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The University of Alabama

Dean’s List Students Named for UA Fall 2014 Term

The fall 2014 listing includes the following students:

Lino Lakes MN Devon E Henschel Deans List
Maple Grove MN Danielle Morgan Joiner Deans List
Plymouth MN Emily Amanda Jacobson Deans List
Plymouth MN Christopher J Leppla Deans List
Plymouth MN Kathryn Anne Leppla Deans List
Ramsey MN William Henry Rabe IV Deans List
Rochester MN Matlin Jo Blondo Presidents List
Rochester MN Kristen Elise Koeller Presidents List
Woodbury MN Robert Bruce Bohjanen Presidents List
Woodbury MN Spencer Danielson Donnelly Deans List
Woodbury MN James Cameron Hassenauer Deans List
Ballwin MO Colin P Dunne Deans List
Ballwin MO Jack V Gagan Deans List
Ballwin MO Sarah M Hanes Deans List
Ballwin MO Alexandra D Knott Deans List
Ballwin MO Anna Catherine Lehman Presidents List
Ballwin MO Alec Michael Maglione Presidents List
Ballwin MO Andrew M Pendleton Presidents List
Blue Springs MO Jackson T Green Deans List
Blue Springs MO Karyla Nicole Middlebrook Deans List
Blue Springs MO Jordan Elizabeth Williams Deans List
Brentwood MO Megan Kathleen Kelly Presidents List
Cape Girardeau MO Lessley Carlson Dennington Presidents List
Cape Girardeau MO Chelsea L Hastings Deans List
Cape Girardeau MO Harlie VanCleve Waldon Presidents List
Caruthersville MO Joseph C Ledford Deans List
Chesterfield MO Emily E Altic Deans List
Chesterfield MO Nicholas Nunes Alves Deans List
Chesterfield MO Courtney L Anderson Deans List
Chesterfield MO Leslie Ann Brugger Deans List
Chesterfield MO Danielle Djikanovic Presidents List
Chesterfield MO Madison L Drury Presidents List
Chesterfield MO Johanna Ingrid Erickson Deans List
Chesterfield MO Kyle M Estes Deans List
Chesterfield MO Abigail Nicole Greenwalt Deans List
Chesterfield MO Brendan Michael Hynes Deans List
Chesterfield MO Alice Hilton Ott Deans List
Chesterfield MO Saad Syed Raza Deans List
Chesterfield MO Erin L Torgerson Deans List
Chesterfield MO John Andrew Urschler Deans List
Chesterfield MO Madeline Kristine Van House Deans List
Chesterfield MO Anthony Douglas Widenor Deans List
Clayton MO Parker Hutchisson Schultz Presidents List
Columbia MO Katherine Marie Buddemeyer Deans List
Columbia MO Whitney Ann Cravens Presidents List
Columbia MO Benjamin Tyler McGowan Deans List
Columbia MO John N Roark Deans List
Columbia MO Sean Thomas Steuber Presidents List
Columbia MO Jacob Arthur Winton Presidents List
Des Peres MO Samantha Lynn Dyroff Deans List
Des Peres MO Benjamin Triplett Heth Deans List
Des Peres MO Abbey Marie Tadros Presidents List
Ellisville MO Bridget Karen Gordinier Deans List
Eureka MO Courtney A Green Deans List
Eureka MO Chelsea T Harris Deans List
Eureka MO Audrey Isobel Herrington Presidents List
Eureka MO Kenneth Charles Janssen III Presidents List
Eureka MO Tyler L Janssen Presidents List
Eureka MO Taylor L Krickhahn Presidents List
Eureka MO Brennen L Lummus Presidents List
Eureka MO Jack A Lyons Presidents List
Eureka MO Callie A Short Deans List
Farmington MO Clayton D Southern Deans List
Fenton MO Camden Mark Koehr Deans List
Fenton MO Tristan M Mcginnis Deans List
Fenton MO Nicole Marie Quinlivan Presidents List
Festus MO William Michael Sansoucie Presidents List
Florissant MO Kevin P Mcpartland Presidents List
Glencoe MO Amanda J Oldenburg Presidents List
Grover MO Robert Clayton Link Presidents List
Jackson MO Caleb R Hightower Deans List
Jefferson City MO Bailey Rae Mariea Presidents List
Jefferson City MO Allison Lyn Mollenkamp Presidents List
Joplin MO Victoria Lynn Baker Deans List
Joplin MO Derek A Carter Presidents List
Kansas City MO Matthew Robert Gude Deans List
Kansas City MO Ryan S Link Deans List
Kansas City MO Haley Elizabeth Loftis Deans List
Kansas City MO Elizabeth Ann Saracini Presidents List
Kansas City MO Forrest Charles Walker Presidents List
Lake Ozark MO Megan J Welker Deans List
Lake Saint Louis MO Maxton Edward Thoman Presidents List
Lees Summit MO Andrea K Bright Presidents List
Lee’s Summit MO Riley M Manning Presidents List
Lee’s Summit MO Brelahn Josephine Wyatt Presidents List
OFallon MO Caitlin M Strohm Presidents List
O’Fallon MO Danielle K Drews Deans List
O’Fallon MO Jordan Kristine Kurdi Deans List
O’Fallon MO Jennifer Ellen Wurm Deans List
Parkville MO Sarah Alexandria Hardin Presidents List
Parkville MO Matthew Buchanan Knight Deans List
Saint Charles MO Matthew Donald Bries Presidents List
Saint Joseph MO Matthew J Hall Deans List
Saint Louis MO Margaret Alice Amato Presidents List
Saint Louis MO Zachary Lee Gates Presidents List
Saint Louis MO Dorothy Corris Griesedieck Presidents List
Saint Louis MO Kristina R Hicks Deans List
Saint Louis MO Taylor Herron Petersen Presidents List
Saint Louis MO Emily Constance Schwarze Deans List
Saint Louis MO Martin J Schwarze Presidents List
Saint Louis MO Gregory A Triplett Deans List
Saint Peters MO Evan Alexander Dwyer Presidents List
Saint Peters MO Andrew John Halaney Presidents List
Saint Peters MO Maddison Amelia McCullough Deans List
SaintLouis MO Sarah Elizabeth Sheahan Deans List
SaintPeters MO Claire Elise Henderson Presidents List
Savannah MO Rebecca Katheryn Bridgman Presidents List
Sikeston MO Mark D Blanton Deans List
Sikeston MO Jacob Cleveland Templeton Deans List
Silex MO Shayla M Steiner Deans List
St Louis MO Maxwell J Hirbe Deans List
St. Albans MO Della Gay Woodward Deans List
St. Louis MO Amanda M Altgilbers Presidents List
St. Louis MO Ashley Hennessey Freeman Deans List
St. Louis MO Sari A Goldstein Deans List
St. Louis MO Cara Marie Greenley Deans List
St. Louis MO Victoria K Kirchhofer Deans List
St. Louis MO Christopher Samuel Leah Deans List
St. Louis MO Michael Lombardo Deans List
St. Louis MO Lisa Mcsweeney Presidents List
St. Louis MO Alexander L Shaver Presidents List
St. Louis MO Megan Michelle Wingbermuehle Presidents List
St.Louis MO Elise Katherine Ott Deans List
Sunrise Beach MO Kathleen Schwalm Deans List
Warreton MO Megan S Costello Presidents List
Warson Woods MO Lucy Ping Eilken Deans List
Webster Groves MO Thomas Shunick Burton Deans List
Weldon Spring MO John Patrick Hayes Jr Presidents List
Wentzville MO Jennifer A Gerwel Deans List
Wentzville MO Anna Mae Lang Presidents List
Wildwood MO Lucas A Bradley Deans List
Wildwood MO Andrew L Cox Deans List
Wildwood MO Taylor Lee Hall Deans List
Wildwood MO Lindsey Marie Hessler Deans List
Wildwood MO Jakob Robert Jackson Presidents List
Wildwood MO Molly Sarah Kearns Deans List
Wildwood MO Derek T Legenzoff Presidents List
Wildwood MO Brandon Kevin Sinanan Deans List
Wildwood MO Brandon D Sinnott Deans List
Wildwood MO Matthew A Tucker Presidents List
Wildwood MO Ewald Michael Wefelmeyer Deans List
Wildwood MO Adam Glenn Weinrich Deans List
Wildwood MO Jenna Rose Witkowski Presidents List
Bailey MS Joshua G Campbell Deans List
Bay Saint Louis MS Margaret E Artigues Deans List
Belden MS Casey Jo Marshall Presidents List
Belden MS Bailey K Scott Deans List
Belden MS Kathrine G Stratton Deans List
Beldon MS Geena A Marshall Deans List
Biloxi MS Jarrod Kristopher Lesso Deans List
Biloxi MS Genevieve Clare LaRose Miller Presidents List
Biloxi MS Katherine Rebecca Winters Deans List
Brandon MS Joseph P Creel Deans List
Brandon MS Sarah Albright Culpepper Presidents List
Brandon MS Gaines B Mccarthy Deans List
Brandon MS Kirby G Parker Presidents List
Brandon MS Ashley M Seiss Deans List
Brandon MS Emily C Slay Presidents List
Brandon MS Elizabeth I Thiel Deans List
Brandon MS Katherine Adele Thiel Presidents List
Byhalia MS Jacob E Dunlap Presidents List
Byhalia MS Lindsey A Herin Deans List
Caledonia MS Aaron K Brock Deans List
Canton MS Hilary M Jones Deans List
Canton MS Chase A Lanke Presidents List
Canton MS Jared Neil Powell Presidents List
Canton MS Allyson C Thigpen Presidents List
Carthage MS Audrey E Gunn Deans List
Cleveland MS Mary C Kline Presidents List
Collins MS Jeffrey Scott Collins Deans List
Columbus MS Brendan Matthew Bailey Deans List
columbus MS Tian R Chen Deans List
Columbus MS Katy Whitten Davidson Deans List
Columbus MS Jennifer Renee Enfinger Presidents List
Columbus MS Victoria Erin Fields Deans List
Columbus MS Marion Anna Kilarski Deans List
Columbus MS Kristina Prakash Patel Deans List
Columbus MS Megan E Pole Presidents List
Columbus MS Roya Sayad-Asadi Deans List
Columbus MS Jordan S Shelton Deans List
Columbus MS Madison B Stephens Deans List
Corinth MS Bruce Stocker Senter Presidents List
Crawford MS Marquita S Gray Deans List
Diamondhead MS Emily Anne Bazin Pertuit Deans List
Diamondhead MS Kelly Marie Rhoades Deans List
dibervillle MS James Nguyen Hong Presidents List
Enterprise MS Sean Thornton Deans List
Flora MS Mary Frances Weeks Deans List
Flowood MS Olivia Falon Miskelly Presidents List
Greenville MS Alia Jean Abbas Deans List
Greenville MS Amira R Abbas Presidents List
Gulfport MS Catherine L Bruni Deans List
Gulfport MS Luke S Haney Deans List
Gulfport MS Christina M Hophan Deans List
Hattiesburg MS Jonathan S Burks Presidents List
Hattiesburg MS Ian Christian Burt Deans List
Hattiesburg MS Joanna Lynn Bushardt Presidents List
Hattiesburg MS Kyle J Caver Deans List
Hattiesburg MS Alexandra R Martin Deans List
Hattiesburg MS Stephen Cowart McClain Presidents List
Hattiesburg MS Summer V Morrissette Presidents List
Hattiesburg MS Sarah G Osborne Deans List
Hattiesburg MS Daniel R Patterson Deans List
Hattiesburg MS Tayler A Root Deans List
Hattiesburg MS Jackson G White Deans List
Hattiesburg MS Katherine Anne White Deans List
Holly Springs MS Ahlaiah Rose Lewis Deans List
Indianola MS Mary N Robertson Deans List
Jackson MS Blair Elizabeth Bush Presidents List
Jackson MS Robert A Cragon Deans List
Jackson MS Jairus Seavy Griffith Deans List
Jackson MS Margaret Elizabeth Horsley Deans List
Jackson MS Laura Lee R Smith Deans List
Kiln MS Abigail D Arcement Presidents List
Laurel MS Shelby Elise Gatewood Presidents List
Laurel MS Emily Elizabeth Higginbotham Presidents List
Long Beach MS Katheryn E Adam Deans List
Madison MS Hala Joe Abisamra Deans List
Madison MS Daniel S Ashford Deans List
Madison MS Miranda C Barrett Deans List
Madison MS Jacob A Blanchard Deans List
Madison MS Meredith A Blanchard Presidents List
Madison MS Hunter W Bonham Presidents List
Madison MS Hailey G Brohaugh Deans List
Madison MS Searcy Rivers Fox Deans List
Madison MS Maggie Elizabeth Holmes Deans List
Madison MS Marigail B Knight Presidents List
Madison MS Keely L Mcneer Deans List
Madison MS Sam W Michaelsen Deans List
Madison MS Ashley K Pace Deans List
Madison MS Caitlyn M Stewart Presidents List
Madison MS Thomas J Wiygul Jr Presidents List
Meridian MS Haley Rena Su Bailey Presidents List
Meridian MS Rebecca Carroll Blackmon Presidents List
Meridian MS Isaac A Futrell Deans List
Meridian MS Ransom C Futrell Deans List
Meridian MS Maya Alyse King Deans List
Meridian MS David C Majure III Presidents List
Meridian MS Mary F Maranto Presidents List
Meridian MS Mackenzie L Ross Presidents List
Moss Point MS Shane A Pearson Deans List
Mount Olive MS Justin Andrew Mishlan Deans List
Natchez MS Molly A Feltus Deans List
Ocean Springs MS Catherine N Patriquin Deans List
Ocean Springs MS Rachel Danielle Thompson Deans List
Olive Branch MS David R Englert Deans List
Olive Branch MS Caleb M Harris Deans List
Olive Branch MS Kever Anthony Lewis Deans List
Olive Branch MS Danielle E Peters Deans List
Oxford MS Reid Beasley Mallette Deans List
oxford MS Shaylon D Townsend Deans List
Pascagoula MS Hannah A Saucier Deans List
Pickens MS Thomas O Snyder Jr. Deans List
Purvis MS Richard C Lawson Presidents List
Purvis MS Laura Faith Prehn Deans List
Ridgeland MS Sarah G Golden Presidents List
Ridgeland MS Audrey Anna Rabalais Deans List
Ridgeland MS Anna Rose Templeton Deans List
Senatobia MS James R Clanton Presidents List
Southaven MS Tyler L Redd Deans List
Southaven MS Denesha A Underwood Presidents List
Starkville MS Savanna J Trinkle Presidents List
Steens MS Caleb B Wilson Presidents List
Tupelo MS Katherine E Gilbert Presidents List
Tupelo MS Dason C Maloney Deans List
Tupelo MS Sadler Ross Sanders Deans List
Vancleave MS Chassity Venee Bilbo Deans List
Waynesboro MS Nathan R Ford Deans List
West Point MS Khiante’ La’Princia Falls Presidents List
Alberton MT Richard L Terry Deans List
Billings MT Ashley Elizabeth Alexander Presidents List
Great Falls MT Kristin Joy Bykonen Deans List
West Yellowstone MT Forrest George Thomas Deans List
Albemarle NC Emily Caroline Barbee Presidents List
Apex NC Christina A Coleman Presidents List
Apex NC Kael Gregory Kilpatrick Presidents List
Apex NC Jeremy Scott Reynolds Deans List
Apex NC Alayna J Watson Presidents List
arden NC Kathleen Elizabeth Bentley Deans List
Arden NC Anne Elizabeth Greene Deans List
Asheville NC Mary E Collins Deans List
Asheville NC Mary Helen Hardy Deans List
Asheville NC Amanda Stephanie Morgan Presidents List
Asheville NC Kathryn Grace Vanderkwaak Deans List
Belmont NC David T Gronstal Deans List
Benson NC Anna Grace Parente Presidents List
Boone NC Whitney L Dunnigan Deans List
Burlington NC Megan Michelle Butler Presidents List
Burlington NC Nathan J Butler Presidents List
Carrboro NC Marc Robert Schwartz Deans List
Cary NC Samantha C Cassidy Presidents List
Cary NC Samantha Rose Harber Deans List
Cary NC Joseph Michael Matthews Deans List
Cary NC Abigail L Paulson Deans List
Cary NC Amanda Rose Tomasko Deans List
Cary NC Daniel A Zahn Deans List
Chalotte NC Adam Perry Burnett Deans List
Chapel Hill NC Marlow Monnig Durbin Presidents List
Chapel Hill NC Elle Walker Gilbert Presidents List
Chapel Hill NC Ronald Wade Mann III Deans List
Chapel Hill NC Rylee Jo Perentis Presidents List
Chapel Hill NC William Thomas Powell III Deans List
Chapel Hill NC Kenneth George Reeb III Deans List
Charlotte NC Caroline S Alexander Presidents List
Charlotte NC Brennan Baker Deans List
Charlotte NC Brian Alexander Bartlett Deans List
Charlotte NC Taylor Brock Deans List
Charlotte NC John M Burlingame Jr Deans List
Charlotte NC Kyle Thomas Burns Deans List
Charlotte NC Noah Alexander Caldwell Deans List
Charlotte NC Emily A Clayton Deans List
Charlotte NC William Thomas Conlin Deans List
Charlotte NC Kayce Lee Conway Presidents List
Charlotte NC Kourtney Lynn Conway Deans List
Charlotte NC Zachary A Cox Presidents List
Charlotte NC Beau Hyland DeVaul Deans List
Charlotte NC Meghan V Dorn Deans List
Charlotte NC Benjamin Douglas Deans List
Charlotte NC Camden L Douglas Deans List
Charlotte NC Shannon Devereaux Garrison Deans List
Charlotte NC Catherine E Gore Deans List
Charlotte NC Tabitha G Greene Presidents List
Charlotte NC Claire Elizabeth Gustafson Deans List
Charlotte NC Caroline Margaret Hall Henley Presidents List
Charlotte NC Davis Brice Johnson Deans List
Charlotte NC Trent A Kepley Deans List
Charlotte NC Kevin Andrew Leach Deans List
Charlotte NC Thomas Hart Litaker Deans List
Charlotte NC Anna Scott Lovejoy Deans List
Charlotte NC Caitlin Ann McDermott Deans List
Charlotte NC Casey Wilson McGuirt Presidents List
Charlotte NC Jacob M Mchugh Presidents List
Charlotte NC Caroline E Miller Presidents List
Charlotte NC Madison Louise Mills Deans List
Charlotte NC Nolan Browning O’Mery Deans List
Charlotte NC Lara Peppercorn Deans List
Charlotte NC Stephanie Bailey Perez Deans List
Charlotte NC Brandon Chase Poole Deans List
Charlotte NC Elizabeth Ashley Richardson Deans List
Charlotte NC Parker Anne Rocco Deans List
Charlotte NC Todd A Schultz Deans List
Charlotte NC Claire McDonell Simpson Deans List
Charlotte NC Taylor Anne A Straughn Deans List
Charlotte NC Kristen M Thalman Deans List
Charlotte NC Ellen L Thomas Deans List
Charlotte NC Katherine D Thompson Presidents List
Charlotte NC Rachel Elizabethann Tomchin Deans List
Charlotte NC Shirlnethia LaFaye Upchurch Presidents List
Charlotte NC Madison Claire Wauchope Presidents List
Clemmons NC Sean M Donahue Deans List
Clemmons NC William Kyle Leopard Presidents List
Clemmons NC Maura Grace O’Donovan Deans List
Concord NC Delaney Ann Dodd Presidents List
Concord NC Jenna Arlene Siffringer Deans List
Concord NC Alexandra Nicole Wrist Deans List
Conover NC Cameron D Craig Deans List
Cornelius NC Russell S Craddock Deans List
Cornelius NC Morgan Elizabeth Lyerly Deans List
Cornelius NC Thomas Dylan Mason Presidents List
Cornelius NC Samantha Ann Rivera Deans List
Cornelius NC Katie Jeanne Swink Deans List
Cornelius NC Jenna Ann Wagner Deans List
Davidson NC Alexander Nicholas Heldman Presidents List
Davidson NC Emily Alison Rusk Deans List
Davidson NC Judson W Russell Deans List
Davidson NC Nelle Campbell Thomas Deans List
Duck NC Sarah E Vercauteren Deans List
Eden NC Samantha L Hartsoe Deans List
Erwin NC Benjamin Luke Chiodo Deans List
Four Oaks NC Edward Benton Woodall Deans List
Franklinton NC Hunter David Foster Deans List
Fuquay-Varina NC Sarah Anne Howard Presidents List
Garner NC Chloe L Hill Deans List
Gastonia NC Kendall Noel Draughn Deans List
Germanton NC John Michael Kamer Presidents List
Greensboro NC Megan Mercer Caffey Deans List
Greensboro NC Sarah M Dahlinghaus Deans List
Greensboro NC Martin Henry Fields Deans List
Greensboro NC Julia D Katz Deans List
Greensboro NC Elizabeth Claire Pinyan Deans List
Greensboro NC Megan Nicole Reeder Deans List
Greensboro NC Michael A Shook Presidents List
Greensboro NC Daniella Smith Deans List
Greenville NC Catherine Edith Cary Presidents List
Greenville NC Connor Maxwell Meyers Presidents List
Greenville NC Tucker Thomas Meyers Presidents List
Harrisburg NC Savannah J Ells Deans List
Henderson NC Matthew Joe Scruggs Deans List
Hendersonville NC Molly Elizabeth Penny Deans List
Hendersonville NC Marilee Meriweather Walker Deans List
Hickory NC Tanner K Hardy Deans List
Hickory NC Nathan Scott Surbaugh Presidents List
High Point NC Nicholas James Applegate Deans List
High Point NC Hayley A Lenio Deans List
High Point NC Elizabeth Jeanette Sheffield Deans List
Holly Springs NC Lauren T Longobardo Presidents List
Huntersville NC Cassidy Elizabeth Kelley Deans List
Huntersville NC Lynsey Marie Natale Deans List
Huntersville NC Bailey Nicole Swing Deans List
Indian Trail NC Emerson F Bayuk Deans List
Jacksonville NC Stephanie Nicole Goldberg Presidents List
Jacksonville NC Kimber Lea Mitchell Deans List
Kannapolis NC Charles M Hicks III Deans List
Kinston NC Madison Sage Sullivan Presidents List
Leicester NC Jessica L Van Putten Vink Presidents List
Leicester NC Sarah Isabel Van Putten Vink Deans List
Lillington NC Thomas S Demoss Deans List
Marshville NC Kayla M Russell Deans List
Marvin NC Grant A Nicholls Deans List
Marvin NC Morgan P Prewitt Deans List
Matthews NC Gabrielle Lauren Blum Presidents List
Matthews NC Nicholas A Hagopian Presidents List
Matthews NC Auburn C Mercer Presidents List
Mint Hill NC Evan Clark Ector Deans List
Mooresville NC Katherine E Davis Deans List
Mooresville NC Camilla W Fay Deans List
Mooresville NC Jessica R Ghoens Deans List
Mooresville NC Caten Marie Murphy Deans List
Mooresville NC Tayton McClain Wyrick Deans List
Mount Holly NC Dylan Craig Coley Presidents List
New Bern NC Caroline Baxter Tolson Presidents List
New Bern NC Emily Marie Walker Presidents List
Newland NC Jacqueline Paige Henderson Deans List
Oak Ridge NC Brian G Jaros Presidents List
Parkton NC Samara Shaeleeann Sheff Deans List
Pfafftown NC Tyler J Thompson Presidents List
Pinehurst NC Jessica L Threatt Deans List
Raleigh NC Mackenzie Elisabeth Boone Deans List
Raleigh NC Emily G Facchine Presidents List
Raleigh NC Erin James Deans List
Raleigh NC Hannah G Jefferson Deans List
Raleigh NC Jason Matthew Nance Presidents List
Raleigh NC Parker N Preston Deans List
Raleigh NC Haley Elizabeth Sheehan Deans List
Raleigh NC Addison M Stallings Deans List
Raleigh NC Anna Rose Tehan Deans List
Raleigh NC Courtney R Thompson Presidents List
Raleigh NC Parker H Troutman Deans List
Rocky Mount NC George Allen Ives IV Deans List
Salisbury NC Kathryn Lynn Cater Presidents List
South Mills NC Rachel Linton Hartman Deans List
Southern Pines NC Teresa Lila Griffin Deans List
Southern Shores NC Kaitlyn Renee Godsey Deans List
Statesville NC Christopher David Griffith Deans List
Statesville NC Austin K Rhyne Presidents List
Thomasville NC Lydia Elaine Efird Deans List
Trinity NC Hailee Addison Grissom Deans List
Wake Forest NC Karli Brianne Guyther Deans List
Waxhaw NC Caroline Nicole Cunningham Presidents List
Waxhaw NC Samantha L Eastburn Deans List
Waxhaw NC Lauren D Feinstein Deans List
Waxhaw NC Ashleigh R Fetter Presidents List
Waxhaw NC Tanner Haston Hillis Deans List
Waxhaw NC Meghan Elizabeth Kelly Presidents List
Waxhaw NC Rachael M Massardo Deans List
Waxhaw NC Daniel Timothy Smith Presidents List
Waxhaw NC Amanda A Surrency Presidents List
Waxhaw NC Ashley S Terkeurst Presidents List
Wilmington NC Meghan Ann Nash Deans List
Wilmington NC Maureen Ashley Penn Presidents List
Wilmington NC Claudia Ingrid Steenberg Deans List
Winston Salem NC Rachel J Rowan Deans List
Winston-Salem NC Matthew T Breese Deans List
Winterville NC Brittany N Jamison Deans List
Wrightsville Beach NC Hannah Hughes Moore Deans List
Minot ND Jane Bowen Presidents List
Williston ND Lucas Vinoya Urbi Deans List
Elkhorn NE Monica Lynn Spence Presidents List
Kimball NE Alexandra N Petko Deans List
Mead NE Olivia Jolene Johnson Presidents List
Omaha NE Alec D Mccarthy Deans List
Papillion NE Marshall N Anderson Deans List
Pleasanton NE Shaw S Klein Presidents List
Amsterdam Netherlands Merel Didi van Dongen Deans List
Amherst NH Jackson Jules Brayman Presidents List
Amherst NH Brian Andrew Dworkin Deans List
Amherst NH Emily E Ingram Presidents List
Bedford NH Elizabeth C Romero Deans List
Brookline NH Nicholas R Garside Presidents List
Brookline NH Lauren Victoria Pratt Presidents List
Derry NH Alex Louis Davis Deans List
Dunbarton NH Elizabeth Leanna Kelly Presidents List
Hollis NH Mollie Elizabeth Gillis Presidents List
Londonderry NH Omer Klaen Presidents List
Londonderry NH Jaclyn A Lecaroz Deans List
Manchester NH Jack R Salvatore Deans List
Manchester NH Christy Ann Sasso Presidents List
New Boston NH Megan Marie White Deans List
Newmarket NH Michael Joseph Keefe Presidents List
Rye NH Alexa Blair Balboni Deans List
Weare NH Tessa C Anderson Deans List
Wilton NH Tzofi M Klinghoffer Presidents List
Windham NH Karissa Edelstein Deans List
Allendale NJ Zachary A Kachele Deans List
Allendale NJ Jonathan William Tengi Deans List
Andover NJ Emily G Nosenchuk Deans List
Avon By The Sea NJ Julia Dioguardi Deans List
Basking Ridge NJ Michael Christopher Cervino Deans List
Basking Ridge NJ Arielle V Downey Deans List
Basking Ridge NJ Kathryn Leah Gacos Deans List
Basking Ridge NJ Kristin A Johnson Deans List
Belvidere NJ Hadley Elizabeth Spadaccini Deans List
Bloomsbury NJ Joanna Mary Keller Deans List
Cherry Hill NJ Jessica Elizabeth Matczak Presidents List
Collingswood NJ Amy Elizabeth Wright Deans List
cranbury NJ Aaron Richard Fenton Deans List
Emerson NJ Natasha Judith Levitin Presidents List
Farmingdale NJ Emily Jeanne Bott Deans List
Flemington NJ Danielle L Bjorlo Deans List
Flemington NJ Hannah Katherine Kemp Deans List
Flemington NJ Reagan Elizabeth Mitchell Deans List
Flemington NJ Tara C Santalucia Deans List
Glassboro NJ Aaron M Hinkelman Deans List
Glen Gardner NJ Heather Marie Woods Deans List
Guttenberg NJ Charlotte Nascimento Gomes Deans List
Haddonfield NJ Eliza Dwyer Freeman Deans List
Hamilton NJ Jamie L Vanhise Deans List
Haworth NJ Tanya Caruso Deans List
Haworth NJ Amanda Perrucci Deans List
Holmdel NJ Sierra Fischer Deans List
Holmdel NJ Erin Lorraine Skamarak Deans List
Kearny NJ Ashleigh Jane Amadeo Presidents List
Kendall Park NJ Jessica Rose Rosen Deans List
Kinnelon NJ Natalie Marchand Deans List
Lumberton NJ Anthony John Curto Deans List
Lumberton NJ Connor Dugan Presidents List
Lumberton NJ Pamela J Zierdt Presidents List
Madison NJ Jessica Carson Deans List
Manalapan NJ Catherine A Harris Deans List
Manasquan NJ Michael A Peyser Deans List
Marlton NJ Gemma Marie Ochman Presidents List
Matawan NJ Paige Nicole Spalliero Deans List
Medford NJ Caitlin Heinkel Presidents List
Medford NJ Marc Hunter Sano Presidents List
Mendham NJ Taylor Joan Tucker Deans List
Midland Park NJ Kevin Patrick Fitzgerald Deans List
Midland Park NJ Abby Littleton Taylor Deans List
Midland Park NJ Amanda Noel Wolosz Deans List
Montville NJ Alexa Renae Campbell Deans List
Morris Plains NJ Christopher J Forte Deans List
Morris Plains NJ Molly Elisa Horowitz Deans List
Mullica Hill NJ Michelle Kathleen Coviello Deans List
Mullica Hill NJ Melissa Pidgeon Deans List
Mullica Hill NJ John C Schnatz Deans List
Northvale NJ Annalise Jane Winans Deans List
Oradell NJ Catherine Ann Antonelli Deans List
Paulsboro NJ Christin Angela Lamastra Deans List
Point Pleasant NJ Jaime Kathleen Williams Deans List
Ramsey NJ Jocelyn M Beiner Deans List
Ramsey NJ Christopher Ryan Gormally Deans List
Ramsey NJ Gina Michelle Karvellas Deans List
Randolph NJ James O Hurst Deans List
Ridgefield NJ Caroline P Gennaro Deans List
Ridgewood NJ Emily Paige Cerrina Deans List
Ridgewood NJ Christina Elizabeth Martin Deans List
River Edge NJ Brendan James Martin Deans List
Rutherford NJ Alyssa Marie Tulp Deans List
Sea Girt NJ Christine Elizabeth Loughran Deans List
Sea Girt NJ Victoria Deborah Loughran Presidents List
Ship Bottom NJ Cole Gailyn Cecchini Deans List
Sparta NJ Connor Michael Glew Deans List
Stewartsville NJ Rachel Catherine DiBenedetto Deans List
Summit NJ Stephen J Gianis Jr Deans List
Toms River NJ Meaghan E Martin Deans List
Upper Saddle River NJ Amanda Brittany Winsick Deans List
Vineland NJ Alexandra Hope Leonelli Deans List
Warren NJ Nicollette Rae Caprio Deans List
West Creek NJ Allyson Rong-Hua Liu Presidents List
West Orange NJ Nia Nefertiti Barnes Presidents List
Westfield NJ Abigail Mary Conlon Deans List
Whitehouse NJ Cheyenne Telleri Deans List
Wood Ridge NJ Joseph Michael Pronti Deans List
Wyckoff NJ Savannah Catherine Madley Deans List
Yardville NJ Ryan Collen Larkin Deans List
Yardville NJ Paula Alison Tattoni Deans List
Albuquerque NM Johnny Chung Yin Mok Deans List
Albuquerque NM Kenneth Ryan Travis Deans List
Gallup NM Annemarie Elizabeth Lisko Presidents List
Las Cruces NM Laura Elise Steiner Presidents List
Los Alamos NM Julia G Murphy Deans List
Taos NM Michael A McGee Presidents List
Oslo Norway Trine Bakke Lindberg Deans List
Henderson NV Edward Frank Bogdanowicz Deans List
Las Vegas NV Berkeley N Hall Deans List
Las Vegas NV Audrey N Morris Deans List
Las Vegas NV Melinda Heather Schreiber Deans List
Las Vegas NV Nicolas Bautista Vaughn Deans List
Reno NV Brent M Ishii Deans List
Amherst NY Jacob M Wasylenko Deans List
Amityville NY Madison Grace Fulford Deans List
Atlantic Beach NY Stephen C Komisarjevsky Deans List
Baldwin NY Casey Meehan Barberio Presidents List
Baldwin NY Vanessa Ivana Barone Deans List
Bedford Hills NY Joel Foote Deans List
Bellmore NY Jared Ross Halstrom Presidents List
Big Flats NY Elizabeth Hope Caloway Deans List
Binghamton NY Maclaine Elizabeth Farrell Deans List
Binghamton NY Brittney Kathryn McHugh Deans List
Blauvelt NY Caitlin M Peterman Presidents List
Bohemia NY Jordan M Scorzelli Deans List
Briarcliff Manor NY Haley-Ann Simpson Deans List
Brightwaters NY John Francis Lasak Deans List
Bronx NY Jon M Colon Deans List
Bronxville NY Calli Michelle King Deans List
Brooklyn NY Ian Chwatuk Deans List
Brooklyn NY Gillian Leah Golub Deans List
Brooklyn NY Daniel Kerznerman Deans List
Carmel NY Abigail Corbett Millard Deans List
Chester NY Stephanie Nicole Hoenig Deans List
Cornwall NY Elyse Rose Hopper Deans List
Delmar NY Nicholas Christopher Gosstola Presidents List
Dix Hills NY Valerie Morgan Tepper Deans List
Dix Hills NY Brianna Julia Xirinachs Deans List
East Amherst NY Delia Kathleen Hurley Presidents List
East Norwich NY Ryan Alexander Cronin Deans List
East Norwich NY Sarah M Shoemaker Presidents List
Endicott NY Vincent Michael Hills Deans List
Fairport NY Morgan Alexis Blanc Deans List
Floral Park NY Robert M Chory Jr Deans List
Floral Park NY Brittany Marie Ingram Presidents List
Fort Drum NY Cody Allen Rosenberg Deans List
Hudson NY Caroline Theresa Keeler Deans List
Ithaca NY John Powers Bangs Deans List
Ithaca NY Sacha J Rady Deans List
Jericho NY Adam A Birns Deans List
Jericho NY Siyu Wu Deans List
Lancaster NY Corey Michael Luksch Deans List
Massapequa NY Joanna Lynn Urli Deans List
Massapequa Park NY Eric W Burke Deans List
Massapequa Park NY Jack E Ryan Deans List
Melville NY Jamie A Cohen Deans List
Mineola NY Delores V Chichi Presidents List
Morrisonville NY Ethan M Hart Presidents List
Mount Sinai NY Jessica A Carpenter Deans List
Mount Sinai NY Alexa Sara Kass Deans List
Nesconset NY Meghan Brianne Healy Deans List
New City NY Eliza J Wiggins Presidents List
New Hyde Park NY Richard G Husch Presidents List
New York NY Lorena Alves Santos Deans List
New York NY Claudio Beiruth Xavier Deans List
New York NY Tairine Berbert Tavares Deans List
New York NY Luana De Souza Cavalcante Carnaval Deans List
New York NY Ana Luiz Diniz Duarte Belem Deans List
New York NY Alexandra A Flinchum Deans List
New York NY Davidson Gualberto Viana Presidents List
New York NY Natasha Cristina Machado Da Rocha Deans List
New York NY Daniel Etsuo Murasawa Deans List
New York NY Giovanni Nunes Di Biagio Formico Deans List
New York NY Flavia Pinheiro Turibio Deans List
New York NY Wanderley Rodrigues De Souza Junior Deans List
New York NY Ana Flavia Santos Rabelo De Melo Presidents List
New York NY Joao Pedro Vianna Ribeiro Deans List
New York NY Isabela Viegas Aguiar Deans List
New York NY Patricia Sandy Yee hock Deans List
New York NY Cindy Yukie Yano Deans List
North Bellmore NY Alexis Simone Lemanski Deans List
North Massapequa NY Marissa Danielle Terracciano Presidents List
North Salem NY Sean Patrick Devey Presidents List
Oakdale NY Samantha J Boyle Deans List
Ossining NY Julia Marie Faiella Deans List
Oswego NY Mitchell T Rabalais Presidents List
Oyster Bay NY Cailin Sullivan Cook Deans List
Painted Post NY Aidan Scott Virkus Presidents List
Pearl River NY Tara Elizabeth King Deans List
Plattsburgh NY Joseph Dylan Courson Presidents List
Plattsburgh NY Brian Carpenter Goodell Presidents List
Pleasantville NY Benjamin L Ratner Presidents List
Port Jefferson Station NY James Michael Mitsos Deans List
Rockville Centre NY Max Fequiere II Deans List
Rye NY Alexandra Bryne Killian Deans List
Rye NY Conor Roswell Mulkerrin Deans List
Saratoga Springs NY Meghan C Hampton Presidents List
Seaford NY Alec Thomas Twibell Deans List
Smithtown NY Lucas J Lyons Presidents List
Smithtown NY Megan N Lyons Presidents List
Somers NY Brendan James Clair Deans List
Sound Beach NY Amanda Robin Di Sunno Deans List
South Salem NY Nicole C Morales Deans List
St. James NY Zachary John Niven Deans List
Staten Island NY James George O’Neill Deans List
Staten Island NY Lindsey Ann Ottesen Presidents List
Staten Island NY Taylor Rae Robertson Presidents List
Stormville NY Danielle Christine Venturo Presidents List
Thiells NY Alexa Michelle Schrader Presidents List
Thornwood NY Henry R Fletcher Deans List
Valhalla NY Michael Joseph Mc Lynn Presidents List
Valley Stream NY MacKenzie Hawley Brumley Deans List
Verplanck NY Caitlin A Guida Deans List
Webster NY Paige Elisabeth McRae Presidents List
Wellsville NY Allie Jo Whitehouse Deans List
West Hills NY Olivia Taylor Knott Deans List
Williamsville NY Mitchel Aaron Koch Deans List
Woodmere NY David Paul Gassman Deans List
Woodside NY Matthew David Perez Deans List
Yorktown Heights NY Vanessa Marie Alpert Presidents List
Yorktown Heights NY Daniel James Green Deans List
Akron OH Kaylee B Semelsberger Presidents List
Aliceville OH Carol Gracie Engle Deans List
Avon OH Jacquelyn A Misencik Presidents List
Avon Lake OH Jessica L Lambert Deans List
Avon Lake OH Rachel L Sodee Presidents List
Batavia OH Alexandra Hayley Gabriel Presidents List
Batavia OH Mikayla A Moles Presidents List
Batavia OH Daniel P Wirth Deans List
Beavercreek OH Nolan Matthew Kitchin Presidents List
Beavercreek OH Cameron M Saben Deans List
Beavercreek OH Bethany Swanson Deans List
Bexley OH Megan M Elisar Deans List
Bexley OH Nathan Gregory James Deans List
Boardman OH Andrew L Ripple Deans List
Bowling Green OH Kristen Marie Fowler Deans List
Brecksville OH Bailey Amber Frederick Deans List
Brookville OH Jacob Taylor Boyd Deans List
Brunswick OH Andy John Hamley Presidents List
Brunswick OH Thomas Kris Ludwig Presidents List
Centerville OH Tyler J Long Deans List
Chillicothe OH Josephine A Gilkeson Deans List
Cincinnati OH Haley Frances Baker Deans List
Cincinnati OH Elyssa Tracy Berry Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Adam J Chalmers Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Megan M Coddington Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Hannah M Dries Deans List
Cincinnati OH Megan Joan Friedmann Deans List
Cincinnati OH Lorine E Fries Deans List
Cincinnati OH Elizabeth Margaret Fromhold Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Andrew J Gauthier Deans List
Cincinnati OH Ryan A Holter Deans List
Cincinnati OH Liam Joseph Holthaus Presidents List
Cincinnati OH David L House II Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Matthew F Ittenbach Deans List
Cincinnati OH Andrew J Jansen Deans List
Cincinnati OH Derek Michael Kief Deans List
Cincinnati OH Madeline Ruth Knauer Deans List
Cincinnati OH Rachel Marie Kohls Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Kelsie Nicole Larkin Deans List
Cincinnati OH Joseph Anthony Majchszak Deans List
Cincinnati OH Anne Chamberlin Mapes Presidents List
Cincinnati OH John Kurtz Mitchell Jr. Deans List
Cincinnati OH Lucy M Renfro Deans List
Cincinnati OH Andrew Richard Rice Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Clara Rives Rodrigue Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Julie C Ruehl Deans List
Cincinnati OH Caroline Nicole Sanders Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Andrew John Schindler Deans List
Cincinnati OH Mikaela Winsome Smith Deans List
Cincinnati OH Alexander John Tarvardian Deans List
Cincinnati OH Brooke Alexandra Thacker Deans List
Cincinnati OH Temarie A Tomley Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Vladislav I Voykhanskiy Deans List
Cincinnati OH Mary Catherine Waltman Deans List
Cincinnati OH Emily Christine Wick Presidents List
Cincinnati OH Jenae A Yarborough Presidents List
Cincinnati OH John Kenneth York Presidents List
Cleveland OH Elliot Francis Smith Deans List
Cleves OH Anna C Lynd Presidents List
Columbus OH Bryn A Caswell Deans List
Columbus OH Eric Ryan Martin Deans List
Columbus OH Michael Stephen Susa Deans List
Cuyahoga Falls OH Hedaya Arabi Presidents List
Dayton OH John S Andrews Deans List
Dayton OH Taylor N Creech Presidents List
Dayton OH Levi E Miller Presidents List
Dayton OH Joseph Douglas Neff Presidents List
Dayton OH Rachel Elizabeth Neff Presidents List
Dayton OH Rachel L Ramey Deans List
Dayton OH Joseph A Sprauer Presidents List
Dayton OH Lindsay M Stager Deans List
Dayton OH Joel Andrew Thompson Deans List
Delaware OH Justin W Stone Deans List
dublin OH Mark R Hoppes Deans List
Dublin OH Adam Henry Mesewicz Deans List
Dublin OH Avery Caroline Miller Presidents List
Dublin OH Lindsay Leigh Rieland Deans List
Dublin OH Thomas Robert Scott Deans List
Dublin OH Stephanie Leigh Watson Deans List
Granville OH Jacob J Fondriest Deans List
Greenville OH Caitlyn Kristine Clark Deans List
Hamilton OH Katherine Elizabeth Schindler Deans List
Harrison OH Chelsea Grace McElroy Presidents List
Hudson OH Brendan James Nenni Deans List
Lebanon OH Emma Erin Panek Deans List
Lebanon OH Noah R Spruell Presidents List
Liberty Township OH Jamila C Flowers Deans List
Lima OH Allyson Marie Allman Deans List
Lima OH Garrett P Diltz Presidents List
Lima OH Zachary R Diltz Presidents List
Loveland OH Nathan Scott Dickerson Deans List
Loveland OH Benjamin Thomas Dufresne Deans List
Loveland OH Ryan Alexander Hartsig Deans List
loveland OH Devin R Harvey Deans List
Loveland OH Nicholas J Hensler Deans List
Loveland OH Anne C Lehmann Deans List
Loveland OH Claire A Manderfield Deans List
Loveland OH Emily Elizabeth Martin Deans List
Loveland OH McKenzie Reid Porcelli Presidents List
Loveland OH Elisabeth Ann Schnicke Presidents List
Loveland OH Katelyn Beatrice Schwaegerle Presidents List
Loveland OH Erin R Wallach Presidents List
Loveland OH Katherine Marie White Deans List
Maineville OH Kelsey M Mckiernan Deans List
Maineville OH Emily Elizabeth Weed Presidents List
Marysville OH Lydia Jane Browne Presidents List
Marysville OH Jonathan Aaron Merklin Presidents List
Mason OH Brenna Elizabeth Barber Deans List
Mason OH Caroline W Bloodworth Presidents List
Mason OH Erica V Boden Deans List
Mason OH Jessica G Hastings Presidents List
Mason OH Caroline K Heywood Deans List
Mason OH Dominique N Lagory Presidents List
Mason OH William Kenneth Leathers III Presidents List
Mason OH Jennifer L Nelson Presidents List
Mason OH Monica L Vermillion Presidents List
Maumee OH Suzanne Jane Durham Deans List
Medina OH Madison J Anzelc Presidents List
Miamisburg OH Zachary Benjamin Collins Deans List
Milford OH Andrew Joseph Strotman Deans List
Monroe OH Elizabeth Corrine Conrad Deans List
Morrow OH Kellis Christian Kincaid Presidents List
New Albany OH Jack Madison Archer Presidents List
North Bend OH Mary F Leisgang Deans List
North Bend OH Kenneth E Neyer III Deans List
North Olmsted OH Katlyn Marie Pauvlik Presidents List
North Ridgeville OH Marli G Harrelson Deans List
NorthOlmsted OH Connor Shane Smith Deans List
Oxford OH James Vincent Koch Presidents List
Perrysburg OH Caleb S Andrews Presidents List
Pickerington OH Jordan B Pieczynski Deans List
Powell OH Samantha L Gaiss Presidents List
Salem OH Lauren Marie Guest Deans List
Shaker Heights OH Julie Marie-Pierre Gyurgyik Presidents List
Springbroo OH Kristen L Hutchins Deans List
Stow OH Abigail Joy Lavely Deans List
Sunbury OH Sela P Garand Deans List
Twinsburg OH Megan E Craig Presidents List
warren OH Patrick S Clancy Deans List
West Chester OH Shelby Kaitlyn Collins Deans List
West Chester OH Kayla Michelle McGinnis Presidents List
Westerville OH Taylor Nicole Dickens Presidents List
Westerville OH Jacklyn Grace Farrow Presidents List
Westerville OH Emily C Schmitter Presidents List
Westerville OH Jessica Anne Stroh Presidents List
Westerville OH Edward Arnold Woods III Deans List
Westlake OH Avery M Bogart Deans List
Westlake OH Taylor S Fisher Deans List
Westlake OH Caitlin McManamon Smith Presidents List
WPAFB OH Halle Denee Lindsay Deans List
Edmond OK Cameron J Britton Presidents List
Edmond OK Taylor K Caleb Presidents List
Edmond OK Truitt Guy Maxwell Deans List
Edmond OK Jacqueline M Visina Deans List
Lawton OK Mitchell Neill LeFebvre Presidents List
Lawton OK Alexis Nicole Schutz Deans List
Mustang OK Mackenzie L Valentin Deans List
Oklahoma City OK Berkley June Petersen Deans List
Owasso OK Julie M Hopper Deans List
Tulsa OK Kathleen Marie Keel Deans List
Tulsa OK Blake Preston Parr Deans List
Albany OR Sandra Lorena Moreno Deans List
Aloha OR James W Ferris Presidents List
Banks OR Alexander S Heath Deans List
Beaverton OR Cora L Lindholm Deans List
Portland OR Morgan Marie Ashton Deans List
Portland OR Katherine McKenna Brown Deans List
Salem OR Jessica Julie Stewart Presidents List
Tigard OR Madeline R Holzgang Presidents List

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state's economy, is in keeping with UA's vision to be the university of choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state's flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.