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The University of Alabama

Dean’s List Students Named for UA Fall 2014 Term

The fall 2014 listing includes the following students:

Ocala FL Caviness Grier Drake Presidents List
Ocean Ridge FL Suzanne Alexa Schmitt Deans List
Ocoee FL Colin M Kruger Deans List
Ocoee FL Caroline E Montz Presidents List
Orange City FL Andrew Kyle Talbert Deans List
Orlando FL Alejandra Elisa Betancourt Deans List
Orlando FL Brittany J Bradley Presidents List
Orlando FL Ashley C Dew Deans List
Orlando FL Bennett L Dunn Deans List
Orlando FL Connor W Ferrentino Deans List
Orlando FL Sean David Fitzpatrick Deans List
Orlando FL Elizabeth Whitford Hoyle Deans List
Orlando FL Nicholas W Lewis Deans List
Orlando FL Dakota M Lewis Deans List
Orlando FL Alexander J Mitchell Deans List
Orlando FL Dakota Elizabeth Park-Ozee Presidents List
Orlando FL Carlos Joaquin Ramos Deans List
Orlando FL Aja Monet Sims Presidents List
Orlando FL Alexus Y Smith Deans List
Orlando FL Savannah Grace Stewart Presidents List
Orlando FL Martin Gary Toole Jr Presidents List
Pace FL William E Coe Deans List
Pace FL Stephanie D Craig Deans List
Pace FL Landen D Ryder Deans List
Palm Beach Gardens FL Colby Trenton Bradford Presidents List
Palm Beach Gardens FL Megan M Mccraney Presidents List
Palm Beach Gardens FL Lauren N Rousseau Presidents List
Palm Beach Gardens FL Stephanie Vassiliki Zacharias Deans List
Palm Beach Shores FL Kendall L Herman Deans List
Palm City FL Angel Mary Ann McLellan Presidents List
Palm Harbor FL Alyx E Eva Presidents List
Palm Harbor FL Kayla Brooke Fratus Presidents List
Palm Harbor FL Alexis L Mouton Deans List
Panama City FL Angela D Albertson Presidents List
Panama City FL Ashley Rose Atkinson Deans List
Panama City FL Katherine Lily Jernigan Presidents List
Panama City FL Savannah Lee Stewart Deans List
Panama City FL Victoria Ray-Lyn Welborn Deans List
Panama City Beach FL Meredith R Bush Deans List
Panama City Beach FL Alexandra Blue Chagnon Presidents List
Panama City Beach FL Tristan John Dopyera Deans List
Panama City Beach FL Zachary W Griffin Deans List
Panama City Beach FL Victoria J Hove Deans List
Panama City Beach FL Dylana Bailey Rogers Deans List
Panama City Beach FL Madison C Rudolph Deans List
Panama City Beach FL Caroline Ruth Williams Presidents List
Parkland FL Emily Lauren Cimbal Deans List
Parkland FL Christine Alexis Fernandez Presidents List
Parkland FL Matthew Perry Steinberg Presidents List
Parkland FL Grant Michael Wills Presidents List
Pembroke Pines FL Aaron Michael Reynolds Presidents List
Pembroke Pines FL Jacob Matthew Reynolds Deans List
Pensacola FL Courtney Ann Dumas Presidents List
Pensacola FL Stephen O’Neal Fletcher Deans List
Pensacola FL Lauren Katharina Grell Deans List
Pensacola FL Carter A Haferkamp Deans List
Pensacola FL Hunter Scott Haferkamp Presidents List
Pensacola FL Emily L Hoskins Deans List
Pensacola FL Kylie B Mcleod Deans List
Pensacola FL Alexis A Papadelias Deans List
Pensacola FL Katelyn N Peyton Deans List
Pensacola FL Diana Salcido Presidents List
Pensacola FL Anna Rachel Van Der Like Deans List
Pensacola FL Matthew L Warren Presidents List
Pensacola FL Laurel Kent Woodfin Deans List
Plant City FL Sara Kate Snapp Deans List
Pompano Beach FL Gabrielle Graboski Presidents List
Pompano Beach FL James Michael Lee Deans List
Ponte Vedra Beach FL Rachel M Berry Deans List
Ponte Vedra Beach FL Alexander Rust Burch Deans List
Ponte Vedra Beach FL Shannon B Diederich Deans List
Ponte Vedra Beach FL Mitchell Hawkes Hay Deans List
Ponte Vedra Beach FL Michael David Oczypok Deans List
Ponte Vedra Beach FL Juleigh Ann Vargas Deans List
PuntaGorda FL Victoria Elizabeth Othon Presidents List
Rockledge FL Caroline A Alvarez Deans List
Ruskin FL Julia A Fagoh Presidents List
Saint Augustine FL Ayana Ashley Gibson Deans List
Saint Johns FL Parker B McGee Presidents List
Saint Johns FL Kimberly Michelle Triplett Deans List
Saint Petersburg FL Alexandra N Meyer Deans List
SaintPetersburg FL Michael P Lopez Deans List
Sanford FL Ariana Maryam Karimi Deans List
Sanford FL Sarah A Macaluso Deans List
Sanibel FL Jacqueline Haley Cloutier Presidents List
Santa Rosa Beach FL Shannon D Carson Deans List
Santa Rosa Beach FL Sara Elvire Petit Deans List
Santa Rosa Beach FL Jessie J Taylor Deans List
Sarasota FL Marina A Mangie Deans List
Sarasota FL Madison May Siegfried Deans List
Sarasota FL Sarah Elizabeth Ulrich Presidents List
Sarasota FL Alaina Victoria Upman Deans List
Satellite Beach FL Katie C Mullins Deans List
Seminole FL Alison Nicole Diaz Deans List
Seville FL Shayla S Stoughton Presidents List
Shalimar FL Hunter G Bethea Presidents List
Shalimar FL Malcolm Alexander Foley Presidents List
St. Augustine Beach FL Andrew E Mansell Deans List
St. Johns FL Kirklan T Kathe Presidents List
St. Petersburg FL Gabrielle Danae Castriota Deans List
St. Petersburg FL Katelyn Morgan Greenleaf Presidents List
Starke FL Carly Suzanne Strickland Deans List
Stuart FL Hamilton A Bromhead Presidents List
Stuart FL Devon Katharine McAlpin Deans List
Tallahassee FL Caitlyn A Coates Deans List
Tallahassee FL Jessica L Littlefield Deans List
Tallahassee FL Caroline C Mcclenny Deans List
Tallahassee FL Courtney Leigh Ricciardi Presidents List
Tallahassee FL Kristina Nicole Van Wyk Deans List
Tampa FL Jonathan Marcus Ayers Deans List
Tampa FL Zachary Marcus Ayers Deans List
Tampa FL Lucas Donald Buckler Deans List
Tampa FL Krislyn Alyse Erickson Presidents List
Tampa FL Katherine M Garrett Deans List
Tampa FL Margaret Lynne Guice Deans List
Tampa FL Austin David Johnson Presidents List
Tampa FL Erin M Kocher Deans List
Tampa FL Kathryn Allen Lee Deans List
Tampa FL Margaret Valentine Martin Deans List
Tampa FL Amanda Taylor Rude Deans List
Tampa FL Regina M Salup Deans List
Tampa FL Haley C Simpson Deans List
Tampa FL Britainy Kay Smith Deans List
Tampa FL Chloe Nicholle Storch Deans List
Tampa FL Jeffrie Van Loveren Presidents List
Tampa FL Haley M Walczak Presidents List
Tampa FL Shira Y Wasser Deans List
Tarpon Springs FL Fraser Scott Lee Deans List
Tavares FL Andrew Christian Harbin Deans List
Tequesta FL Gabrielle A Gaudet Deans List
Treasure Island FL Chase B Johnson Deans List
Tyndall AFB FL Jordan Melody Leach Deans List
Umatilla FL Megan Lee Torman Presidents List
Valrico FL Erin K Hanson Deans List
Venice FL Heather Marie Hoke Deans List
Venice FL Emily A Zapf Deans List
Vero Beach FL Daniela A Lendl Presidents List
Vero Beach FL Jacob Mark Robinson Presidents List
Vero Beach FL Matthew Spencer Rufca Deans List
West Palm Beach FL Stephanie Ann Dagher Deans List
West Palm Beach FL Alexandra Nicole LaSorte Deans List
West Palm Beach FL Jeffrey Michael Wysong Deans List
West Palm Beach FL Gabrielle Rose Zinman Deans List
Weston FL Omer Bensaadon Deans List
Weston FL Avery J Brown Deans List
Weston FL Mackenzie E Demeo Deans List
Weston FL Susan Louise Hurwitz Deans List
Weston FL Jaime Rose O’Connor Deans List
Weston FL Ryan Harris Weiner Presidents List
Wildwood FL Morgan Sierra Heath Deans List
Windermere FL Megan McKensie Birkes Presidents List
Windermere FL Sara E Burkett Deans List
Windermere FL Delaney Marie D’Argenio Presidents List
Windermere FL Melody K Schmidt Presidents List
Winter Garden FL Kaitlin E Breslin Presidents List
Winter Haven FL Ryan Cody Brooker Deans List
Winter Haven FL Jonathon C Romero Deans List
Winter Park FL Michael Charles Ikegami Presidents List
Winter Park FL Austin William Jackson Deans List
Winter Park FL Kimberly Marie Suits Deans List
Winter Park FL Lauren Michelle Vargo Deans List
Winter Springs FL Michael Francis Ryan Deans List
Quincy France Gabriel Louis Alexandre Aleo Presidents List
Acworth GA Alison Claire Bell Presidents List
Acworth GA Madeleine Kathleen Boyle Deans List
Acworth GA Aaron Timothy Carter Deans List
Acworth GA Emily A Chiaravalloti Presidents List
Acworth GA Nathaniel Michael Erebia Presidents List
Acworth GA Sarah Adelle Ezell Deans List
Acworth GA Anthony Joseph Fiacco Presidents List
Acworth GA Emily A Fox Deans List
Acworth GA Morgan Catherine Geiger Deans List
Acworth GA Ingrid L Goedde-Bennett Presidents List
Acworth GA Alyssa R Gowin Deans List
Acworth GA Benjamin P Heflin Deans List
Acworth GA Jason Scott Johnston Deans List
Acworth GA Kathryn J Marquis Presidents List
Acworth GA Ashley Ann May Deans List
Acworth GA Zachary Alan May Deans List
Acworth GA Mary Frances Novak Deans List
Acworth GA Katherine Erin O’Connell Deans List
Acworth GA Kristin E Schmidt Presidents List
Acworth GA Tishara U Smith Deans List
Acworth GA Laura D Testino Presidents List
Adairsville GA Charles W Silvers Deans List
Albany GA Jill Madison Holloway Deans List
Alpharetta GA Sarah Caroline Abboud Deans List
Alpharetta GA Lindsay Mimi Albano Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Caitlin H Baggett Deans List
Alpharetta GA William J Baggett Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Henry J Barnes Deans List
Alpharetta GA Danielle Nicole Bowers Deans List
Alpharetta GA Madeline Faith Cagle Deans List
Alpharetta GA Christopher Anthony Caruso Deans List
Alpharetta GA Allison Michelle Cohen Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Brian M Conlon Jr. Deans List
Alpharetta GA Erica Marie Cooke Deans List
Alpharetta GA Sarah Catherine Corn Deans List
Alpharetta GA Samantha A Dance Deans List
Alpharetta GA Rosemary Kathleen Eileen Erb Deans List
Alpharetta GA Morgan Elizabeth Fahey Deans List
Alpharetta GA Natalie Anne Fitzgibbons Deans List
Alpharetta GA Aryn Monroe Greene Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Braxton Donahue Greer II Deans List
Alpharetta GA Hannah E Hathorn Deans List
Alpharetta GA Michelle E Kaufman Deans List
Alpharetta GA Zachary Daniel Kladis Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Aubrey L Loria Deans List
Alpharetta GA Alex Bernard Majher Deans List
Alpharetta GA Laura McKenzie Mall Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Thomas R Meason Deans List
Alpharetta GA Rodger Michael Moore Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Angus Michael Morrison Deans List
Alpharetta GA Nathan John Mulder Deans List
Alpharetta GA Lee Thomas Norment Deans List
Alpharetta GA Lauren J Northcutt Deans List
Alpharetta GA Paige Nicole Orzechowski Deans List
Alpharetta GA Colin Steven Parker Deans List
Alpharetta GA Brittany E Parkey Deans List
Alpharetta GA Nicholas William Radivoj Deans List
Alpharetta GA Lauren Catherine Reed Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Elizabeth A Rucci Deans List
Alpharetta GA Marisa Jill Schiff Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Emily Frazier Shay Deans List
Alpharetta GA Sam C Sheriff Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Jake M Sixour Deans List
Alpharetta GA Samantha Paige Specht Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Kara N Stultz Deans List
Alpharetta GA Courtney C Sweeney Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Jamie Michelle Tesh Presidents List
Alpharetta GA Christopher D Wagner Deans List
Alpharetta GA Morgan Mae Welch Presidents List
Athens GA Caroline C Clark Deans List
Athens GA Sara b Haire Deans List
Athens GA Adam A McLean Deans List
Atlanta GA Sloane D Arogeti Presidents List
Atlanta GA Anna Marie Baldwin Deans List
Atlanta GA Lindsey Marie Ball Deans List
Atlanta GA Anne Lloyd Bean Deans List
Atlanta GA Eleanor Caroline Benson Deans List
Atlanta GA George Clarkson Berry Deans List
Atlanta GA Anna Blevens Presidents List
Atlanta GA Emily Nicole Blevens Deans List
Atlanta GA Kaitlin A Camp Deans List
Atlanta GA Maxwell S Carll Presidents List
Atlanta GA Leighton E Carlock Presidents List
Atlanta GA Andrew P Catherman Deans List
Atlanta GA Mary G Chambless Deans List
Atlanta GA Colby A Chesney Presidents List
Atlanta GA Adrian Bubb Clark Deans List
Atlanta GA Christopher Stewart Cote Deans List
Atlanta GA Anna R Cramer Deans List
Atlanta GA Jasmine D. Davis Deans List
Atlanta GA Dustin Randal Davis Deans List
Atlanta GA Abby L Daws Deans List
Atlanta GA Natalie M De Guardiola Deans List
Atlanta GA Fletcher S Dodson Deans List
Atlanta GA Jackson Cole Egan Deans List
Atlanta GA Robert Jonathan Flesch Presidents List
Atlanta GA Caridad Carlette Ford Presidents List
Atlanta GA Grace Mitchell Galloway Presidents List
Atlanta GA Lauren May Godshall Presidents List
Atlanta GA Jonathan Goetsch-Berch Deans List
Atlanta GA Briah Annae Golder Presidents List
Atlanta GA Sydney Hanna Goldstein Deans List
Atlanta GA Alyssa Michele Grubbs Deans List
Atlanta GA Zander Mackenzie Hayes Deans List
Atlanta GA Risa N Hayet Presidents List
Atlanta GA Danielle Rebecca Heidt Deans List
Atlanta GA Lauren A Hickcox Deans List
Atlanta GA Langford Wright Hills Deans List
Atlanta GA Kaitlin M Huff Presidents List
Atlanta GA Devin B Kenter Deans List
Atlanta GA Adli Q Kilic Deans List
Atlanta GA Dalyan Sayer Kilic Deans List
Atlanta GA Jordan Lawerance Klinger Deans List
Atlanta GA Katherine Reid Laird Deans List
Atlanta GA Shelby Nicole Sarah Lam Deans List
Atlanta GA Madeleine Maria Lattimore Deans List
Atlanta GA Paige Marie Lauer Presidents List
Atlanta GA Lindsey Rose Leonard Presidents List
Atlanta GA Crawford Patrick Lindsay Deans List
Atlanta GA Lauren P Loeb Presidents List
Atlanta GA Joshua Matthew Lubel Presidents List
Atlanta GA Mina G Lubel Deans List
Atlanta GA Leland K Manning Deans List
Atlanta GA Alexandra Mannings Presidents List
Atlanta GA John Peale Martin II Presidents List
Atlanta GA Austin Joseph Mills Deans List
Atlanta GA John Timothy Morrison Presidents List
Atlanta GA Courtney Manning Muller Deans List
Atlanta GA Brooke Mullman Deans List
Atlanta GA Zoe Alexandra Pappas Deans List
Atlanta GA Taylor M Ramble Deans List
Atlanta GA Katherine N Reynolds Presidents List
Atlanta GA Abby J Rotenstreich Deans List
Atlanta GA Caroline A Ruder Presidents List
Atlanta GA Carly Mae Russo Deans List
Atlanta GA Robert Francis Scholl III Deans List
Atlanta GA Cristina Spencer Seaman Deans List
Atlanta GA Richard T Shevlin III Deans List
Atlanta GA Miranda Eden Siegel Deans List
Atlanta GA Robert Murdock Small Deans List
Atlanta GA Clay Hamilton Smith Deans List
Atlanta GA Walker Barnette Snellings Deans List
Atlanta GA John Matthew Suddes Jr. Deans List
Atlanta GA Brantley Burns Taylor Presidents List
Atlanta GA Richard M Taylor Jr. Deans List
Atlanta GA Corinne Janette Thomas Deans List
Atlanta GA Mackenzie Lynn Towles Deans List
Atlanta GA Ann Katherine Vitti Deans List
Atlanta GA Kevin Bruce Wedge Presidents List
Atlanta GA Sarah Margaret Widener Deans List
Atlanta GA Alexander Shore Winship Deans List
Atlanta GA Morgan E Witmer Deans List
Atlanta GA Margaret Jane Worrell Deans List
Atlanta GA Laura Elizabeth Wymer Deans List
Atlanta GA Joseph Braxton Young Presidents List
Atlanta GA Jack Lawrence Young Deans List
Atlanta GA Matthew R Zeliff Deans List
Augusta GA Elijah Samuel Coleman Deans List
Augusta GA Ty’Sheka Ne’Cole Lambert Presidents List
Augusta GA Christopher A Leonard Deans List
Augusta GA Antoni S Murrell Deans List
Ball Ground GA Cara N Perrin Presidents List
Blakely GA Emily T Giannars Presidents List
Bogart GA Jessica Morgan Cook Deans List
Bogart GA Heather Dickens Deans List
Bogart GA Morgan Taylor Williams Deans List
Braselton GA John Thomas Dollar Presidents List
Buford GA Anna K Allen Presidents List
Buford GA Makhaila L Armes Deans List
Buford GA Nichole Briana Dennis Deans List
Buford GA Chelsea E Lee Deans List
Canton GA Sydney Elysa Anderson Deans List
Canton GA Sydney P Donohue Deans List
Canton GA George Jonathan Head Deans List
Canton GA Alexa Ashley Herman Deans List
Canton GA Logan James Heyer Deans List
Canton GA Madison Page Hill Deans List
Canton GA Nicholle Kelby Nixon Deans List
Canton GA Hannah Elizabeth Rich Deans List
Canton GA Alison Jeanne Shuman Presidents List
Canton GA Savannah A Smith Deans List
Carrollton GA Lauren Elizabeth Boyd Presidents List
Carrollton GA Robert D Dortch Presidents List
Carrollton GA Tiffany Landry Deans List
Cartersville GA Nicholas Caras Deans List
Cartersville GA Mallory P Fleming Presidents List
Cartersville GA Sarah Elizabeth Justus Presidents List
Cartersville GA Paul David Wilson Deans List
Chatsworth GA Addison Lea Matter Deans List
Chatsworth GA John B Matter Deans List
Chickamauga GA Olivia D Hovey Deans List
Cohutta GA Tanya Marie St. Clair Presidents List
College Park GA Courtenay DeJournelle Brooks Presidents List
College Park GA DeJa Marie Brown Deans List
College Park GA Macie M Sims Deans List
Columbus GA Carolyn Coulter Howard Deans List
Columbus GA Anthony J James Deans List
Columbus GA Nicholas N Jefferson Deans List
Columbus GA Terrance J Lewis Presidents List
Columbus GA Kenya S Patterson Presidents List
Columbus GA Taylor N Ragan Deans List
Columbus GA Paige M. Roughton Deans List
Columbus GA Virginia Kathryn Smith Deans List
Columbus GA Catherine Alexis Taylor Deans List
Columbus GA Akeisha Danielle Young Presidents List
Columbus GA Shanikia Nicole Young Presidents List
Conyers GA Tiffany J Rattery Deans List
Covington GA Kathryn E Barksdale Deans List
Cumming GA Carolyn M Bowler Deans List
Cumming GA Rebecca Anne Cole Deans List
Cumming GA Tyler J Crawford Deans List
Cumming GA Jordan E Donaldson Deans List
Cumming GA Staci L Ethridge Deans List
Cumming GA Katherine M Garmon Presidents List
Cumming GA Olivia Nicole Gelfand Presidents List
Cumming GA Taylor Morgan Hach Deans List
Cumming GA Ashley K Jeter Deans List
Cumming GA Olivia C Pruitt Deans List
Cumming GA Angeline Lucille Roberts Deans List
Cumming GA John Steven Rutledge III Deans List
Cumming GA Ashley Nicole Torres Presidents List
Cumming GA Logan Phillip Willis Deans List
Cumming GA Emily E Wilson Presidents List
Dallas GA Carleshia O Jackson Deans List
Dallas GA Alyssa H Tolentino Presidents List
Decatur GA Ariana N Benton Deans List
Decatur GA Brittany N Groves Presidents List
Decatur GA Zachary John Simmons Deans List
Doraville GA Shannon Lee Hagopian Deans List
Douglasville GA Thaydra J Carter Presidents List
Douglasville GA Denisha S Durham Deans List
Douglasville GA Morgan Brittany Holtzclaw Presidents List
Douglasville GA Nicole M Mckim Deans List
Douglasville GA Travis W Ritchie Deans List
Douglasville GA Taylor N Shelnutt Presidents List
Douglasville GA Katie E Webb Presidents List
Dublin GA Joseph T Thublin Deans List
Duluth GA Victoria Held Fowler Deans List
Duluth GA Ansley Elizabeth Griffith Deans List
Duluth GA Julia K Lanier Deans List
Duluth GA Catherine Anne May Deans List
Duluth GA Colin Roberts Presidents List
Duluth GA Morgan McKenna Smith Presidents List
Duluth GA Kellie R Stinnett Deans List
Duluth GA Yi Wu Deans List
Dunwoody GA Callie H Gillett Deans List
Dunwoody GA Bryan Mitchell Kellert Presidents List
Dunwoody GA Thomas Patrick Leahey Jr. Deans List
Dunwoody GA Virginia Claire Loeb Presidents List
Dunwoody GA Elizabeth H Michaels Presidents List
Dunwoody GA Adrienne Dodd Morse Deans List
Dunwoody GA Meghan C Mulkeen Presidents List
Dunwoody GA Jack Thomas Pelt Deans List
Dunwoody GA Aleda E Peterson Deans List
Dunwoody GA Anna Caroline Pruitt Deans List
Dunwoody GA Sarah E Robertson Presidents List
Ellenwood GA Tiphanie J Brockman Deans List
Ellenwood GA Alysha R Clark Deans List
Ellenwood GA Taylor Marie Johnson Deans List
Evans GA Nathaniel Robert Barr Deans List
Evans GA Kaila B Hunt Deans List
Evans GA Whitney Michelle Roberts Deans List
Evans GA Charles A Stakely V Presidents List
Fayetteville GA Hannah Katherine Chapman Presidents List
Fayetteville GA Kaitlyn N Chapman Presidents List
Fayetteville GA Destiny D Cowins Deans List
Fayetteville GA Ashley L Dahl Presidents List
Fayetteville GA Aubrey E Edkins Presidents List
Fayetteville GA Emileigh J Forrester Presidents List
Fayetteville GA Taylor Angel Johnson Deans List
Fayetteville GA Alicia N Rosato Deans List
Fayetteville GA Katherine E Spits Deans List
Fayetteville GA Mallory D Terrell Deans List
Fayetteville GA Akia T Thomas Deans List
Flovilla GA Caitlin Adrianna Vander Ven Deans List
Flowery Branch GA Kira Camille Brock Deans List
Flowery Branch GA Annie Elizabeth Counts Deans List
Flowery Branch GA Emily Elizabeth Williams Presidents List
Fort Gordon GA Teresa Jean Ziemba Deans List
Gainesville GA Kaitlin Taylor Burchett Presidents List
Gainesville GA Megan E Cox Deans List
Gainesville GA Patrick M McCormac Presidents List
Gainesville GA Laura Jean Taylor Parker Deans List
Gainesville GA Kelly J Slotin Deans List
Grayson GA Ibukun Temi Afon Deans List
Griffin GA Emma Caroline Cathey Presidents List
Griffin GA Sara Ann Peek Deans List
Griffin GA Emily A Warwick Presidents List
Grovetown GA Jessica Paige Davenport Deans List
Hineville GA Brittney Rachelle Guilfo Deans List
Hoschton GA Katie E Estep Deans List
Hoschton GA Ashley H Phan Deans List
Hoschton GA Hailey Alexis Pruitt Presidents List
Jasper GA Jessica Michelle Bell Deans List
Johns Creek GA Genevieve Maria Aucoin Deans List
Johns Creek GA Rachel E Baer Deans List
Johns Creek GA Elyse Samantha Blitzer Deans List
Johns Creek GA Skylar M Chans Deans List
Johns Creek GA Alli Marie Flory Deans List
Johns Creek GA Asha A Fuller Deans List
Johns Creek GA Sydney Jacquelyn Furr Deans List
Johns Creek GA Gretchen Leigh Hamman Deans List
Johns Creek GA Nicole Victoria Lane Presidents List
Johns Creek GA Alexis Lanning Deans List
Johns Creek GA Olivia Lane Parker Deans List
Johns Creek GA Rebecca Ann Simon Deans List
Johns Creek GA Kathleen Dolores Starke Deans List
Johns Creek GA Hunter J Stewart Presidents List
Johns Creek GA Virginia Cole Sturgill Deans List
Jonesboro GA Laura Kennedy Davis Presidents List
Kathleen GA Stephanie Lauren Adcock Deans List
Kennesaw GA Stephanie Michelle Arkin Deans List
Kennesaw GA Evan A Bohannan Deans List
Kennesaw GA Kathryn Carroll Deans List
Kennesaw GA Erica Lyndsi Chapman Deans List
Kennesaw GA Hannah M Eby Deans List
Kennesaw GA Amanda James Fenton Presidents List
Kennesaw GA Abigail L. Ferguson Deans List
Kennesaw GA Alexander Bradley Hale Presidents List
Kennesaw GA Tayler M Hartrampf Deans List
Kennesaw GA Nichole A Hegstetter Presidents List
Kennesaw GA Bryan Addison Koterski Deans List
Kennesaw GA Nicole E Lickman Deans List
Kennesaw GA Kelsey E Lowman Deans List
Kennesaw GA Rachel A Moore Deans List
Kennesaw GA Connor Joseph Oslin Deans List
Kennesaw GA Cydney Nicole Parmly Presidents List
Kennesaw GA Noah Alexander Randall Deans List
Kennesaw GA Bryonna Nicol Rivera Burrows Deans List
Kennesaw GA Caroline C Surratt Presidents List
Kennesaw GA Michelle L Taylor Deans List
Kennesaw GA Anastasiya Anne Titarenko Presidents List
Kingsland GA Cynthia Danielle Green Deans List
Kingsland GA Dana Thomas Paul Sweeney Presidents List
Kingsland GA Hanna Jade Watson Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Marissa N Balkcom Presidents List
Lawrenceville GA Chandler O’neal Burchfield Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Hillary B Conheady Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Gretchen Alayne Cormack Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Erik Ritchie Evenson Presidents List
Lawrenceville GA Allexa K Gardner Presidents List
Lawrenceville GA Lillian J Hasenkopf Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Courtney M Hollis Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Madison M Hooper Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Mallory Ivy Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Natalie Elizabeth Lutz Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Brooke M Mason Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Samantha Irene Napierala Presidents List
Lawrenceville GA Leah Kathleen Nicoll Presidents List
Lawrenceville GA Neil Urvesh Shah Presidents List
Lawrenceville GA Daniel R Smith Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Mara Wyn Stewart Presidents List
Lawrenceville GA Elaina K Veal Deans List
Lawrenceville GA Taylor C Walton Deans List
Lilburn GA Danielle E Douglas Deans List
Lilburn GA Steely Kathleen Keys Deans List
Lilburn GA Taylor B Sexton Deans List
Lilburn GA Nicola Hayden Stone Deans List
Lilburn GA Drew A Thompson Presidents List
Lilburn GA Margaret E Trompeter Deans List
Lithia Springs GA Tiffany Renee’ Clowers Deans List
Lithonia GA Kamry D Mack Deans List
Lithonia GA Kelsey Nicole Robinson Deans List
Lithonia GA Dara Nicole Taylor Presidents List
Loganville GA Shelby Delana Norman Deans List
Lookout Mountain GA Samuel P Greene Presidents List
Lookout Mountain GA Benjamin K Johnston Presidents List
Mableton GA Brandon F Redmond Deans List
Mableton GA Brian Douglas Whitney Deans List
Mableton GA Kevin Thomas Whitney Presidents List
Macon GA Thomas A Lind Deans List
Macon GA Alexandra Ann Slocumb Presidents List
Macon GA Juliana Grace White Presidents List
Marietta GA Meredith Lynne Anderson Deans List
Marietta GA Rebecca K Arndt Presidents List
Marietta GA Allyson L Atencio Deans List
Marietta GA Anna K Atkins Deans List
Marietta GA Michelle S Azar Deans List
Marietta GA Andrew Taylor Baumann Presidents List
Marietta GA Louis R Berch Deans List
Marietta GA Michael Ryan Blotner Presidents List
Marietta GA Allison Rachel Boardman Deans List
Marietta GA Jessica Helene Bowen Deans List
Marietta GA Hayes Davis Brewer Presidents List
Marietta GA Lili Anne Carneglia Presidents List
Marietta GA Hannah J Carter Deans List
Marietta GA Daniel Curry Chaney Deans List
Marietta GA Emily G Clack Deans List
Marietta GA Nichole Camille Corbett Deans List
Marietta GA Carson Nicole Dietrich Presidents List
Marietta GA Danielle Annber Dutra Presidents List
Marietta GA Kelly E Ebert Deans List
Marietta GA Addison C Esoda Presidents List
Marietta GA Margaret L Fadus Presidents List
Marietta GA Alexis Nicole Ferruccio Presidents List
Marietta GA Charlotte Elizabeth Fleishel Deans List
Marietta GA Gianna Marie Gagliardi Presidents List
Marietta GA Allison E Gaster Deans List
Marietta GA Kara L Greene Presidents List
Marietta GA Logan C Gross Deans List
Marietta GA Emily M Hallisey Deans List
Marietta GA Lyric De’Janai Hancock Deans List
Marietta GA Isaac A Harrell Deans List
Marietta GA Emily Rebecca Harte Deans List
Marietta GA Mackensie Leigh Henderson Deans List
Marietta GA Madison A Jinks Deans List
Marietta GA Kaleigh D Kessler Presidents List
Marietta GA Natalie Janine Kilic Presidents List
Marietta GA Margaret Grace Long Deans List
Marietta GA Abigail Noel Lutzenkirchen Deans List
Marietta GA Emma Nicole Marshall Presidents List
Marietta GA Peyton C Melcher Deans List
Marietta GA Mark Rudasill Moran Deans List
Marietta GA Amelia B Neumeister Deans List
Marietta GA Shelby Katherine ODonnell Deans List
Marietta GA Andrea Florence Pollock Deans List
Marietta GA Sarah Katherine Potts Deans List
Marietta GA Danielle T Raed Deans List
Marietta GA Christopher J Rockwell Deans List
Marietta GA Rachel Kimberly Rodzik Presidents List
Marietta GA Alec Jay Rush Deans List
Marietta GA Kathryn Maurine Schafer Deans List
Marietta GA Eli Benjamin Schultz Presidents List
Marietta GA Emily Abigail Scott Presidents List
Marietta GA Scott Michael Sheridan Deans List
Marietta GA Cullan Edward Sherlock Presidents List
Marietta GA Lane M Slotin Deans List
Marietta GA Alyssa Kathryn Smith Deans List
Marietta GA Elayne D Smith Deans List
Marietta GA Vivian R Spearman Presidents List
Marietta GA Charles G Spencer Presidents List
Marietta GA Saxby C Sperau Deans List
Marietta GA Marianna Stuhlman Deans List
Marietta GA Emily K Valdez Presidents List
Marietta GA Ashlin Elizabeth Wachsler Deans List
Marietta GA Ashley M Wertz Deans List
Martinez GA Jessica Joyce Hauger Presidents List
Martinez GA Noah J Knight Deans List
McDonough GA Sarah G Cox Deans List
Mcdonough GA Grayson Dean Fuller Deans List
McDonough GA Jonathan Daniel James Deans List
McDonough GA Kayla E Montgomery Presidents List
Midland GA Emory Alan Hafner Cook Deans List
Midland GA Melinda Victoria Mann Deans List
Midland GA Brice Gaither Morpeth Presidents List
Midland GA Sarah E Schwing Deans List
Milton GA Alexa L Dato Presidents List
Milton GA Ryan Raymond Gehricke Deans List
Milton GA Evan S Goldfuss Deans List
Milton GA Victoria Anne Miers Presidents List
Milton GA Austin Scott Rucker Presidents List
Milton GA Zachary Francis Stickney Deans List
Milton GA Jordyn Nicholle Trotter Deans List
Monroe GA Shambreka S Ross Presidents List
Monroe GA Makayla R Zammett Deans List
Murrayville GA Rachel Marie Parker Presidents List
Newnan GA Madison Rose Bodiford Deans List
Newnan GA Maya N Crawford Deans List
Newnan GA Kristen E Elrod Deans List
Newnan GA Jenna L Heard Deans List
Newnan GA Sara Catherine E Sykes Deans List
Norcross GA Aaron Daniel Appel Deans List
Norcross GA Allison Rose Diamond Deans List
Norcross GA Davis C Diamond Deans List
Oakwood GA Jamie Elizabeth Suckow Presidents List
Peachtree City GA Lauren N Golden Deans List
Peachtree City GA Rachel S Lawrence Deans List
Peachtree City GA Milynn Kathleen Moore Deans List
Peachtree City GA Kathryn Elisebeth Mullen Presidents List
Peachtree City GA Morgan V Presley Deans List
Peachtree City GA Bryan A Reczek Deans List
Peachtree City GA Lauren M Rollings Deans List
Peachtree City GA Kelsey R Weiss Deans List
Pine Mountain GA Lucinda Marie Willis Deans List
Powder Springs GA Chelsea Danielle Costley Deans List
Powder Springs GA Christian Leigh Costley Deans List
Powder Springs GA Rex T Glover Deans List
Powder Springs GA Ashley Lauren Henson Presidents List
Powder Springs GA Addison Marie Iszler Presidents List
Powder Springs GA Amy M Koenig Presidents List
Powder Springs GA Lena M Paradiso Deans List
Richmond Hill GA Jordan S Del Sardo Deans List
Rincon GA Zachary F Edel Deans List
Rincon GA Ashlee A Griffith Presidents List
Ringgold GA Ryan D Hacherl Deans List
Rockmart GA Anna Elise Forrister Presidents List
Rocky Face GA Hannah Ashton Grider Deans List
Rocky Face GA Holly Aliyah Kinsey Deans List
Rome GA Bailey E Brock Deans List
Rome GA Josie Grace Perry Presidents List
Rome GA Graden Oren Wilson Deans List
Rossville GA Justin Randal Oglesby Presidents List
Rossville GA Cara S Walker Presidents List
Roswell GA Elizabeth Alexandra Adkins Deans List
Roswell GA Claire E Arlotto Deans List
Roswell GA Alyssa M Bentley Deans List
Roswell GA Ryan Joseph Berkley Deans List
Roswell GA Christina E Coloma Presidents List
Roswell GA Anna M Edmonds Deans List
Roswell GA Garrett William Egan Deans List
Roswell GA Morgan L Faber Deans List
Roswell GA Kendall J Foertsch Deans List
Roswell GA Lauren Angela Gallo Deans List
Roswell GA Natalie J Hale Deans List
Roswell GA Victor M Hamby Jr Presidents List
Roswell GA Erin McGrath Hayes Deans List
Roswell GA Austin Conway Haynie Deans List
Roswell GA Delaney Joy Henson Deans List
Roswell GA Audrey Caroline Herndon Deans List
Roswell GA Katherine Elizabeth June Deans List
Roswell GA Paul Gregory Kurr II Deans List
Roswell GA Jennifer A Parker Deans List
Roswell GA James Connor Phillips Deans List
Roswell GA Emma Catherine Prince Deans List
Roswell GA Elizabeth A Remmes Presidents List
Roswell GA Stephen Thomas Rubio Deans List
Roswell GA Bryan D Savage Presidents List
Roswell GA Austin E Schey Deans List
Roswell GA Carissa Lauren Schreiber Presidents List
Roswell GA Shelton R Thomas Deans List
Roswell GA Charles Winfred Watwood III Deans List
Roswell GA Emily Elaine Wilson Presidents List
Roswell GA Meghan Ashley Wilson Deans List
Roswell GA Allyson Nicole York Deans List
Rutledge GA Reagan Taylor Collins Deans List
Saint Marys GA Benjamin J. Mercier Presidents List
Saint Simons Island GA Jonathan Michael Norris Deans List
Sandy Springs GA Anna M Roche Presidents List
Savannah GA Deonnah M Davis Deans List
Savannah GA Katherine H Gouse Deans List
Savannah GA Sarah M Hall Presidents List
Savannah GA Therese Ellen Long Presidents List
Savannah GA Megan Leigh McKinley Presidents List
Savannah GA Elizabeth Blake Stafford Deans List
Savannah GA Stephen T Thomason Deans List
Savannah GA Kirby E Tifverman Presidents List
Senoia GA Molly Erin Moroney Deans List
Senoia GA Brett D Tancak Presidents List
Sharpsburg GA Paige E Olive Deans List
Smyrna GA Hannah I Gilman Deans List
Smyrna GA John Andrew Lundeen Presidents List
Snellville GA Katherine Elizabeth Read Presidents List
Snellville GA Amy Sullivan Deans List
St. Marys GA Jake Alan Trower Presidents List
St. Simons Island GA Carlee Marie Owens Deans List
Statham GA Sarah Anne A Jenkins Presidents List
Stone Mountain GA Amanda K Bennett Presidents List
Stone Mountain GA Janisica Yasmean Collins Deans List
Stone Mountain GA Mason A Mariney Presidents List
Stone Mtn GA Carli Ilana Hardon Deans List
Sugar Hill GA Paige Nicole Birdsall Deans List
Suwanee GA Sarah E Curtin Presidents List
Suwanee GA Alexander Hunt Jenkins Presidents List
Suwanee GA Morgan Miller Deans List
Suwanee GA Emily C Nance Presidents List
Suwanee GA Rebecca N Powell Deans List
Suwanee GA Nicholas A Rodriguez Deans List
Suwanee GA Shannon E Sweatt Deans List
Suwanee GA Mackenzie Rae Winn Deans List
Thomaston GA David T Fariyike Deans List
Thomaston GA Elizabeth Madison Williams Presidents List
Thomasville GA Hunter H Avera Presidents List
Thomasville GA Randolph Augustus Malone V Deans List
Thomasville GA William Carter Reed Presidents List
Thomasville GA Ann Holmes Varnedoe Deans List
Trenton GA Cody T Henderson Presidents List
Tunnel Hill GA Sally S Bell Presidents List
Villa Rica GA Jeremiah M Webb Deans List
VillaRica GA Megan Camry Howerter Deans List
Waleska GA Karina I Simonis Presidents List
Warner Robins GA Caitlyn Nicole Chastain Presidents List
Warner Robins GA Ashley Breanna Moorer Deans List
Warner Robins GA Jessica A Russell Deans List
Woodbury GA Holley Faith Gibbs Deans List
Woodstock GA Maggi Taylor Adams Deans List
Woodstock GA Jessica R Burkett Presidents List
Woodstock GA Rachel C Chandler Deans List
Woodstock GA Jada Symone Culver Deans List
Woodstock GA Keegan Christopher Elsner Deans List
Woodstock GA Allison Rose Guebert Deans List
Woodstock GA Cameron Olivia Harvey Deans List
Woodstock GA Alexander J Miller Deans List
Woodstock GA Kayla Lynne Moon Deans List
Woodstock GA Chelsea S Morgan Presidents List
Woodstock GA Alexa Renee Morrison Deans List
Woodstock GA Kaitlin E Neese Deans List
Woodstock GA Laura J Peace Deans List
Woodstock GA Hannah Katherine Pfohl Deans List
Woodstock GA Savannah Linnea Porter Deans List
Woodstock GA Lucas Allen Read Deans List
Woodstock GA Lindsey Taylor Richards Deans List
Woodstock GA Taylor M Sasapan Deans List
Woodstock GA Lauren Elizabeth Searcy Presidents List
Woodstock GA Kathryn Hayley Shoji Deans List
Woodstock GA Ryan Anthony Smith Deans List
Woodstock GA Emily R Smith Deans List
Woodstock GA Brandon J Stark Deans List
Woodstock GA Caroline R Tilton Presidents List
Woodville GA Keyerra J Monfort Deans List
Wrightsville GA Meghan Elizabeth Lemmen Deans List
Berlin Germany Maurice Robert Hellfried Geiss Presidents List
Schwindegg Germany Sonja Loewy Presidents List
Waldems Germany Johanna Franziska Dietl Presidents List
Ewa Beach HI Chelsey Jean Roettger Presidents List
Honolulu HI Rhiannon Aiyana Hein Deans List
Honolulu HI Anne Tomita Deans List
Kailua HI Naomi Rose Perry Deans List
Kapolei HI Kendra Shizuko Kubo Deans List
Ankeny IA Jeffrey B Clement Presidents List
Cedar Falls IA Allison J Gregg Presidents List
Cedar Rapids IA Lauren Elizabeth Williams Presidents List
Dubuque IA Elizabeth Ann Larson Deans List
Iowa City IA Alexandra Claire Grady Deans List
Johnston IA Hayden J Woods Presidents List
Marion IA Danielle Rose Toy Deans List
Sioux City IA Kourtney A Kellen Presidents List
Waterloo IA Nicholas Victor Jenson Deans List
Waterloo IA Jadyn D Spencer Presidents List
Hafnarfjordur Iceland Anton Sveinn Mckee Presidents List
Boise ID Courtney Aaltje Cox Deans List
Boise ID Ashley Sierra Kenney Presidents List
Boise ID Serena L Minasian Deans List
Coeur d’Alene ID Whitney Jessie Nicole Wood Deans List
Hayden Lake ID Matthew Joseph Lambert Deans List

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state's economy, is in keeping with UA's vision to be the university of choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state's flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.