerDeans List
BirminghamAL35209Haley M WaitesDeans List
BirminghamAL35213Kaly L BertellaDeans List
BirminghamAL35213Rucker Agee Durkee JrPresidents List
BirminghamAL35213Faulkner Ward HerefordDeans List
BirminghamAL35214Jessica J CarterPresidents List
BirminghamAL35215Shelby E MauckDeans List
BirminghamAL35216Angelyn T EsdaleDeans List
BirminghamAL35216Cody A SkewesPresidents List
BirminghamAL35217Brian H MeansDeans List
BirminghamAL35226Weiyin FengDeans List
BirminghamAL35226Charlotte A GivhanDeans List
BirminghamAL35226Jennifer K ShewmakeDeans List
BirminghamAL35233Mary K EstesPresidents List
BirminghamAL35235Sara B DuboisDeans List
BirminghamAL35235Antonio Orlando McKinney JrPresidents List
BirminghamAL35235Brandys Charnyce SandersDeans List
BirminghamAL35242Alexandra Layne ArringtonDeans List
BirminghamAL35242Steven Jeffrey BeardDeans List
BirminghamAL35242John W ClaytonDeans List
BirminghamAL35242Aaron Oliver ClementPresidents List
BirminghamAL35242Elizabeth A HendersonPresidents List
BirminghamAL35242Andrew L HendrixDeans List
BirminghamAL35242William A SchweerPresidents List
BirminghamAL35242Hayden C WalkerDeans List
BirminghamAL35242Christopher C WrightDeans List
BirminghamAL35243Ashia SyMon CarrollPresidents List
BirminghamAL35244John R BammerlinDeans List
BirminghamAL35244Katie E JenkinsDeans List
BirminghamAL35244Dongyoub LeePresidents List
BirminghamAL35226Elizabeth Michelle BirdDeans List
CaleraALStephani G PaynePresidents List
CentrevilleALSamantha Blair WadePresidents List
CottondaleALClinton P CuzzortDeans List
CropwellALAnna Laurie HuttoDeans List
CullmanALPeyton D PrestoPresidents List
DaphneALJacob Martin KaylDeans List
DaphneALMatthew S. StephensDeans List
DecaturALJacob Robin BoboDeans List
DecaturALMichael Scott HarrisDeans List
DecaturALLawson Blake ReichmannDeans List
DecaturALAnthony J. SheltonDeans List
DecaturALSarah Ann SherrillDeans List
DecaturALJessica N StephensPresidents List
DoraALTyler D BeardDeans List
DothanALSara J CaryPresidents List
DothanALSummer D StricklandPresidents List
Double SpringsALJacob Noah CaglePresidents List
Double SpringsALKryssi E DanielsDeans List
EcholaALJohn Wesley BurkhalterDeans List
EnterpriseALHannah Abigail LawrencePresidents List
EnterpriseALBrandon M TurnerDeans List
EvaALAnnalise A HolmesPresidents List
FairhopeALAlexis B CornelisonPresidents List
FairhopeALEmily Michelle RainesPresidents List
FairhopeALKatherine Marie RiskDeans List
FayetteALAbbey P MinorDeans List
FayetteALAlexandrea La'Shaun SummersDeans List
FlorenceALBethany Leigh TriplettDeans List
FlorenceALSavannah R WilsonPresidents List
Fort RuckerALBrittany SandbergPresidents List
GadsdenALJana M BogleDeans List
GadsdenALKiari R KinniePresidents List
GardendaleALRobert L HammondPresidents List
GilbertownALKyle M JimersonPresidents List
GordoALKelsey Ayn DyerPresidents List
GradyALApril Elizabeth ShamboDeans List
GreensboroALValerie Harper ClementsPresidents List
GuntersvilleALLauren G BellPresidents List
HaleyvilleALLaine Elise EdmondDeans List
HarpersvilleALKayla Catharine OgletreePresidents List
HaydenALJordyn T RogersDeans List
Hazel GreenALAnthony D GargulinskiDeans List
HeadlandALBreyana Renee WarrenDeans List
HelenaALJennifer Marie GutierrezDeans List
HooverALSteven B DavisPresidents List
HooverALNatalie M LefebvrePresidents List
HooverALJodie P MorrisonPresidents List
HooverALJillian Taylor WeaverDeans List
HooverALPeyton Lee WilliamsPresidents List
HuntsvilleALRaul Eduardo Alonso Jr.Presidents List
HuntsvilleALJason D Colburn Jr.Deans List
HuntsvilleALHudson Howell MorrisPresidents List
HuntsvilleALAustin Gregory NicodemusDeans List
HuntsvilleALGabrielle Dora ParkerPresidents List
HuntsvilleALJordan L StonePresidents List
HuntsvilleALJane L WellsDeans List
JasperALBreanna Pashay MarburyDeans List
LeesburgALAlexander James RobertsDeans List
LoxleyALCharles A PickettPresidents List
MadisonALCarson C EdwardsPresidents List
McCallaALTianqi YuDeans List
MobileALAbigail C CarterPresidents List
MobileALQuiwana N ChaneyPresidents List
MobileALJulia-Rae M HansonDeans List
MobileALRaven M KingDeans List
MobileALDavid P WentworthPresidents List
MonroevilleALOlivia M WoodardPresidents List
MontgomeryALCole Riley Crawford Sr.Deans List
MontgomeryALAmesha Ob'Breona CreditDeans List
MontgomeryALBrittany Nicole FarmerDeans List
MontgomeryALJohn D OwingsDeans List
MontgomeryALCarmen L WarePresidents List
MorrisALSamuel K WilsonDeans List
New BrocktonALShellie A. ParrishPresidents List
New HopeALBrittany L PetersDeans List
New MarketALIvey G AppelPresidents List
New MarketALJames R CooperDeans List
newtonALAaron Michael PollardDeans List
NorthportALCrystal Desirea BlevinsPresidents List
NorthportALChesley A BowermanDeans List
NorthportALAustin D DavisPresidents List
NorthportALAndrew P MaddoxDeans List
NorthportALDamon Alexander PruetPresidents List
NorthportALPatrick Chase SmithPresidents List
NorthportALDavid H TurnerPresidents List
NorthportALJustin E WalkerDeans List
NorthportALJoseph Richard YatesDeans List
OpelikaALShelley M CampbellDeans List
OpelikaALJoshua W DanielsDeans List
Owens Cross RoadsALJasmine Alexandria PalmerDeans List
OxfordALGlenn E GaddisDeans List
OzarkALRegan D BatesDeans List
PanseyALNelson J GwinnPresidents List
PelhamALThomas Patrick PowellDeans List
PelhamALDevin M StevensDeans List
Pell CityALMadalyn R BellDeans List
Phenix CityALJada A HendersonDeans List
Phenix CityALDesmond R RuddPresidents List
Phenix CityALRodney K Woods JrDeans List
PinsonALAbby M AderholtDeans List
PinsonALJesseca A SmithDeans List
PrattvilleALRashaad Devon BrownPresidents List
PrattvilleALBlake A MyrickPresidents List
PrattvilleALLindsey C ParkerDeans List
PrattvilleALSarah E SmithPresidents List
PrattvilleALWilliam Grayson WebsterPresidents List
RainsvilleALJohn Tyler BaileyDeans List
RalphALJohn FowlerDeans List
RamerALBrandon BowersDeans List
Red BayALMarco BostickDeans List
RussellvilleALJordan E LindseyPresidents List
SaralandALChristopher T EnglishDeans List
ScottsboroALBrooks L FossettDeans List
SelmaALJennifer Nicole StewartPresidents List
SouthsideALJacob Michael SimpsonPresidents List
SylacaugaALJoshua K. HortonDeans List
SylacaugaALAmanda ReamsPresidents List
TalladegaALKimberly N SturdivantPresidents List
TallasseeALBrett M BuchananDeans List
TrussvilleALBrandon S HicksDeans List
TrussvilleALHeath A HowardDeans List
TrussvilleALPaul Anthony Irwin JrPresidents List
TrussvilleALAlexa M TarassoliDeans List
TuscaloosaALTaylor Karen MaineDeans List
TuscaloosaALBrian A McDermottDeans List
TuscaloosaALJacob P MorrisPresidents List
TuscaloosaALKristen A MorrisonPresidents List
TuscaloosaALChristopher Robert RaffertyDeans List
TuscaloosaALThomas James RehmertPresidents List
TuscaloosaALPavel RomanovDeans List
TuscaloosaALYousif Hussain SammourPresidents List
TuscaloosaALAuthentic Tidreus SimsDeans List
TuscaloosaALAlexandra M SmithPresidents List
TuscaloosaALKyle J SmithDeans List
TuscaloosaALKatrina Marie StruthwolfPresidents List
TuscaloosaALHannah M TownsendDeans List
TuscaloosaALJoseph S TukeyDeans List
TuscaloosaALKayla R TurnerDeans List
TuscaloosaALRickayla Lovanda-Joi WatsonDeans List
TuscaloosaALEzekiel Heath WilsonDeans List
TuscaloosaALDana Christine WoodruffPresidents List
TuscaloosaALLauren Elizabeth WoodsDeans List
TuscaloosaALLester Dewayne YoungDeans List
TuscaloosaALFaris Ahmed BarayanDeans List
TuscaloosaALJohn C BennettPresidents List
TuscaloosaALBlakeney C BillingsDeans List
tuscaloosaALDanielle L BlackPresidents List
TuscaloosaALGeorgia M BondsPresidents List
TuscaloosaALMiranda K CawyerPresidents List
TuscaloosaALCharles H Chaffin IIIDeans List
TuscaloosaALChelsey R CyrDeans List
TuscaloosaALKelsey A DaltonDeans List
TuscaloosaALJessica Anne DeMartinDeans List
TuscaloosaALKeneshia R. DickinsonDeans List
tuscaloosaALJustin Michael FergusonDeans List
TuscaloosaALChristian Dominic GameDeans List
TuscaloosaALThomas C HahnPresidents List
TuscaloosaALMarian T HallDeans List
TuscaloosaALAlexandria L HauserDeans List
TuscaloosaALEmma C. HolderDeans List
TuscaloosaALBryan Joseph HopkinsPresidents List
TuscaloosaALMegan HuvalPresidents List
TuscaloosaALRussell Lee Irby IVPresidents List
TuscaloosaALKhadija E KennedyDeans List
TuscaloosaALJazymine C LathamDeans List
TuscaloosaALRebekah LeeDeans List
TuscumbiaALAnn B StoneDeans List
Union SpringsALHess A Hembree IVDeans List
UriahALJohn W Ferrell IIIDeans List
Valley GrandeALKimberly D CanadaDeans List
Valley GrandeALKarissa A SmileyDeans List
VestaviaALDalton Lee ClarkPresidents List
Vestavia HillsALVirginia S CooperDeans List
Vestavia HillsALKasey D HagenPresidents List
Vestavia HillsALBailey Denise TrottDeans List
Vestavia HillsALBrenda Elaine WardDeans List
VincentALBrittany D CollinsPresidents List
WeaverALKayla Chandler PeeplesDeans List
WetumpkaALHalley Nicole LamkinPresidents List
WetumpkaALFlorence E TrotterPresidents List
WilmerALRebecca Marcelle MusgrovePresidents List
WinfieldALJared W MilesDeans List
Little RockAREryn M TracyPresidents List
Sierra VistaAZKyleah-Mae E McCloudDeans List
BreaCASarah Elizabeth NunezDeans List
DanvilleCAPaige C MathersonDeans List
GoletaCAJulie Ann MacayanPresidents List
Huntington BeachCAGina Marie IovenittiDeans List
PowayCAGina Mari NawabDeans List
Rancho CucamongaCAKaitlyn R ClarkPresidents List
San ClementeCAJake Liam WarnerPresidents List
BeijingChinaMaohuan ChengDeans List
BeijingChinaYunong SongDeans List
ChangchunChinaTianbo GaoDeans List
GuangzhouChinaZipeng ZengPresidents List
NanchangChinaKaili LiPresidents List
QingdaoChinaShulang ChengDeans List
QingdaoChinaYumeng ZhangPresidents List
QingdaoChinaYuhan ZhouPresidents List
ShanghaiChinaZeyang LiDeans List
ShangraoChinaZhengzhou XuDeans List
Shen ZhenChinaYe TanDeans List
TianjinChinaTianyi LuPresidents List
TianjinChinaYuanyi XieDeans List
TuscaloosaChinaBo WangDeans List
Wuhu CityChinaYuan FangPresidents List
YinchuanChinaShaokang HuPresidents List
ZhengzhouChinaJiahua GongDeans List
Haining, ZhejiangChinaMinjie XuDeans List
Xian,Lian Hu DistChinaSitong LiuDeans List
CraigCOGerard John GeisPresidents List
ParkerCOEric William SchulzPresidents List
TrumbullCTTaryn Rae BartolucciDeans List
ClearwaterFLRachel Jennifer DanielsPresidents List
Coral GablesFLElizabeth Pierce HarleyDeans List
Fleming IslandFLMadison Leigh PerryDeans List
Land O LakesFLSavannah M LongDeans List
McDavidFLTaylor N ByrdPresidents List
Miami BeachFLSophia Victoria AdrianPresidents List
Miami GardensFLShaina M ClarkeDeans List
NaplesFLGabrielle Nicole VenneDeans List
PensacolaFLDouglas H BauerDeans List
TampaFLShira Y. WasserPresidents List
Tarpon SpringsFLLauren Zilla GrindeyDeans List
WellingtonFLDesiree Angelica WinslowPresidents List
AlpharettaGAMelanie R BarthDeans List
AlpharettaGASarah Catherine CornPresidents List
AlpharettaGAKristen M LaukesDeans List
AtlantaGAMarshall W OhlhausenDeans List
BethlehemGATrinicia E BoddenDeans List
BraseltonGAJohn Thomas DollarPresidents List
College ParkGAKristen L JordanDeans List
ColumbusGATerrance J LewisDeans List
DecaturGAShanrica B EvansPresidents List
EvansGAWhitney Michelle RobertsPresidents List
GrovetownGADonovan Monroe JonesDeans List
JeffersonGARachel Margaret WarnerPresidents List
LagrangeGAMorgan M JohnsonDeans List
MariettaGASarah Irma AltschulerDeans List
MariettaGAOrin Bass WhittakerPresidents List
McDonoughGABenjamin Eli HartDeans List
Peachtree CityGAVictoria Lane TomlinPresidents List
Powder SpringsGACasey Michelle EllisDeans List
RomeGAJoseph Michael McGillDeans List
SuwaneeGAJohn C CrumrineDeans List
SuwaneeGALeah W CummingsDeans List
TrentonGACody T HendersonPresidents List
Villa RicaGAKendall S SmithPresidents List
HerrinILBrianna E BartelsmeyerPresidents List
ManhattanILDanielle Ryan MarosDeans List
OswegoILAbigail Marie IllingworthPresidents List
ShelbyvilleILAlexander James MatlockDeans List
WestmontILMadison Kathryn SchmaedekePresidents List
WilmingtonILFrancis William McKeownDeans List
WoodridgeILElizabeth Marie JohnsonDeans List
McCordsvilleINMichael Robert CollinsPresidents List
WestfieldINVictoria Lauren HansonPresidents List
Overland ParkKSSpencer R YeamansPresidents List
LexingtonKYCreed Davis SetzerDeans List
LouisvilleKYHannah E HoertzDeans List
MetairieLASarah E CarrPresidents List
New OrleansLASissy Michelle JacobsDeans List
Owings MillsMDMargaret McCreery WolfeDeans List
Severna ParkMDNicole Elizabeth McFarlandPresidents List
ClarkstonMITyler D DeCosterPresidents List
CommerceMIChristopher Marr PosaDeans List
Grand BlancMILindsay Scott JohnsonDeans List
RomeoMIJonathan David HawleyDeans List
PlymouthMNEmily Amanda JacobsonPresidents List
Cape GirardeauMOChelsea L HastingsDeans List
Saint PetersMOEvan Alexander DwyerPresidents List
WildwoodMOJaclyn Michele HigginsDeans List
CarriereMSStephanie R CarnathanPresidents List
ColumbusMSTyler Andrew KingPresidents List
FayetteMSMarvin M EanochsDeans List
StarkvilleMSSavanna J TrinklePresidents List
CaryNCClaire Renee BelsonPresidents List
CharlotteNCWilliam Paul BohnPresidents List
CharlotteNCLuiggino J Galletto IIIDeans List
CharlotteNCElizabeth Ashley RichardsonPresidents List
CharlotteNCKatherine D ThompsonDeans List
Mount HollyNCDylan Craig ColeyPresidents List
SanfordNCSamuel M TuckerPresidents List
MadburyNHConnor M BuckleyPresidents List
GuttenbergNJCharlotte N. GomesDeans List
Upper Saddle RiverNJAmanda Brittany WinsickPresidents List
AstoriaNYAlexis CedenoDeans List
BronxNYSteven L GaylePresidents List
New YorkNYHaorong ChenDeans List
CincinnatiOHAllison Elaine ArthurDeans List
CincinnatiOHMadeline Ruth KnauerDeans List
CincinnatiOHBrittany Colleen SchultzDeans List
BeavertonORDakota Rose KendallDeans List
West LinnORKelsey Christine StocktonDeans List
ArdmorePAJohn Reilly EldridgeDeans List
LancasterPASavannah Katherine BurtonDeans List
PhiladelphiaPAAislinn O'DonohoeDeans List
PittsburghPAWilliam Joseph RuppelDeans List
ScrantonPAMia M NonnenbergDeans List
Warren CenterPALauren K BeersPresidents List
Hilton Head IslandSCBrent Carl RasmussenDeans List
InmanSCTammy Lynn McClureDeans List
BrentwoodTNBrooke Elizabeth EllisPresidents List
ColliervilleTNTrevor S BarnhillDeans List
ColliervilleTNCallie Ruth BlakeDeans List
ColliervilleTNCooper R SmithDeans List
GermantownTNRyan P GlossonPresidents List
GreenevilleTNClancy M BryantDeans List
KingsportTNAaron M AustinDeans List
KnoxvilleTNBlake N SennPresidents List
LouisvilleTNMiles E Cullom IIIDeans List
NashvilleTNSarah SellariPresidents List
OoltewahTNAndrew Christian ThomasPresidents List
Signal MountainTNStephen Mark Turner Jr.Presidents List
Thompson's StationTNRachel Chandler HollandDeans List
Cedar Park TXTXJohn Cochran IIIPresidents List
DallasTXSarah Lyn WilliamsPresidents List
Flower MoundTXKatherine Taylor BynumDeans List
Flower MoundTXJohn H DavisDeans List
Flower MoundTXMadison P LeaseDeans List
Flower MoundTXElizabeth Marie ScheigDeans List
HoustonTXEmily Claire BruchPresidents List
KingwoodTXAlexa R SteerePresidents List
San LeonTXJessica L SwiftDeans List
SouthlakeTXKyle T PecotDeans List
ChesapeakeVAMichael Thomas RobertsonDeans List
FairfaxVAAlexandra W NortonPresidents List
GloucesterVAGabrielle Alexis LauerDeans List
McLeanVAJohn D EklundDeans List
SterlingVASampson Jacob BassDeans List
Virginia BeachVAErynn Ada WilliamsDeans List
BuckhannonWVMichaela Rose MillsDeans List
MorgantownWVLauren RaymondDeans List
Susan M BarriaultDeans List
Danny L Beard JrPresidents List
Jamie Leigh BeasleyDeans List
Nichole M DzwonkowskiPresidents List
Kaihong HuangPresidents List
Tao LuPresidents List
Jacob M MaynardDeans List
Alayna Marie McCormackDeans List
Samantha Jary RomoDeans List
Elizabeth G TillmanDeans List
Yezhuo WangDeans List
Steven Bradley WhittingtonDeans List

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