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The University of Alabama

Dean’s List Students Named for UA Fall 2014 Term

The fall 2014 listing includes the following students:

Black AL Hannah L Tice Deans List
Blountsville AL Joseph E Blocker Deans List
Blountsville AL Jodi C Coon Presidents List
Blountsville AL Rhianna Payne Deans List
Blountsville AL Shae E South Presidents List
Boaz AL Lenze Rena Alexander Presidents List
Boaz AL Peyton O Jones Deans List
Boaz AL Brady C Keel Deans List
Boaz AL Megan Nicole Smith Presidents List
Boaz AL Amanda Sloan Tarvin Presidents List
Boaz AL Elizabeth Danielle Waddell Deans List
Boaz AL Taylor S Wilkes Deans List
Brantley AL Ryan T Warrick Deans List
Bremen AL Sydney P Garmon Deans List
Bremen AL Nathan Lee Mattox Deans List
Brent AL Kelly M Hollifield Deans List
Brent AL Ling Hui Liu Deans List
Brewton AL Alexandria Noel Adams Presidents List
Brewton AL Katherine J Baggett Presidents List
Brewton AL Hannah R Darby Presidents List
Brewton AL Ashley Stacey Daugherty Presidents List
Brewton AL James R. Dixon III Deans List
Brewton AL Lillian M Edwards Presidents List
Brewton AL Katherine Lynn Greco Deans List
Brewton AL Kristin Harwell Deans List
Brewton AL Mary A Mcmillan Deans List
Brewton AL Kathryn L Miller Presidents List
Brewton AL Allison C Reid Presidents List
Brewton AL James A Robinson Deans List
Brewton AL Robert M Stokes Deans List
Bridgeport AL Catherine G Raulston Deans List
Brookwood AL Zachary D Burrage Deans List
Brookwood AL Isaiah L Freeman Deans List
Brookwood AL Jonathan Lenahan Deans List
Brookwood AL Stephanie Renee Scott Deans List
Brookwood AL Krista L Yarnell Deans List
Brownsboro AL Mallory R Butler Deans List
Brownsboro AL Warne S Heath Jr. Deans List
Brownsboro AL Alexandra J Herring Deans List
Brownsboro AL Austin W Howard Presidents List
Brownsboro AL Garrett Lawrence Jones Deans List
Brownsboro AL Ryan C Seeley Presidents List
Brownsboro AL Clayton M Tucker Deans List
Brundidge AL Claire E Bailey Deans List
Bryant AL Brilee C Rogers Deans List
Buhl AL Matthew T Hitt Deans List
Buhl AL Ryan D Lafoy Presidents List
Butler AL Ashleigh Margaret Christopher Presidents List
Butler AL Dustin Tyson Deans List
Bynum AL Taylor Victoria Pinckney Deans List
Calera AL Natalie Navarro Breckenridge Presidents List
Calera AL Karis A Dison Presidents List
Calera AL Elizabeth M Hobaugh Deans List
Calera AL Elizabeth Hope McKay Deans List
Calera AL Taylor D Mckinney Deans List
Calera AL Michael P Smith Deans List
Carrollton AL Christopher Chase Britt Deans List
Carrollton AL Kacie Paige Hattaway Presidents List
Carrollton AL Reagan H Hattaway Presidents List
Carrollton AL Casey G Jones Deans List
Carrollton AL Katherine Lammers Deans List
Carrollton AL Katherine L Lee Deans List
Catherine AL Rikisha Bridges Presidents List
Cecil AL Amy M Hargroves Deans List
Cecil AL Brittany S Jordan Deans List
Cecil AL Sara J Lyerly Deans List
Cedar Bluff AL Elizabeth D Baker Presidents List
Cedar Bluff AL Thomas H Dendy Deans List
Cedar Bluff AL Sarah E Womble Presidents List
Center Point AL La’Keshia C Parks Deans List
Centerpoint AL Anthony La’run Stephens Jr Deans List
Centre AL Jessica Ruth Perkins Presidents List
Centreville AL Lisa Dawn Franklin Deans List
Centreville AL Bradley D Hicks Presidents List
Centreville AL Maleea M Massengale Presidents List
Centreville AL Kimberly S McCaleb Deans List
Centreville AL Samantha Blair Wade Deans List
Chatom AL Megan Renee Crager Deans List
Chatom AL Mckenzie E Donald Presidents List
Chatom AL Sawyer S Donald Deans List
Chatom AL Sarah W Turner Deans List
Chelsea AL Russell T Birdsong Presidents List
Chelsea AL Olivia M Bowman Deans List
Chelsea AL Alan J Burdick II Deans List
Chelsea AL James D Calhoun Deans List
Chelsea AL Melissa Brooke Grisham Presidents List
Chelsea AL Emily L Handley Deans List
Chelsea AL Cynthia J Morgan Deans List
Chelsea AL Ashley C Polk Deans List
Chelsea AL Lauren A Prince Presidents List
Chelsea AL Allysa Dayne Schott Deans List
Childersburg AL Thomas D Stubblefield Deans List
Choccolocco AL Hilary E Faulkner Deans List
Citronelle AL Morgan K Blount Deans List
Citronelle AL Donald Blake Jordan Deans List
Clanton AL Christopher Michael Calhoun Presidents List
Clanton AL Steven R Calhoun Deans List
Clanton AL Gabriell Truanne’ Cooper Deans List
Clanton AL Linlee H Karn Deans List
Clanton AL Macee L Thomas Deans List
Clay AL Jessica L Freeman Deans List
Clayton AL Peyton Ansley Brown Deans List
Clayton AL Abbey M Lewis Presidents List
Cleveland AL Hannah C Kirkley Deans List
Cleveland AL Andrew J Laningham Deans List
Cleveland AL Tori L Swindle Presidents List
Coaling AL Robert Allen Barlow Jr Deans List
Coaling AL Samuel T Foster Deans List
Coaling AL Heather N. Newman Deans List
Coden AL Robert Crismon Deans List
Coden AL Frank L Foley II Presidents List
Coker AL Megan M Davidson Presidents List
Coker AL Mary E Fair Presidents List
Coker AL Timothy N Holbrook Deans List
Coker AL Mary K Johnson Deans List
Coker AL Hunter L Sartain Deans List
Coker AL Austin C Shamblin Deans List
Coker AL Hillary R Stephens Presidents List
Coker AL Mollie Elizabeth Wallace Presidents List
Coker AL Kelsey A Watkins Deans List
Coker AL Katie E Wisdom Deans List
Collinsville AL Rachel L Bobo Deans List
Columbia AL James H Hicks III Presidents List
Columbiana AL Jordan E Hall Presidents List
Columbiana AL Branson T Horn Deans List
Columbiana AL Nicole K Hughes Deans List
Columbiana AL Carter Alan Tyra Deans List
Cordova AL Tiffany M Hildreth Deans List
Cordova AL William M Liebe Deans List
Cordova AL Kelsie E Owens Deans List
Cottondale AL Melanie D Agee Presidents List
Cottondale AL Keshondra M Barnes Deans List
Cottondale AL Callie M Blocker Presidents List
Cottondale AL Bailey D Bush Presidents List
Cottondale AL Raeanna L Cierocke Presidents List
Cottondale AL Alix B Connor Deans List
Cottondale AL Nathaniel Braxton Jones Deans List
Cottondale AL Andrew C Lattner Deans List
Cottondale AL Dustin C Marshall Deans List
Cottondale AL Jessica Lauren Montgomery Presidents List
Cottondale AL William S Montz Presidents List
Cottondale AL Meagan E Osment Presidents List
Cottondale AL Kaitlyn J Riley Deans List
Cottondale AL Leslie N. Schmidt Presidents List
Cottondale AL Amber N Thomas Presidents List
Cottondale AL Amanda Nichole White Presidents List
Courtland AL John T Burden Presidents List
Coy AL Kenne M Benjamin Deans List
Crane Hill AL William J Ewing Deans List
Crane Hill AL Katherine E Wright Deans List
CraneHill AL Ashley Elizabeth Austin Presidents List
Crossville AL Christopher B Bankston Presidents List
Crossville AL Jamie T Gilbert Deans List
Crossville AL Peyton J Knop Deans List
Crossville AL Jacqueline Leigh Webb Presidents List
Cullman AL Samuel Keith Barnes Presidents List
Cullman AL Sarah K Brown Presidents List
Cullman AL Michael Anthony Caldarello Deans List
Cullman AL Emily Ann Chaney Deans List
Cullman AL Austin S Crider Deans List
Cullman AL John R Ellis Deans List
Cullman AL Kallie E Flynn Presidents List
Cullman AL William Bennett Glasscock Deans List
Cullman AL Mary Katherine Gray Presidents List
Cullman AL Victoria A Hagedorn Deans List
Cullman AL Nathan J. Hardyman Deans List
Cullman AL Zachary L Holt Deans List
Cullman AL Madison Claire Johnson Deans List
Cullman AL Hayley L Kilgo Deans List
Cullman AL Jeffrey C Krout Deans List
Cullman AL Katherine A Nyquist Deans List
Cullman AL Leah G Pappas Deans List
Cullman AL Lauren A Parker Deans List
Cullman AL Peyton D Presto Deans List
Cullman AL Sadie E Pudles Deans List
Cullman AL Alex W Rakestraw Deans List
Cullman AL Kyle M Richard Deans List
Cullman AL Mary Grace G Roden Deans List
Cullman AL Andrea B Shabel Deans List
Cullman AL Erin Lynn Shrewsbury Deans List
Cullman AL Kristen E Sparks Deans List
Cullman AL Jackson H Spradlin Presidents List
Cullman AL Kathryn Diane Sullivan Deans List
Cullman AL Siarra L Swalve Presidents List
Cullman AL Madeline C Taylor Deans List
Cullman AL Logan E Thomas Presidents List
Cullman AL Morgan C Thompson Deans List
Cullman AL Margaret D Wilbourne Presidents List
Cullman AL Zoie Elizabeth Wilson Deans List
Dadeville AL Brent Alexander Ireland Deans List
Dadeville AL Joseph C Kelly Jr Deans List
Dadeville AL Victoria V Truitt Presidents List
Danville AL Amber Falen Deans List
Daphne AL Briana Marie Bryant Deans List
Daphne AL Briana M Burdick Deans List
Daphne AL J. Haas Byrd Presidents List
Daphne AL Adam Bailey Cabaniss Deans List
Daphne AL Rachel L Chandler Deans List
Daphne AL Julia Ann Schley Cleveland Deans List
Daphne AL Luke A Dolan Presidents List
Daphne AL Ben Marshall Flores Deans List
Daphne AL Kristyn L Hardy Deans List
Daphne AL Allison C Landry Deans List
Daphne AL Delainy L Lee Deans List
Daphne AL Brett A Lesinger Deans List
Daphne AL Katherine E Lewis Deans List
Daphne AL Adele E Mantiply Presidents List
Daphne AL Kimble Kaitlin McGahey Deans List
Daphne AL Ethan Patrick McVay Presidents List
Daphne AL Amanda C Nelson Presidents List
Daphne AL Kevin Jeremy Nelson Presidents List
Daphne AL Rachael E Nix Presidents List
Daphne AL Amber E Patton Deans List
Daphne AL Jordan Elizabeth Paulk Presidents List
Daphne AL Olon C Pierce Deans List
Daphne AL Amanda Kirksey Speer Deans List
Daphne AL John Mitchell Stassen Presidents List
Daphne AL Joseph Probert Stassen Presidents List
Daphne AL Caroline Adele Thompson Deans List
Daphne AL Blakeley C Walker Deans List
Daphne AL Madison L Weaver Deans List
Daphne AL Elizabeth Anne Zakutney Deans List
Deatsville AL Braxton E. Billings Deans List
Deatsville AL Justin Aaron Gifford Deans List
Deatsville AL John C Harris Deans List
Deatsville AL Myia C Lang Deans List
Deatsville AL Elizabeth J Pugh Deans List
Deatsville AL Charles J Turner IV Presidents List
Deatsville AL Taylor M Watkins Deans List
Decatur AL Holly Ann Adams Deans List
Decatur AL Kristin R Askew Deans List
Decatur AL Margaret Anne Beasley Deans List
Decatur AL Corey S Behel Deans List
Decatur AL Caroline A Bishop Presidents List
Decatur AL Prestley C Bramlett Deans List
Decatur AL Olivia C Briscoe Deans List
Decatur AL Wesley F Button Deans List
Decatur AL Gregory Ford Clemons Deans List
Decatur AL Elizabeth Shea Connell Deans List
Decatur AL William Slate Cook Deans List
Decatur AL Alexandria B Cordell Presidents List
Decatur AL Taylor Weston Crow Deans List
Decatur AL Susan R Davidson Presidents List
Decatur AL John Richard Fleischauer Deans List
Decatur AL Lora Leigh Frost Deans List
Decatur AL Leanna A Grantland Deans List
Decatur AL Thomas C Hall Presidents List
Decatur AL Allison G Harris Presidents List
Decatur AL Olivia Lanier Hennessy Deans List
Decatur AL Caroline B Jenkins Deans List
Decatur AL Timothy Adam Joseph Deans List
Decatur AL Juliana Grace Lee Presidents List
Decatur AL Emily Virginia Light Deans List
Decatur AL Hannah B Miller Deans List
Decatur AL Elizabeth M Mitchell Deans List
Decatur AL Jordan Alexandra Moore Deans List
Decatur AL Alexandria D Moses Deans List
Decatur AL Trevor L Murphy Deans List
Decatur AL William M Papich Deans List
Decatur AL Margaret L Patterson Deans List
Decatur AL Hilton T Peebles Presidents List
Decatur AL Mary M Place Deans List
Decatur AL James E Pritchett Deans List
Decatur AL Jay Alec Reichmann Deans List
Decatur AL Lawson Blake Reichmann Deans List
Decatur AL Justin R Rippen Deans List
Decatur AL Sam G Roberts Deans List
Decatur AL Madison M Rush Presidents List
Decatur AL David Austin Spangler Deans List
Decatur AL James R Speake Jr. Deans List
Decatur AL Jessica N Stephens Deans List
Decatur AL Christopher B Sumerel Presidents List
Decatur AL Mickalyn S Summerford Deans List
Decatur AL Phillip E Summerford Deans List
Decatur AL Alexandria I Summers Deans List
Decatur AL Rachel M Thompson Deans List
Decatur AL Elizabeth Mariana Threadgill Deans List
Decatur AL Alexandra R Tucker Deans List
Decatur AL Kathryn A Turgeon Presidents List
Decatur AL Courtney E Turner Deans List
Decatur AL Cierra Q Wallace Presidents List
Decatur AL Keri J Warren Presidents List
Decatur AL John D Wilkes Deans List
Demopolis AL Sutton E Aiken Deans List
Demopolis AL Holly K Chadwell Deans List
Demopolis AL Rachel M England Presidents List
Demopolis AL Haley B Etheridge Presidents List
Demopolis AL William R Holemon Deans List
Demopolis AL Leif A Midgorden Deans List
Demopolis AL Kevan Momenpour Deans List
Demopolis AL Patricia M Poole Deans List
Demopolis AL Jacob L Roemen Presidents List
Demopolis AL Shelby J. Speegle Deans List
Demopolis AL David Leon Taylor Jr. Presidents List
Demopolis AL Latasha R Taylor Deans List
Demopolis AL William D Tutt Presidents List
Dixons Mills AL Dustin Gray McIntyre Deans List
Dora AL Ambley N Chambers Deans List
Dora AL Sarah E Kimbrell Presidents List
Dora AL Laura E Tolbert Deans List
Dothan AL Julie Arnold Presidents List
Dothan AL Allyson C Barkley Deans List
Dothan AL Rachel L Beverly Presidents List
Dothan AL Sarabeth Brown Deans List
Dothan AL Jamie L Carraway Deans List
Dothan AL Cody J Chang Deans List
Dothan AL Carson S Cleveland Deans List
Dothan AL Melia B Cotter Deans List
Dothan AL Jackson C Cramer Deans List
Dothan AL Tiffany Crowe Deans List
Dothan AL Mason Q Crutchfield Deans List
Dothan AL Jessica Blake Evers Presidents List
Dothan AL Caroline Elizabeth Faulk Presidents List
Dothan AL Madison Grace Fendley Presidents List
Dothan AL Alexander Christopher Fries Presidents List
Dothan AL Hayden E Gilley Deans List
Dothan AL Jeremy Michael Given Deans List
Dothan AL Meaghan Dean Gregory Deans List
Dothan AL Jarred T Griffin Deans List
Dothan AL Wesley Iturbide Hudson Presidents List
Dothan AL Laura Douglas Jackson Deans List
Dothan AL Gabrielle N Jensen Deans List
Dothan AL Ellen A Johnson Deans List
Dothan AL Lawrence Harris Johnson Deans List
Dothan AL Audrey K Jones Deans List
Dothan AL Lauren Elizabeth Lisenby Deans List
Dothan AL Anna C Loftin Deans List
Dothan AL Madison Marie Longchamp Presidents List
Dothan AL Savannah J Martin Deans List
Dothan AL Caroline E Meadows Deans List
Dothan AL Sydney Brooke Medford Presidents List
Dothan AL Brian Mills Deans List
Dothan AL Douglas B Owen Deans List
Dothan AL Richard Thayer Roberts III Deans List
Dothan AL Chandler Coe Sawyers Deans List
Dothan AL William H Scott Deans List
Dothan AL Savanna Rae Simera Deans List
Dothan AL Ryan G Smith Presidents List
Dothan AL Bailey Jo Spivey Presidents List
Dothan AL Summer D Strickland Presidents List
Dothan AL Connor Harrison Theune Deans List
Dothan AL Ashley A Tidwell Presidents List
Dothan AL Ashton N. Varner Deans List
Dothan AL Victoria L Ward Deans List
Dothan AL Timothy Joseph Ward Deans List
Dothan AL Sarah E Webb Deans List
Dothan AL Kirby LeAnn Whitehead Deans List
Dothan, AL Clyde Earl Yelverton III Deans List
Double Springs AL Andrew S Lewis Deans List
Double Springs AL Krista G Pruitt Deans List
Duncanville AL Blake R Barrow Deans List
Duncanville AL Allison M Carr Deans List
Duncanville AL Tiffany Ann Ford Deans List
Duncanville AL Lucas C Glasscock Deans List
Duncanville AL Taylor Nicole Hardy Presidents List
Duncanville AL Emily C Harris Deans List
Duncanville AL Gabrielle N Jordan Presidents List
Duncanville AL Jonathan S Rush Presidents List
Duncanville AL Meghan N Sanders Deans List
Duncanville AL Laura Y Shojae Presidents List
Duncanville AL Andrea C Smelley Deans List
Duncanville AL Heather A Trawick Presidents List
Dunnavant AL Coleman J Pearson Deans List
Echola AL Emily R Calhoun Presidents List
Eclectic AL Zachary S Chambliss Deans List
Eclectic AL Bradley Michael Stone Deans List
Eclectic AL Hayden A Willis Presidents List
Elberta AL Tyler Cole Petersen Deans List
Eldridge AL Keela D Tranum Deans List
Elkmont AL Savannah R Kennedy Deans List
Elkmont AL Katie Marie Roberts Deans List
Elmore AL Taylor Jean Wright Deans List
Elrod AL Jessica P Crowell Deans List
Elrod AL Rocky D Elmore Presidents List
Elrod AL Meredith A Hogue Deans List
Enterprise AL Amber A Burnett Deans List
Enterprise AL Mary Catherine M Connors Presidents List
Enterprise AL Ashley Marie Donovan Presidents List
Enterprise AL Lindsey E Dow Deans List
Enterprise AL Payton L Edberg Presidents List
Enterprise AL Joshua L Fuller Presidents List
Enterprise AL Delaney Morgan Gilmer Deans List
Enterprise AL Joshua T Hamm Deans List
Enterprise AL Tyler B Jones Presidents List
Enterprise AL Connor P Kelley Deans List
Enterprise AL Jaron P Kelley Deans List
Enterprise AL Gray P King Deans List
Enterprise AL Mitchell Henderson McQueen Presidents List
Enterprise AL Bonnie Suzanne Murray Deans List
Enterprise AL Katie Gail Myers Deans List
Enterprise AL Brittany N Neudecker Deans List
Enterprise AL Robert Noah Prestridge Deans List
Enterprise AL Caitlin Mary Schrader Presidents List
Enterprise AL Steven T Simmons Deans List
Enterprise AL Sarah Eleanor Strickland Presidents List
Enterprise AL Bradley D Turner Presidents List
Enterprise AL Brandon M Turner Deans List
Enterprise AL Kyle R Turner Presidents List
Enterprise AL Lauren Nicole Vickers Deans List
Enterprise AL Samantha R Walker Deans List
Enterprise AL Kendall B Ward Presidents List
Enterprise AL Abbey L Wildzunas Presidents List
Ethelsville AL Maria E Manning Deans List
Ethelsville AL Kathryn E. Scarbrough Deans List
Eufaula AL Elizabeth A Beasley Presidents List
Eufaula AL John M Beasley Deans List
Eufaula AL Katherine A Franklin Deans List
Eufaula AL Robert D Hannah Deans List
Eufaula AL William C Henry Deans List
Eufaula AL Benjamin Charles Pody Deans List
Eutaw AL Stephani Paige Beard Deans List
Eutaw AL John Morgan Owens Presidents List
Eutaw AL Marisha J. Snoddy Deans List
Eva AL Annalise A Holmes Deans List
Evergreen AL Brandy E Moorer Deans List
Excel AL Austin M Jordan Deans List
Fackler AL Michaela N Matthews Presidents List
Fairfield AL Aspen C Brewer Deans List
Fairfield AL Tonjula L Carey Presidents List
Fairfield AL Brenayia D Jefferson Deans List
Fairhope AL Mary Helene Adger Deans List
Fairhope AL Andrew G Anderson Deans List
Fairhope AL Robert S Baumhower Deans List
Fairhope AL Kaytlyn A Beck Deans List
Fairhope AL Beverley Waters Blount Presidents List
Fairhope AL Lauren Emily Bowling Deans List
Fairhope AL Tabitha E Brock Deans List
Fairhope AL Zachary A Corbett Deans List
Fairhope AL Margaret Ashley Council Deans List
Fairhope AL Bronwen Olivia Crowe Deans List
Fairhope AL Elizabeth Jane Davis Deans List
Fairhope AL Charles R Diard Deans List
Fairhope AL Emily L. Estep Deans List
Fairhope AL Brennan Anne Fitzgerald Presidents List
Fairhope AL Britton K Flowers Deans List
Fairhope AL Allison S Floyd Deans List
Fairhope AL Mary Bradley Flynn Deans List
Fairhope AL Caitlin Edith Foley Deans List
Fairhope AL Jordan D Fuhrman Presidents List
Fairhope AL Laura R Glover Deans List
Fairhope AL Kiley Marie Gratkowski Deans List
Fairhope AL Madeline F Griffin Deans List
Fairhope AL Brandon Marcel Hamel Deans List
Fairhope AL Erin S Hudnall Presidents List
Fairhope AL Dianna Katharine Jackson Deans List
Fairhope AL Melissa G Johnson Presidents List
Fairhope AL Molly Malinda Martin Presidents List
Fairhope AL Bailey Addison Mason Deans List
Fairhope AL Abagail E Mason Deans List
Fairhope AL Chase H Mccarter Presidents List
Fairhope AL Christian Walker McClure Presidents List
Fairhope AL Carly Turner McRae Deans List
Fairhope AL Hannah N Mikkelsen Deans List
Fairhope AL Megan Frances Butera Minter Presidents List
Fairhope AL Christina L Parr Presidents List
Fairhope AL Genevieve V Pate Deans List
Fairhope AL Sarah Greer Pearson Deans List
Fairhope AL Stephen L Pierce Deans List
Fairhope AL Greyson Tony Alan Piesco Deans List
Fairhope AL Meredith H Pitts Presidents List
Fairhope AL Kathleen Ann Reeves Deans List
Fairhope AL Katherine Marie Risk Deans List
Fairhope AL Nicholas D Schmitt Deans List
Fairhope AL Mattie A Simmons Deans List
Fairhope AL Sarah P Sims Deans List
Fairhope AL Rachel Stephenson Deans List
Fairhope AL Claire Beatty Stuart Deans List
Fairhope AL Ashley M Summerford Deans List
Fairhope AL Ryan T Summerford Deans List
Fairhope AL Sarah Elizabeth Tindle Deans List
Fairhope AL Madilyn E Tomaso Deans List
Fairhope AL Rushing O Watson Presidents List
Fairhope AL Leah M Wilkes Presidents List
Fairhope AL Ann E Yonge Deans List
Falkville AL Abby Ysabelle Andre Presidents List
Falkville AL Victoria Andre Deans List
Falkville AL Mandy Ashley Deans List
Falkville AL Justin Christopher Miles Cloer Deans List
Falkville AL Mersadies Berlynn Orr Deans List
Faunsdale AL Abigail Anne Rankin Deans List
Fayette AL Emily Barnes Presidents List
Fayette AL Sarah E Ellington Presidents List
Fayette AL Madison E Freeman Deans List
Fayette AL Stephen G Fulmer Jr. Presidents List
Fayette AL Austyn R Jones Presidents List
Fayette AL Julia Aston Lawrence Deans List
Fayette AL Hillary P Lowery Deans List
Fayette AL Kaitlyn B Lowery Deans List
Fayette AL Abbey P Minor Deans List
Fayette AL Jennifer Elaine Northam Deans List
Fitzpatrick AL Emily C Ellis Presidents List
Fitzpatrick AL Candice B Hansen Deans List
Fitzpatrick AL Kendra S Jackson Deans List
Fitzpatrick AL Taylor S Zimmerman Deans List
Flat Rock AL Courtney M Stone Deans List
Florala AL Candace Noel Cravey Deans List
Florence AL Alexander G Adams Presidents List
Florence AL Nathaniel P Bailey Presidents List
Florence AL Grace J Beasley Deans List
Florence AL Leslie McLain Beattie Deans List
Florence AL Skyler R Beck Deans List
Florence AL John M Bernauer Deans List
Florence AL Terrence J Bernauer Deans List
Florence AL Georgia M Bonds Deans List
Florence AL Charles Thomas Boren Deans List
Florence AL Leslie A Bullard Deans List
Florence AL Theodore Gerber Carrow Deans List
Florence AL Kimberly M Chandler Deans List
Florence AL Charles Brake Clark Jr. Presidents List
Florence AL Rachel B Combs Deans List
Florence AL Abigail S Duncan Deans List
Florence AL Colton S Durdunji Presidents List
Florence AL Sarah Brianne Edmonds Presidents List
Florence AL Grace E Garrett Presidents List
Florence AL Cheyanne D Golden Deans List
Florence AL Brittany M Gooch Presidents List
Florence AL William B Harrison IV Deans List
Florence AL Thomas H Haynes Presidents List
Florence AL Donald C Holt Presidents List
Florence AL Timothy J Holt Deans List
Florence AL Ashley Michelle House Deans List
Florence AL Matthew T Huckaba Deans List
Florence AL Daniel B Hulsizer Presidents List
Florence AL Christie L Keaton Deans List
Florence AL Nicholas O Key Deans List
Florence AL Ebone J King Deans List
Florence AL Alexandria R Krieger Deans List
Florence AL Morgan Danielle Leavitt Presidents List
Florence AL Daniel R Lopez Deans List
Florence AL Grace Elizabeth Matthews Deans List
Florence AL Cooper Martin Melvin Presidents List
Florence AL Megan Elizabeth Neill Presidents List
Florence AL Rachael M Nowack Deans List
Florence AL Morgan B Olive Deans List
Florence AL Morgan H Patrick Deans List
Florence AL Daniel Todd Peterman Jr. Deans List
Florence AL Angelina Marie Pons Deans List
Florence AL Yemmi Gissel Ramos Presidents List
Florence AL Trey H Richardson Deans List
Florence AL Jakeithea K Stewart Deans List
Florence AL Katherine T Trousdale Deans List
Florence AL Brittney A Turner Deans List
Florence AL Rachel A Wakefield Deans List
Florence AL Caitlin S Wall Presidents List
Florence AL Julianna C Waynick Presidents List
Florence AL Patton L Webb Deans List
Florence AL Collin E White Presidents List
Florence AL Savannah R Wilson Presidents List
Florence AL Marit Elizabeth Winborn Presidents List
Florence AL Max Daniel Wright Deans List
Florence AL Grant A Wright Deans List
Florence AL Madison N Yates Deans List
Foley AL Jordan Elizabeth Ballard Presidents List
Foley AL James Blough Deans List
Foley AL Elizabeth Hope Chandler Presidents List
Foley AL David E Christopher Presidents List
Foley AL Natalie Brooke Ford Deans List
Foley AL Anna N Gagnon Presidents List
Foley AL Caylyn D Harden Presidents List
Foley AL McIntyre L Jackson Deans List
Foley AL Deja Z James Deans List
Foley AL Austin Davis Locke Deans List
Foley AL Lindsey Christine Loiselle Deans List
Foley AL Hunter J Melton Deans List
Foley AL Alexander R Muth Presidents List
Foley AL Calvin D Muth Presidents List
Foley AL Jennifer N Ocampo Deans List
Foley AL Kaitlyn N O’Neal Deans List
Foley AL Colten Emerson Smith Deans List
Foley AL Benjamin S Tibbs Deans List
Foley AL Colby Blake Wilson Presidents List
Fort Deposit AL Jessica L Langford Presidents List
Fort Deposit AL Haley N Williams Deans List
Fort Payne AL Matthew Robert Chisenhall Presidents List
Fort Payne AL Abigail L Gwarjanski Presidents List
Fort Payne AL Sara A Noles Deans List
Fort Payne AL Caitlyn M Walker Deans List
Franklin AL Lesley R Dumas Deans List
Frisco City AL Kaitlyn B Byrd Deans List
Fruithurst AL Tristan P Abrams Deans List
Fruithurst AL Hannah Faith Williams Deans List
Ft Michell AL Danielle Y Horne Deans List
Fultondale AL Nicholas L Hand Deans List
Fultondale AL Aislynn Isabella Lupien Deans List
Fultondale AL Kaylee Ann Porter Deans List
Fultondale AL Terahl J Webster Deans List
Gadsden AL Ashlee Jean Alfred Presidents List
Gadsden AL William G Clokey Deans List
Gadsden AL Whitney Jordan Dellinger Deans List
Gadsden AL Ryan D Dowdy Presidents List
Gadsden AL Ashley B Fairchild Deans List
Gadsden AL Adam Miles Daniel Forkner Deans List
Gadsden AL James H Kelley Deans List
Gadsden AL Daphne I Lee Presidents List
Gadsden AL Anthony R Lipscomb Deans List
Gadsden AL Sara Katherine McCord Presidents List
Gadsden AL Austin T Mitchell Deans List
Gadsden AL Elizabeth L Newman Deans List
Gadsden AL Ally M Pritchett Deans List
Gadsden AL Christopher B Reynolds Deans List
Gadsden AL William Henry Rhea IV Deans List
Gadsden AL Timothy D Robertson Deans List
Gadsden AL Julia Hayden Williams Deans List
Gadsden AL Madison S Wrenn Presidents List
Gadsden AL Emily Ann Zhou Presidents List
Gainesville AL Sylvia D Turner Presidents List
Gallion AL Nicholas A Gwin Deans List
Gallion AL Matthew Ryan Sellers Deans List
Gardendale AL Emilee B Carter Deans List
Gardendale AL Kaycee A Carter Deans List
Gardendale AL Parker B Erwin Deans List
Gardendale AL Ashley E. Getwan Deans List
Gardendale AL Caroline L Harris Deans List
Gardendale AL Casey M Lee Deans List
Gardendale AL Jonathan E Mayfield Presidents List
Gardendale AL Hannah M Mitchell Deans List
Gardendale AL Orion James Recke Presidents List
Gardendale AL Sarah Beth Sweatt Deans List
Gardendale AL Jodi A Wilson Presidents List
Gardendale AL David M Wood Deans List
Geraldine AL Jessica C Crowley Presidents List
Gilbertown AL Meagan L. Busby Deans List
Gilbertown AL Jhett C Nordan Deans List
Glencoe AL Logan Damon Chandler Deans List
Glencoe AL Lanora C Lutes Presidents List
Glencoe AL Seth M Melisano Deans List
Goodwater AL Zachery Paul Rogers Deans List
Gordo AL Tracy Wayne Campbell Deans List
Gordo AL Kelsey Ayn Dyer Deans List
Gordo AL Katheryn M Gann Presidents List
Gordo AL Austin J Guy Deans List
Gordo AL Carrie E Kerr Presidents List
Gordo AL Thomas J Mcdill Deans List
Gordo AL Dalen B Mullenix Presidents List
Gordo AL Brittani F Sullivan Deans List
Gordo AL Adeline G Turner Deans List
Gordo AL Sheila Marie Watts Deans List
Grand Bay AL Kiernan Suzanne Igoe Deans List
Grand Bay AL Jeffrey D Keith Deans List
Grand Bay AL Reave Wilson Shewmake Presidents List
Grand Bay AL Erin M Thompson Deans List
Grand Bay AL Valerie D Turberville Presidents List
Grant AL Whitney A Allen Presidents List
Grant AL Charles Maston Edmonds Deans List
Grant AL Mckayla L Edmonds Presidents List
Grant AL Samantha Alison Thomas Presidents List
Grant AL Charlie J Walker Deans List
Greensboro AL Melissa Jacobs Deans List
Greensboro AL Andrew D Williams Deans List
Greenville AL Taylor Danielle Autrey Deans List
Greenville AL Karli D Boulware Deans List
Greenville AL Deanna K Bowen Deans List
Greenville AL Asia A Crenshaw Deans List
Greenville AL Nedra Toulmin Crosby Deans List
Greenville AL Rebecca N Dicks Deans List
Greenville AL Anne S Matthews Presidents List
Greenville AL Erica Mcnaughton Presidents List
Greenville AL Laquantra S Searight Deans List
Grove Hill AL Ransome R Hare Deans List
Grove Hill AL Halie N Moore Deans List
Grove Hill AL Rachel Leigh Wright Presidents List
Grove Oak AL Maura Owens Deans List
Groveoak AL Christian L Stone Deans List
Guin AL Levi Seth Autrey Deans List
Guin AL Daniel J Chism Deans List
Guin AL Daniel C Dean Deans List
Guin AL Thomas L. O’Mary Deans List
Guin AL Dillon R Roberts Deans List
Gulf Shores AL Miranda J Blood Presidents List
Gulf Shores AL Donald M Foote Deans List
Gulf Shores AL Christine Marie Glanding Presidents List
Gulf Shores AL Kimberly Lynn Glanding Deans List
Gulf Shores AL Alexandra E Lappe Deans List
Gulf Shores AL Rebecca J Lee Presidents List
Gulf Shores AL Megan Reigh Mogan-Kutter Deans List
Gulf Shores AL Kerri C Oconnor Presidents List
Gulf Shores AL Molly Lucia Olmstead Presidents List
Gulf Shores AL Sarah M Rienzi Deans List
Gulf Shores AL Haley Elizabeth Schlotman Presidents List
Gulf Shores AL Peyton K Winstead Deans List
Guntersville AL Kathryn V Anderson Presidents List
Guntersville AL John Martin Beam Deans List
Guntersville AL Lauren G Bell Deans List
Guntersville AL Bryneth Buckner Presidents List
Guntersville AL Nicholas B Fox Deans List
Guntersville AL Meredith Lane Hardin Deans List
Guntersville AL Thomas Wells Harvey Presidents List
Guntersville AL Elizabeth Grace Hembree Presidents List
Guntersville AL Brianna D Johnson Deans List
Guntersville AL Sydney M Jones Deans List
Guntersville AL Nicholas Powell Lee Presidents List
Guntersville AL Caitlin Noel Long Deans List
Guntersville AL Joseph A Maksimowski Deans List
Guntersville AL Cara L Mason Deans List
Guntersville AL Cameron Scott Messer Deans List
Guntersville AL Meredith Megan Moore Presidents List
Guntersville AL Jonathan R Wolford Presidents List
Guntersville AL Bradley G Yarbro Deans List
Gurley AL Ethan C Cissell Deans List
Gurley AL Jordan R Cissell Presidents List
Gurley AL Zachary William Flynn Deans List
Gurley AL William L Lewis Presidents List
Gurley AL Kevin S Miller Deans List
Gurley AL Jonathan P Sowell Presidents List
Haleyville AL Ethan R Mobley Deans List
Hamilton AL Peyton M Davis Deans List
Hamilton AL Lakin L Lawler Deans List
Hampton Cove AL Madalyn A Atherton Deans List
Hampton Cove AL Sarah Catherine Baudendistel Presidents List
Hampton Cove AL Marie B Bruno Deans List
Hampton Cove AL Brooke H Davis Deans List
Hampton Cove AL Erika Lee Davis Deans List
Hampton Cove AL Miriam Alexandra Ferguson Deans List
Hampton Cove AL Marissa D Marshall Deans List
Hampton Cove AL Kevin J Matis Deans List
Hampton Cove AL Katelyn E Moss Presidents List
Hampton Cove AL Christopher R North Presidents List
Hampton Cove AL Lucy E Pylant Deans List
Hanceville AL Kaitlyn Faith Corum Deans List
Hanceville AL Rachel N Cummings Deans List
Hanceville AL Phillip S Hicks Deans List
Hanceville AL John T Junkin Presidents List
Hanceville AL Kelsey A Ryan Deans List
Hanceville AL Rachel Elizabeth Self Deans List
Hanceville AL Marissa M Smith Deans List
Hanceville AL Brandi L Todd Deans List
Harpersville AL Ryan Nicole Hopson Deans List
Harpersville AL Zachary M Martin Presidents List
Harpersville AL Kayla Catharine Ogletree Presidents List
Harpersville AL Savannah Fe Senicz Presidents List
Harselle AL Zachary Andrew Thomas Deans List
Hartford AL Spencer S Ham Deans List
Hartselle AL Jacob Thomas Briscoe Presidents List
Hartselle AL Quanesha R Burks Presidents List
Hartselle AL Samantha J Davis Presidents List
Hartselle AL Sarah G Ellis Deans List
Hartselle AL Kayla M Faulk Deans List
Hartselle AL Caleb A Faulkner Deans List
Hartselle AL Madison C Gillette Deans List
Hartselle AL Elizabeth Sloan Godsey Deans List
Hartselle AL Carly E Greenhill Presidents List
Hartselle AL Amanda J Hampton Deans List
Hartselle AL Julia B Holladay Deans List
Hartselle AL Diana H Howard Deans List
Hartselle AL Jared B Johnson Deans List
Hartselle AL Bethany R McGee Deans List
Hartselle AL James A Mckelvy Presidents List
Hartselle AL Callie R Miller Presidents List
Hartselle AL Nathan W Owen Deans List
Hartselle AL John Benjamin Paulsen Deans List
Hartselle AL Rachel Elizabeth Paulsen Presidents List
Hartselle AL Alex W Pettey Deans List
Hartselle AL Jacob L Pohl Deans List
Hartselle AL Rachael Kathryn Robbins Deans List
Hartselle AL Andrew Grant Shelton Deans List
Hartselle AL Connor S Shelton Deans List
Hartselle AL Grayson Blair Sittason Presidents List
Hartselle AL Madeline Gray Sittason Presidents List
Hartselle AL Payton B Sittason Deans List
Hartselle AL Megan E Smith Presidents List
Hartselle AL Dylan M Stephenson Presidents List
Hartselle AL Jessica D Wallace Deans List
Hartselle AL Rebekah Brooke Wilson Deans List
Harvest AL Katherine J Acklin Deans List
Harvest AL Joshua R Babe Deans List
Harvest AL Melinda Lauren Carr Presidents List
Harvest AL Lauren Michelle Chapman Presidents List
Harvest AL Brandy M Collum Deans List
Harvest AL Kelli N Conerly Deans List
Harvest AL Kayla M Cornwell Presidents List
Harvest AL Cassidy Morgan Elliott Presidents List
Harvest AL Jessica P Ellis Deans List
Harvest AL Patrick Donovan Fitzgerald Presidents List
Harvest AL Morgan P Foshee Deans List
Harvest AL Sierra Camille Fridelle Deans List
Harvest AL Jason T Frost Deans List
Harvest AL Emma L Green Deans List
Harvest AL Matthew A Green Deans List
Harvest AL Jacob B Howell Deans List
Harvest AL Christopher J Kenney Deans List
Harvest AL Gabriel R Marrero Deans List
Harvest AL Kristin J Pressley Deans List
Harvest AL Jacob V Reed Presidents List
Harvest AL Brittany P Reisker Deans List
Harvest AL Rachel C Robinson Deans List
Harvest AL Abigail K Shelton Presidents List
Harvest AL Andrea M Shull Deans List
Harvest AL Stephanie P Snow Deans List
Harvest AL Christin Nicole Spencer Deans List
Harvest AL William Christopher Whyte Deans List
Harvest AL Emily H Williams Deans List

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state's economy, is in keeping with UA's vision to be the university of choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state's flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.