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UA Recognizes Outstanding Members of Academic Community During 2015 Honors Week

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The University of Alabama honored its top students for their academic achievements and leadership Friday, April 3, during the Honors Day Tapping Ceremony, the highlight of UA’s annual Honors Week, March 30-April 5.

Outstanding Student Awards for each class were presented to:

Outstanding Freshmen: Rosie Lamberth, Joseph Thor Nelson.

Outstanding Sophomore: Erica Boden.

Outstanding Junior: Benjamin Burkeen.

Outstanding Senior: Laura K. Freeman.

Outstanding Transfer Students: Orion J. Recke, Kara Diane Parks.

Outstanding Graduate Student: Sarah Austin.

The Frances S. Summersell Award, sponsored by UA’s Iota Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, was given to Stephen W. Shaw. This award recognizes an individual or individuals who have aided the educational mission of the University and improved the quality of life in the state.

UA President Judy Bonner was named recipient of the ODK Living Legend Award in recognition of contributions to the goals and ideals of higher education.

The Walter R. Guyton Student Service Award was presented to Dr. Kevin Chance. The Guyton Award recognizes outstanding commitment to the service of UA students.

Recipients of UA’s Premier Awards were recognized. These top awards, given by the UA president, include the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, the William P. Bloom Scholarship Award, the John Fraser Ramsey Award, the Morris Lehman Mayer Award and the Catherine Johnson Randall Award.

The William P. Bloom Scholarship Award: The William P. Bloom Scholarship Award honors a junior who has improved intergroup relations within the University community; this year’s awardee is Katie Plott of Northport.

The John Fraser Ramsey Award: The John Fraser Ramsey Award recognizes in a junior the versatility of gifts and attainments, as well as the breadth of excellence in mind and character that have traditionally been the goals of a liberal education. This year’s recipient is Derek Carter of Joplin, Missouri.

The Morris Lehman Mayer Award: The Morris Lehman Mayer Award recognizes one graduating senior and one member of the teaching faculty who exemplify integrity, selfless service and leadership at UA and in the community, and who have made significant  contributions to student life. The student is Brielle Appelbaum of Tuscaloosa; the faculty member is Dr. Paul Houghtaling, associate professor of voice.

The Catherine Johnson Randall Award: The Catherine Johnson Randall Award recognizes the most outstanding graduating senior at UA, based on GPA, rigor of course study and extraordinary scholarly or creative endeavor. This year’s recipient is Brian C. Goodell.

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan : The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award recognizes excellence of character and service to humanity. The award honors one man and one woman of the graduating class and one nonstudent who has been helpful to and associated with the University. The student recipients are Allison Montgomery of Talledega and Jason Arterburn of Madison; the faculty recipient is Dr. Pam Parker, UA’s former vice president for advancement.

The National Alumni Association recognizes and honors one male and one female in the senior class to receive the Alumni Student Award. The recipients of the 2015 Alumni Student Awards are Allison Montgomery of Talladega, and Michael Raddatz of Austin, Texas.

The association also recognizes and honors students in the senior class. The students have excelled in academics and extracurricular activities, shown strength of character and maturity, and displayed exceptional hospitality toward guests and friends of the University.

The 2015 Alumni Outstanding Senior Award winners are: Paula Elizabeth Adams of Athens; Kevyn Armstrong-Wright of Auburn; Braxton Billings of Deatsville; Brian Carpenter Goodell of Plattsburgh, New York; Hannah McBrayer of Birmingham; Ricardo Avery Montgomery of Harker Heights, Texas; Laura Lee Smith of Jackson, Mississippi; Kimberly Triplett of Saint Johns, Florida; David Alexander Wallace of Brentwood, Tennessee; and Peterson Wellford of Memphis, Tennessee.

The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Awards is to honor alumni of The University of Alabama for their loyalty and service to the University and to the association. Recipient selection is also based on character, professional achievements and community service at the local, state or national levels. The Distinguished Alumna Award recipient is Nancy Richeson Siniard of Huntsville. Louis C. “Pat” Whetstone Jr. of Tuscaloosa received the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

UA Black Scholar Awards recognizing high academic achievement included:

Sandral L. Hullett Award: Alaina M. Bohanan, Kimberly Anne Brothers, Tonjula L.Carey, Rebekah S. Cotton, Khiante’ La’Princia Falls, McKinley Hatcher III, Kyarra N. Hosea, Kael Gregory Kilpatrick, Malina Grace McAfee, Gabrielle D. Pettway, Serena Jurnee Promisee, Deondre Marquette Rodgers, Shambreka S. Ross, Yvonne F. Russell, Cierra Q. Wallace, Alayna J. Watson and Amanda Nichole White.

Earnestine Tucker Award: Tia C. Bailey, Rikisha Bridges, Kaylynn Christigail Cain, Nolan R. Corder II, Ola Aleece Gerald, Alexandria Evon Gholston, Daniel H. Hicks, Kelsi Arrinel Long, Alexandra Mannings, Ryan Thomas Mitchell, Jaylaan K. Parker, Angelica D. Poole, Marcus, Anthony Swain, Kaylyn M. Williams and Cambria M. Wilson.

Archie Wade Award: Candace LaNette-Robins Allen, Brittany N. Groves, Kierra L. Howell, Brittany Marie Ingram, Ty’Sheka Ne’Cole Lambert, Imani R. Manley, Sylvia D. Turner and Kearston Symone Wells.

Harold Bishop Award: Anika M. Abiade, Amanda K. Bennett, Georgia H. Floyd, Ayana Ashley Gibson, Destiny Shae Howell, Kimber Lea Mitchell, Johanna Nathanielle Obenda and Khortlan Dean Patterson.

Cleophus Thomas Award: Delisa Elaine Baldwin, Nia Nefertiti Barnes, Gregory S. Hacker, Averi Athena Hayes, Gabrielle N. Jordan, Aysia C. Layton, Maryanne Michelle Mobley, Whitney J. Northington, Aisha Seymone Rogers, Dakota Christopher Slaughter, Alexis K. Williams, and Akeisha Danielle Young.

UA students were also inducted into these campuswide honoraries:

Omicron Delta Kappa:The purpose of ODK is to recognize students who have attained high standards in collegiate activities, to inspire others to strive for similar attainments, and to bring together students in all areas of college life: scholarship, athletics, campus or community service, social and religious activities, campus government, journalism, speech and mass media and creative and performing arts.

Omicron Delta Kappa inductees include:Olivia Acker, James Alison, John Allan, Elizabeth Alley, Brielle Appelbaum , Randy Arnold, Amber Ausley, Elizabeth Anne Beasley, Amanda Bennett, William Britton, Blair Butler, Jacklin Byers, Derek Carter, Evan Chavers, Richard Cleveland III, Maegan DiLoreto, Leslie Donoghue, Jacob Eigner, Kristen Ellis, Emily Facchine, Lawrence Faulkner, John Gambril, Callie Garrison, Alex Gaskins, Allison Gaster, Gabrielle Gaudet, Matthew Gillham, Robert Grady, Matthew Gude, Kathryn Hall, Andrew Harvey, Connor Herfurth , Tyler Hohbach, Allison Ingram, Walker Jones, Katelyn Katsafanas, Holly Kinsey, Colin Kruger, Erica Kugler, Jennifer Lamberth, Taylor Lawhon , Alyssa Lehmann, Vel Lewis, Mary Lieb, Cari Lutkins, Hannah Mancer, Rebeca Maynor, Sidney McElroy, Sara Meadows, Quinn Meineke, Madison Milburn, Caroline Miller, Callie Newton, Austin Parrish, Anne Pell, Karolyn Perry, Walker Philips, Katie Plott, Sarah Potts, Polly Ricketts, Tori Robinson, Eric Roddy, Kendall Roden, Clara Rodrigue, Sydney Schaefer, Brooke Seawell , Christian Shannon, Christopher Shrader, Megan Smith , Christin Spencer, Sidney Stratton, Leigh Terry, Maxton Thoman, Tate Thomas, Abigail Thompson, Mary Harmon Tyson, Jacqueline Visina, Margaret Wilbourne, Kindle Williams and Shuwen Yue.

Blue Key Honor Society: Blue Key was one of the first honor societies at the University. Blue Key members are selected during the spring semester of their junior year and must represent high scholastic ideals, leadership and diversity of background. Selection is one of the highest honors bestowed on rising seniors.

New Blue Key members include: Olivia Acker , Caroline Arata, Amber Ausley, Elizabeth Anne Beasley, Ashley Brown, Ashley Buchanan, Blair Butler, Derek Carter, Andy Cloyd, Winfield Cowden, Jacob Eigner, Kristen Ellis, Adam Familiant, John Gambril, Matthew Gambril, Callie Garrison, Alex Gaskins, Allison Gaster, Gabrielle Gaudet, Matthew Gillham, Robert Grady, Kathryn Hall, Rachel Herrington, Allison Ingram, Jennifer Lamberth, Taylor Lawhon , Mary Lieb, Sidney McElroy, Quinn Meineke, Tyler Moss, Clarence Mullins IV, Callie Newton, Abigail Paulson, Callie Perkins, Walker Philips, Katie Plott, Polly Ricketts, Megan Smith , Christin Spencer, Zach Stander, Leigh Terry, Maxton Thoman, Tate Thomas, Mary Harmon Tyson, Kindle Williams and Shuwen Yue.

Anderson Society: Anderson Society is a senior honorary comprised of 24 members who are chosen in recognition of their significant contributions to the University. The society seeks to promote high academic standards as well as excellence in student leadership and service.

Anderson Society inductees include: Charles Allenlundy, Amber Ausley, Jessika Banks, Amanda Bennett, Ruth Bishop, Benjamin Burkeen, Derek Carter, Jennifer Lamberth, Vel Lewis, Mary Lieb, Caroline Miller, Max Mittenthal, Justin Pendleton, Katie Plott, Rita Polson, Polly Ricketts, Raven Roberts, Kendall Roden, Leigh Terry, Mary Harmon Tyson, Joseph Weed, Margaret Wilbourne, Kindle Williams and Shuwen Yue.

Anderson Society Honorary Members: Brielle Appelbaum , Matthew Gambril, Caleb Lundy, Jacquelynn Myrick, Karolyn Perry, Elizabeth Roberts and Gilbert Walton.

Anderson Society Honorary Faculty Members: Dr. Darren Surman, Dr. George Daniels, Dr. Paan Jindapon and Lane McLelland.

Mortar Board: Election to Mortar Board, a national honor society, is based on leadership, scholarship and service. It is one of the highest honors that can be granted to seniors. Members must display outstanding dedication to service and leadership.

Mortar Board inductees include: Olivia Acker, James Alison, Elizabeth Alley, Amanda Altgilbers, Caroline Arata, Brent Arnold, Amber Ausley, Steven Beall, Jeromey Beaman, Elizabeth Anne Beasley, Amanda Bennett, William Britton, Ashley Buchanan, Benjamin Burkeen, Blair Butler, Derek Carter, Richard Cleveland III, Andy Cloyd, Avery Cooper, William Copeland, Hannah Cory, Meghan Dorn, Jacob Eigner, Kristen Ellis, Alyx Eva, Adam Familiant, John Gambril, Allison Gaster, Gabrielle Gaudet, Matthew Gillham, Brooke Gunzelman, Andrew Harvey, Michael Jenkins, Katelyn Katsafanas, Jennifer Lamberth, Taylor Lawhon , Alyssa Lehmann, Vel Lewis, Mary Lieb, Rebeca Maynor, Sidney McElroy, Sara Meadows, Quinn Meineke, Madison Milburn, Caroline Miller, Max Mittenthal, Rodger Moore, Clarence Mullins IV, Jacquelynn Myrick, Callie Newton, Laura Packard, Abigail Paulson, Taylor Peebles, Emily Peel, Anne Pell, Justin Pendleton, Walker Philips, Katie Plott, Polly Ricketts, Eric Roddy, Kendall Roden, Clara Rodrigue, Megan Smith , Zach Stander, Jamie Suckow, Leigh Terry, Maxton Thoman, Mary Harmon Tyson, Joseph Weed, Lauren Wethern, Kindle Williams, Grace Willingham , Shuwen Yue and Kelly Zaprzal.

Graduate school awards: Three faculty committees select the seven most Outstanding Graduate School Students each year. The honorees included:

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation: Dr. Yuanyuan Su (Chengdu, Sichuan), College of Arts and Sciences, department of physics and astronomy.

Outstanding Master’s Thesis: Steven Price (Huntsville), College of Engineering, department of mechanical engineering.

Excellence in Teaching by a Master’s Student: Christopher McCarter (San Jose, California), College of Arts and Sciences, department of English.

Excellence in Teaching by a Doctoral Student: Adam Sharples (Peoria, Illinois), college-wide doctoral program in Communication and Information Sciences.

Excellence in Research by a Master’s Student: Achsah Dorsey (Newnan, Georgia), College of Arts and Sciences, department of anthropology.

Excellence in Research by a Doctoral Student: Yaolin Xu (Taiyuan), College of Engineering, department of chemical and biological engineering.

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student: Michelle Gannon (Jamison, Pennsylvania), College of Arts and Sciences, department of geological sciences.



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