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The University of Alabama

Dean’s List Students Named for UA Fall 2014 Term

The fall 2014 listing includes the following students:

Flower Mound TX Hayley R Augustine Deans List
Flower Mound TX Christopher Bradley Boyd Deans List
Flower Mound TX Payton N Brown Presidents List
Flower Mound TX John A Conkin Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Ross T Depperschmidt Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Emma Leigh Elston Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Al-Karim Taher Gilani Deans List
Flower Mound TX Calvin N Keats Deans List
Flower Mound TX Ryan Paul Kinser Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Brennan Ross LaPorte Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Nicholas D Marshalek Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Hayley L Mcgowan Deans List
Flower Mound TX Laura Marie Parisi Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Angelica D Poole Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Casey Lynn Rademacher Deans List
Flower Mound TX Kaitlin M Ryan Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Christopher A Smith Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Alexandria Leigh Smith Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Sidney Nicole Stratton Deans List
Flower Mound TX Elizabeth C Tally Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Colin James Treager Deans List
Flower Mound TX Adam B Tremonte Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Jacob Donald Van Dyke Deans List
Flower Mound TX Jessica M Wawczak Presidents List
Flower Mound TX Madalynn Louise Young Deans List
Fort Hood TX Steven Tyler Spellmon Presidents List
Fort Worth TX Bryce T Allen Deans List
Fort Worth TX Scott Joseph Boyd Deans List
Fort Worth TX Erin F Bundock Deans List
Fort Worth TX Samantha Rose Cantu-Crouch Deans List
Fort Worth TX Kylie Janice Cowden Deans List
Fort Worth TX Natalie Suzanne Goodwin Presidents List
Fort Worth TX Kimberly Dawn Graham Deans List
Fort Worth TX Brooke Morgan Gunzelman Deans List
Fort Worth TX Carter W Hanthorn Deans List
Fort Worth TX Margretanne E Hull Deans List
Fort Worth TX Madeline Kay Jeffers Presidents List
Fort Worth TX Anna Elizabeth Jones Deans List
Fort Worth TX Cameron Elizabeth Kramer Deans List
Fort Worth TX Katherine Lanier Maddox Presidents List
Fort Worth TX Dayton Lea Murphy Presidents List
Fort Worth TX Kaylee Marie O’Connor Deans List
Fort Worth TX Holly W O’Harra Presidents List
Fort Worth TX Kathryn E O’Harra Deans List
Fort Worth TX Natalie Elizabeth Pettey Presidents List
Fort Worth TX Mary Kelly Roberts Deans List
Fort Worth TX Lakan Kyl Taylor Deans List
Fort Worth TX Jourdan Leigh Williams Deans List
Friendswood TX Blair Bronwyn Martin Deans List
Friendswood TX Steven Ryley Pitts Deans List
Friendswood TX Kristen Hannah Ryan Deans List
Frisco TX Ryan W Ahrens Deans List
Frisco TX John-Timothy Chukwunazam Anyanwu Deans List
Frisco TX Taylor A Baglietto Deans List
Frisco TX Logan P Burgess Deans List
Frisco TX Rachel Elise Carlson Deans List
Frisco TX Keely Nicole Donovan Deans List
Frisco TX Joey L Fogle Presidents List
Frisco TX Laura Daniela Gonzalez Deans List
Frisco TX Alexandra Nicole Huechteman Presidents List
Frisco TX Olivia Jeannine Matthews Deans List
Frisco TX Fallyn Lane McDougal Deans List
Frisco TX Jacob R Michelich Deans List
Frisco TX Lindsey Anne Mortensen Deans List
Frisco TX Justin Hersh Shalek Deans List
Frisco TX Jason E Solomon Deans List
Frisco TX Elizabeth Anne Walker Deans List
Frisco TX Samantha Margaretha Rose Warman Deans List
Frisco TX Daniel A Zimmer Deans List
Fulshear TX Andrew S Goss Deans List
Fulshear TX Trevor James Pinchback Presidents List
Fulshear TX Madalene Hope Rodgers Deans List
Fulshear TX Allison Ann Stasia Presidents List
Gallatin TX Clayton P Stansell Presidents List
Garland TX Brianna Lynn Adams Deans List
Garland TX Kendall F Roden Presidents List
Georgetown TX Katherine Elizabeth Barhydt Deans List
Georgetown TX Samantha Larmour Oliver Deans List
Georgetown TX Bailey Pruitt Presidents List
Grand Prairie TX Lynda Ann Truong Presidents List
Grapevine TX Katherine L Borkowski Deans List
Grapevine TX Emma Katherine Giildenzopf Deans List
Grapevine TX Lauren Nicole Martin Deans List
Grapevine TX Rachel M Robinson Presidents List
Harlingen TX David M Nazworth Deans List
Highland Village TX Zachary M. Christian Deans List
Highland Village TX Sela P Mitrisin Deans List
Houston TX Caitlyn A Addicks Deans List
Houston TX Jennifer Ashleigh Allen Deans List
Houston TX William Michael Barksdale Deans List
Houston TX Heather M Bergeron Deans List
houston TX Anna K Boucher Presidents List
Houston TX Kristin Lee Brown Presidents List
Houston TX Regina McFarland Ciesla Presidents List
Houston TX Christine Renee Clark Presidents List
Houston TX Elizabeth E Cook Deans List
Houston TX Caitlin Kimsey Cox Deans List
Houston TX Alexis E Cunningham Deans List
Houston TX Sarah E Cunningham Presidents List
Houston TX Leslie Anne Donoghue Deans List
Houston TX Benjamin James Eisner Deans List
Houston TX Shannon Adele Gaw Deans List
Houston TX Chase E Golden Presidents List
Houston TX Christina Grace Hammerle Presidents List
Houston TX Haylee Anne Hoelscher Presidents List
Houston TX Charles Clay Jackson Deans List
Houston TX Sierra Nicole Jacob Presidents List
Houston TX Caroline C James Presidents List
Houston TX Amy Catherine Johnson Deans List
Houston TX Alexander George Stubblefield Kersey Deans List
Houston TX Byron Andrew Kersey II Presidents List
Houston TX Richard Andrew Lane Deans List
Houston TX Alyssa Rae Lehmann Presidents List
Houston TX Emily Alexandra LeViness Presidents List
Houston TX Morgan Renee Noble Deans List
Houston TX John B Rasplicka Deans List
Houston TX Kimberly A Reese Deans List
Houston TX Elizabeth Mary Selmarten Deans List
Houston TX Hayley F Short Deans List
Houston TX Shea E Silvernail Deans List
Houston TX Laura T Smith Presidents List
Houston TX Mary Margaret Titus Presidents List
Houston TX Jacqueline Frances Yu Presidents List
Humble TX Tyler Scott Smith Deans List
Huntsville TX Demitra D Turner Deans List
Hurst TX MacKenzie Kay Baker Deans List
Irving TX Thomas J Albright Deans List
Irving TX Madeline Lee Martin Deans List
Katy TX Aimee Louise Beaton Deans List
Katy TX Sarah Elizabeth Blalock Deans List
Katy TX Kirsten N Buchner Presidents List
Katy TX Rachel Marie Burton Presidents List
Katy TX Mallory Blair Connolly Deans List
Katy TX Ali M Cortez Jr Presidents List
Katy TX Shazia A Dinath Deans List
Katy TX Stefanie Michelle Dunlap Deans List
Katy TX Francisco J Escobar-Calderon Deans List
Katy TX Kathryn Alise Gunther Deans List
Katy TX Kelsey E Harper Deans List
Katy TX Hunter David Hicks Deans List
Katy TX Jenna L Johnson Deans List
Katy TX Elena Marie Marinello Deans List
Katy TX Danae Camille Patterson Deans List
Katy TX William Jeffrey Priester Deans List
Keller TX Jessica Grace Jean Goodman Deans List
Keller TX Stephanie N Hinchey Presidents List
Keller TX Madison K Koontz Deans List
Keller TX Alexander Tyler Mathers Presidents List
Keller TX Jessica Noelle OBrien Deans List
Keller TX Kaitlyn S Reid Presidents List
keller TX Sebastian R Romeo Deans List
Keller TX Drake Michael Taylor Presidents List
Keller TX Caitlin L Velasquez Deans List
Keller TX Jacob D Zalesky Deans List
Kerrville TX Adrianne Louise Underwood Deans List
Kilgore TX Courtney N Ganus Deans List
Killeen TX Stephanie M Yarber Presidents List
Kingwood TX Joy Marion Davis Deans List
Kingwood TX Melissa Danielle Etter Presidents List
Kingwood TX Katie I Korenek Deans List
Kingwood TX Lauren M Mathews Deans List
Kingwood TX Caroline G Reinhardt Deans List
Kingwood TX Margaret Mary Selbe Deans List
Kingwood TX Alexa R Steere Deans List
Kingwood TX Tyson J Steere Presidents List
Kingwood TX Malia Anne Swerdloff Presidents List
Kingwood TX Elizabeth Ann Tillotson Presidents List
Lakeway TX Nicole Elizabeth Beirne Presidents List
Lantana TX Brian Lloyd Ogden Presidents List
League City TX Alyssa Katrina Mcleod Deans List
League City TX David A Melton Deans List
League City TX Lauren Christine Musgrove Deans List
Leander TX Callie Lauren Dunn Deans List
Longview TX Elizabeth Whitten Shappell Deans List
Lubbock TX Emma S Clements Deans List
Lubbock TX Caytelynn M Johnson Presidents List
Lytle TX Johann B Harshman Deans List
Manor TX Stasia Ronice Foster Deans List
Mansfield TX Ashle’ M Colston Deans List
Mansfield TX Moriah S Smoot Deans List
Mansfield TX Madison G Wilson Presidents List
McKinney TX Matthew J Barrett Deans List
McKinney TX Lauren Danette Chase Deans List
McKinney TX Evan Charles Chavez Deans List
McKinney TX Anna E Durbin Deans List
Mckinney TX Nichole R Guerrero Deans List
McKinney TX Elizabeth Elaine Hedrick Presidents List
McKinney TX Caitlin L Lumpkin Presidents List
McKinney TX Lauren B Nolan Presidents List
McKinney TX Taylor Michelle Owens Presidents List
McKinney TX Thomas S Porter Deans List
McKinney TX Peyton Rae Sanders Presidents List
McKinney TX Cooper Haddad Welch Presidents List
McKinney TX Kyle D Zimmerman Deans List
Melissa TX Jacqueline Christine Henger Presidents List
Melissa TX Gianna Lee Ingraham Deans List
Midland TX Anna Mikal Rawles Deans List
Midland TX McKenna Grace Smith Deans List
Midland TX Kathryn Annette Turner Presidents List
Midlothian TX Sydney Marie Smith Deans List
Missouri City TX Khortlan Dean Patterson Deans List
Montgomery TX Whitney H Brennan Deans List
Montgomery TX Riley Katherine Goodman Presidents List
Murphy TX Kelsey L Higbee Deans List
Nacogdoches TX Alexis Emily Rocco Deans List
New Braunfels TX Madelyn M Phipps Deans List
North Richland Hills TX Jordan H Baer Deans List
North Richland Hills TX Abigail Zoe Tennison Deans List
Pearland TX Bryant T Iocco Deans List
Pearland TX Shannon Nicole McAtee Deans List
Pflugerville TX Ryan J Tramp Presidents List
Pinehurst TX Ryan Michael Krueger Deans List
Plano TX Erin Adams Presidents List
Plano TX Kelley Bergolet Adams Deans List
Plano TX Kate A Baumli Presidents List
Plano TX Lauren C Baumli Presidents List
Plano TX Austin James Beattie Deans List
Plano TX Rachel Alison Brasier Deans List
Plano TX Laura Luise Carr Deans List
Plano TX Carolyn Kathe Duke Deans List
Plano TX Emily Maura Ferons Deans List
Plano TX Caitlan-Dallas Fowler Presidents List
Plano TX Nathan Lee Glover Presidents List
Plano TX Lucy Elizabeth Grable Deans List
Plano TX Lindsey June Henderson Deans List
Plano TX Christopher A Hopson Deans List
Plano TX Frances Marie Johnson Presidents List
Plano TX Kyle Douglas Johnson Presidents List
Plano TX Katie Lynn Kalisher Deans List
Plano TX Ashley Nicole Kelso Deans List
Plano TX Caitlyn Paige Krusinsky Presidents List
Plano TX Christopher Neil Lancaster Presidents List
Plano TX Robert Latch Deans List
Plano TX Alexander Scott Maeder Deans List
Plano TX Kathrine E Michelsen Deans List
Plano TX Stephanie A Register Deans List
Plano TX Lindsay E Rudoff Deans List
Plano TX Amy Elizabeth Schell Deans List
Plano TX Channing Stock Deans List
Plano TX Lindsay Elaine Struthers Presidents List
Plano TX Anthony Vincent Tarzi Deans List
Port Neches TX Boyd A Parks Deans List
Porter TX Haley E Clark Deans List
Porter TX Hayden A Clark Presidents List
Portland TX Haley Brianne Teel Deans List
Prosper TX David R Anderson Deans List
Prosper TX Alexandra Gail DeKinder Deans List
Prosper TX Taylor Ray Derebery Deans List
Prosper TX Caitlin C Heffley Presidents List
richardson TX Joshua Matthew Hoppenstein Deans List
Richardson TX Kendall G Howen Deans List
Richardson TX Jack F Mckeen Presidents List
Richardson TX Catherine Gay Prindle Deans List
Richardson TX Rebecca Anne VanMarel Presidents List
roanoke TX Brandon Neil Duley Deans List
Robinson TX Matthew S Mcwhorter Deans List
Rockwall TX Jonathan Lawrence Sherwin Deans List
Round Rock TX Mackenzie Paige Kyler Deans List
Round Rock TX Allison M Morris Deans List
Royse City TX Caroline Stabler Griffith Deans List
Rusk TX Sydney M Littlejohn Deans List
Sachse TX Jensen N Blalock Deans List
San Angelo TX Brianna E Bishop Deans List
San Antonio TX Kiana Sylvia Carlson Deans List
San Antonio TX Christian Clark Carlson Deans List
San Antonio TX Abigail Arquette Forney Deans List
San Antonio TX Kiandra J Jones Deans List
San Antonio TX Sierra Elise Loya Deans List
San Antonio TX Kimberly D McCartney Deans List
San Antonio TX Maryanne Michelle Mobley Presidents List
San Antonio TX Andrew William Palmer Deans List
San Antonio TX Christian Ross Palmer Deans List
San Antonio TX Emily C Pickert Presidents List
San Antonio TX Taylor Kay Sheeran Presidents List
San Antonio TX Alexandra Elizabeth Waits Presidents List
San Antonio TX Rachel R Wulfe Deans List
San Leon TX Jessica L Swift Deans List
Schertz TX Sierra Dawn Heston Presidents List
Seabrook TX Conner Everett Cleek Presidents List
Southlake TX Austin G Bridgers Deans List
Southlake TX Eric R Dompka Deans List
Southlake TX Christopher T Fiebig Presidents List
Southlake TX Madeline Stratte Hall Deans List
Southlake TX Kyle Matthew McClain Deans List
Southlake TX Rebecca S Mcguire Deans List
Southlake TX Emily Elizabeth Menees Deans List
Southlake TX Kyle T Pecot Presidents List
Southlake TX Madelaine Noelle Potter Presidents List
Southlake TX Judson T Richardson Deans List
Southlake TX Taylor Virginia Schafer Presidents List
Southlake TX Emma Grace Smith Presidents List
Southlake TX Alexandra Nicole Stedke Deans List
Southlake TX Jackson C Williams Deans List
Southlake TX Emily I Zapinski Deans List
Spicewood TX Rachel Socorro Madey Presidents List
Spring TX Leslie Anne Bacon Presidents List
Spring TX Brittany Shea Downey Deans List
Spring TX Kelli Nicole Lowe Deans List
Spring TX Laura M Mafla Presidents List
Spring TX Anna T Misemer Deans List
Spring TX Kristen N Morris Presidents List
Spring TX Alexis Marie Willman Deans List
Sugar Land TX Haley Diane Adams Deans List
Sugar Land TX Raquel Danielle Carvajal Deans List
Sugar Land TX William H Durley Deans List
Sugar Land TX Brittani Erin Harfield Deans List
Sugar Land TX Katie N Lewis Deans List
Sugar Land TX Madison Elizabeth Melhorn Presidents List
Sugar Land TX Taylor Alyse Nielson Presidents List
Sugar Land TX Elizabeth Hanna Pierce Deans List
Sugar Land TX Emily Kathryn Robinson Presidents List
Texarkana TX Mary Leanne Booker Deans List
Texarkana TX Megan J Mccorkle Presidents List
The Woodlands TX John Harrison Borden Presidents List
The Woodlands TX Mackenzie Paige Branco Deans List
The Woodlands TX Robert Maxwell Brant Deans List
The Woodlands TX Erin Lee Brown Presidents List
The Woodlands TX Samuel P Creden Deans List
The Woodlands TX Madison Piper Franks Deans List
The Woodlands TX Nicholas Gilmore Deans List
The Woodlands TX Kevin Alan Johnson Deans List
The Woodlands TX Margret Noelle Ragusa Presidents List
The Woodlands TX Caroline Marie Spillane Deans List
The Woodlands TX Sarah Elizabeth Spillane Presidents List
Tomball TX Ashley E Dunbar Deans List
Trophy Club TX Lauren O Gilmer Presidents List
Trophy Club TX Haley Elizabeth Whitfield Presidents List
Tyler TX Maggie Christian Jorgenson Presidents List
Waxahachie TX Justin Chase Barksdale Presidents List
Westlake TX Blair Elizabeth McElroy Deans List
White Oak TX Chloe A McMahon Deans List
Wichita Falls TX Emily D Burlison Deans List
Willis TX Jessica Nicole Dupre Presidents List
Willow Park TX Jennifer E France Deans List
Woodway TX Courtney Beth Kusler Deans List
Woodway TX Chloe A Roberts Deans List
Birmingham United Kingdom Bethany Williams Deans List
Devon United Kingdom Jessica Rose Ching Presidents List
Greater Manchester United Kingdom Emma Kathleen Saunders Deans List
Hertfordshire United Kingdom Rachel Stewart Deans List
Telford United Kingdom Fraser Gillcrist Smith Presidents List
Heber City UT Kaitlin M Walker Deans List
Salt Lake City UT Lachlan Eugene Murphy Presidents List
Salt Lake City UT Caroline Christina Sala Presidents List
Sandy UT Cheryl Mitsuko Papac Presidents List
West valley city UT Ouxi Zhu Deans List
Alexandria VA Megan Elise Gallagher Deans List
Alexandria VA Dorothy Brooks Garner Deans List
Alexandria VA Anne Hartnett Goodyear Deans List
Alexandria VA Stephanie E Moore Deans List
Alexandria VA Sarah Elizabeth Sanderson Deans List
Alexandria VA Erica F Sucher Presidents List
Alexandria VA Lauren Catherine Zapko Deans List
Amelia VA Curtis Williams III Deans List
Annandale VA Kelsey E Barger Deans List
Annandale VA Colleen Margaret Nary Presidents List
Arlington VA Abigail Suzanne Mirick Presidents List
Arlington VA Benjamin Richard Torczon Deans List
Arlington VA Jethro Andrew Torczon Deans List
Ashburn VA Kimberley Anne Buckman Deans List
Ashburn VA Ashlee M Canada Deans List
Ashburn VA Benjamin M Carrasquillo Presidents List
Ashburn VA Andrew Christopher Combs Deans List
Ashburn VA Jordan Ann Rubino Deans List
Ashburn VA Matthew E Wheaton Presidents List
Ashburn VA Jamie L Wiger Presidents List
Blacksburg VA Aimee Lindamood Presidents List
Bristow VA Miranda Marie Cobb Deans List
Bristow VA Christopher Delrill Harley Deans List
Burke VA Emily K Scheiner Presidents List
Catlett VA Miranda LeAnn Maurer Presidents List
Centreville VA Lindsay Leigh Knittle Deans List
Centreville VA Larissa Faith Koupash Presidents List
Centreville VA Tatum Roessler Deans List
Charlottesville VA Madeline Julia Brayman Deans List
Charlottesville VA April Michelle Pittman Presidents List
Chesapeake VA Kiana Lashaun Jones Deans List
Chesapeake VA Gabrielle A Willis Deans List
Chester VA Christian Deondre Clark Deans List
Clifton VA Andrew Li Pan Deans List
Clifton VA Erin C Smith Presidents List
ColonialHeights VA Averi Athena Hayes Presidents List
Crozet VA Michael Francis Goeke Presidents List
Dumfries VA Mary Ann Worthy Deans List
Fairfax VA Mackenzie Oksana Kalnitzky Presidents List
Fairfax VA Mary Katherine Lieb Presidents List
Fairfax VA Matthew G McCann Deans List
Fairfax VA Roberta R Nelson Presidents List
Fairfax VA Joseph Michael Nissen Deans List
Fairfax VA Alexandra W Norton Presidents List
Fairfax VA Caitlin Bailey Taylor Presidents List
Fairfax VA Emily Michele Thomas Presidents List
Fairfax Station VA Turner James Arndt Presidents List
Fairfax Station VA Adam C Familiant Presidents List
Fairfax Station VA Matthew Ferrell Deans List
Fairfax Station VA Catherine Elizabeth Fuchs Presidents List
Fairfax Station VA Austin D Parrish Deans List
Fairfax Station VA Samantha Gillian Reale Presidents List
Fairfax Station VA Kristen Marie Schumacher Deans List
Falls Church VA Haley Elaine Holder Presidents List
Falls Church VA Maggie Deanna Pishner Deans List
Falls Church, VA VA Katelyn E Bond Presidents List
Fincastle VA Samuel Anderson Baker Deans List
Forest VA Christopher Stephen Willis Presidents List
Fort Belvoir VA Allison Nicole Hummel Deans List
fort lee VA Shelbra T Norris Presidents List
Fredericksburg VA Samantha J Anderson Deans List
Fredericksburg VA Erin Louise Brown Deans List
Fredericksburg VA Sarah Lane Davidson Presidents List
Fredericksburg VA Robert Brandon Morrison Deans List
Fredericksburg VA Matthew William Sompayrac Deans List
Fredericksburg VA Thomas Junya Steele Deans List
Gainesville VA Ashley Colter Deans List
Gainesville VA Kathryn Leigh DeLost Presidents List
Gainesville VA David M Lewis Deans List
Gainesville VA Joshua T Lewis Presidents List
Gainesville VA Blair Alexandra Nelson Presidents List
Glen Allen VA Blair C Bartholf Deans List
Glen Allen VA Carrie Lee Fisher Presidents List
Glen Allen VA Melanie Pearce Jones Presidents List
Glen Allen VA Meghan Ann Joyce Deans List
Glen Allen VA Caitlyn G McMahan Presidents List
Great Falls VA Piper Haley Giddings Deans List
Great Falls VA John William Poyner Deans List
Hampton VA Cassidy Marie Gourley Presidents List
Hampton VA Paul Alexander O’Hara Presidents List
Hayes VA Christopher D Feigh Deans List
Haymarket VA Kimberly Rose Howe Deans List
Haymarket VA William Sexton Parker Mathews Deans List
Herndon VA Rachel Anne Harhan Deans List
Herndon VA Samantha Ann LaManna Presidents List
Herndon VA Autumn Glynn Robinson Deans List
King George VA Rachel Linsey Ridgway Deans List
Leesburg VA Carolyn Ann Loprete Deans List
Lorton VA Jacklin Sue Byers Deans List
Lorton VA Megan Darlene Jones Deans List
Lorton VA Ashley Lynn Pate Deans List
Lorton VA Lara A Pate Deans List
Lynchburg VA Sabrina N Gerlich Presidents List
Lynchburg VA Sarah Wood Deans List
Manassas VA Jessica Leath Gray Presidents List
Manassas VA Julie Ann Weaver Presidents List
McLean VA Whittaker N Harrison Deans List
Mechanicsville VA Rachael L Chudoba Deans List
Midlothian VA Alexandra Grace Laroche Deans List
Midlothian VA Steven Austin Samsel Deans List
Moseley VA Anthony James Bombik Deans List
Moseley VA Zachary Matthew Hagan Deans List
Newport News VA Leigh Anne Casey Deans List
Nokesville VA Kelly Ryan McKay Deans List
Norfolk VA Georgia Pace Drinkwalter Deans List
Norfolk VA Danny Lee Laderberg Deans List
Oakton VA Elizabeth G Broussard Deans List
Petersburg VA Caitlin Brady Elko Deans List
poquoson VA Katherine Elaine Doggett Presidents List
Poquoson VA Sarah E Ryan Presidents List
Potomac Falls VA Cari Grace Lutkins Presidents List
Purcellville VA Kevin A Connell Presidents List
Reston VA Camille A Harman Deans List
Reston VA Matthew Stephen Whitlock Deans List
Richmond VA Katherine M Bolton Deans List
Richmond VA Anna Elizabeth Boyce Deans List
Richmond VA Elizabeth Mackenzie Cobb Deans List
Richmond VA Claiborne Saffell Fountain Deans List
Richmond VA Danielle Callie Hume Deans List
Richmond VA Mary Figuers Norfleet Stallings Deans List
Richmond VA Olivia Ann Stevenson Deans List
Richmond VA Eloise A Whitlock Presidents List
Roanoke VA Taylor Leigh-Anne Eubank Deans List
Roanoke VA Brittney Marie Meyers Presidents List
Smithfield VA Brittany Taylor Simmons Deans List
Springfield VA Megan R Crawford Deans List
Stafford VA Julie Amanda Gardner Deans List
Stafford VA Brett Mathwig Peterson Deans List
Stafford VA Taylor Marie Smith Deans List
Stafford VA Macaela Diane Walters Deans List
Stafford VA Bethany T West Presidents List
Sterling VA Sampson Jacob Bass Deans List
Sterling VA Lauren Elizabeth ODonnell Deans List
Sterling VA Meghan K Suess Deans List
Suffolk VA Tabitha D Palmer Deans List
Suffolk VA Jasmine Parham Deans List
Triangle VA Allen Parker Presidents List
Vienna VA Chelsey Victoria Cavin Presidents List
Vienna VA Austin M Donohue Deans List
Vienna VA Alexander Konstantine Maleski Presidents List
Vienna VA Monique Cox Samuels Deans List
Vienna VA Carlisle A Wishard Deans List
Virginia Beach VA Kerry Nicole McCrory Deans List
Virginia Beach VA Jordan Elizabeth Schieble Presidents List
Virginia Beach VA Erynn Ada Williams Deans List
Williamsburg VA Brink Alexander Ambler Presidents List
Williamsburg VA Morgan B Heard Presidents List
Williamsburg VA Morrow Anne Heard Presidents List
Williamsburg VA Kelsey Alyson McCorry Deans List
Williamsburg VA Meredith Diane Napoleon Presidents List
Williamsburg VA Thomas Carter Socha Deans List
Williamsburg VA Mitchell Gregory Spryn Deans List
Williamsburg VA Allie Taylor Tisone Deans List
Winchester VA Christopher Alan Hinkle Deans List
Woodbridge VA Sara Marie Cummings Deans List
Woodbridge VA Da’Shawn S Hand Deans List
Woodbridge VA Alexandra G Peters Presidents List
Woodbridge VA Michaiah Lavonte Smith Deans List
Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Tu Minh Vo Presidents List
Burlington VT Carey Francis Wood Presidents List
Westford VT Katie Leigh Fortin Deans List
Auburn WA Madison Claire Newell Presidents List
Bainbridge Island WA Katherine A Dudley Deans List
Bainbridge Island WA Amy Carmen Stephens Presidents List
Battle Ground WA Katherine May Schmid Cook Deans List
bellevue WA Bryan Andrew Tsiao Presidents List
Brush Prairie WA Abigail Elizabeth Ratliff Deans List
Colbert WA Kayla Rae Uplinger Presidents List
Ellensburg WA Morgan Penney Shiver Deans List
Enumclaw WA Sommer Lilley Hallquist Presidents List
Issaquah WA Jeffrey Allan Mays Deans List
JBLM WA Haley Victoria Green Deans List
Kenmore WA Julia Maxine Howard Presidents List
Lacey WA Seth Donald-Robert Cole Presidents List
Lacey WA Anna E Schmitz Deans List
Lake Stevens WA Paris Concetta Diaz Deans List
Lakewood WA Taylor M Paige Deans List
Medical Lake WA Jacob Alexander Morrison Presidents List
Monroe WA Emma Susanne Hopkins Deans List
Mukilteo WA Ryan Lam Pak Deans List
Olympia WA Johanna F Rude Deans List
Poulsbo WA Roxanne Estelle Wilhelmina Bowers Deans List
Sammamish WA Erin Rochelle Gronewald Deans List
Sammamish WA Stephanie Jeanine Keck Deans List
Sammamish WA Santiago Jose Varas Deans List
Seattle WA Samantha K Coates Deans List
Seattle WA Alexander R Hamilton Deans List
Seattle WA Molly V McGlynn Deans List
Seattle WA Emily Akamine Navin Presidents List
Seattle WA Madeline Paige Walsh Deans List
Yelm WA Eva Pearl Farrukh Deans List
Appleton WI Kathleen Elizabeth Plank Deans List
Brookfield WI Joseph M Knight Deans List
Brookfield WI Brianna Grace Mathison Presidents List
Brookfield WI Haley Elizabeth Taylor Presidents List
Brookfield WI Dean Wiskee Zheng Presidents List
Delafield WI Dana J Schultz Presidents List
Elm Grove WI Joseph John Puchner Presidents List
Elm Grove WI Elizabeth Marie Zierath Deans List
Elm Grove WI Gabriella Nicole Zierath Presidents List
Fitchburg WI Claire Seppi Parker Presidents List
Fox Point WI Anna M Saggio Presidents List
Fox Point WI Michael Saggio Deans List
Germantown WI Ryan A Hynes Presidents List
Grafton WI Joshua B Short Deans List
Green Bay WI Holden Joseph DeGrave Deans List
Green Bay WI Kiley Anastasia Madigan Deans List
Green Bay WI Veronica A Pisani Presidents List
Green Bay WI Andrew John Zeller Presidents List
Hudson WI Zachary James Londo Deans List
Janesville WI Michael W Money Deans List
Kenosha WI Nicholas Ryan Hohs Presidents List
Kenosha WI Steven T Hohs Presidents List
Kenosha WI Jordan Bailey Riviere Deans List
Kohler WI James Arthur Misfeldt Deans List
La Crosse WI Mitchell Thomas Voter Presidents List
Lake Geneva WI Lauren Catherine Harris Deans List
Mequon WI Olivia Jeanne Hare Deans List
Mequon WI Logan McCoy Heath Presidents List
Milwaukee WI Christopher Matthew Hayes Deans List
New London WI Tyler Bryant Ward Deans List
Oconomowoc WI Margaret R Fitch Presidents List
Onalaska WI Alexander Thomas Jaffery Presidents List
Waunakee WI Alexandra Marie Beckman Deans List
West Allis WI Gina Marie Lupo Deans List
West Bend WI Kayleigh A Yackels Presidents List
Wisconsin Rapids WI Benjamin H Romano Presidents List
Charleston WV Emily Anne Gould Deans List
Charleston WV Caleb James Lee Deans List
Charleston WV Jennifer N Stilwell Deans List
Franklin WV Molly A Dunn Deans List
Huntington WV Lauren Rebecca Howell Presidents List
Huntington WV Brodie Tucker Wallace Presidents List
Milton WV Jacob C Parsons Presidents List
Shenandoah Junction WV Emily M Baker Deans List
Vienna WV Erica L Parrish Deans List
Jackson Hole WY Sierra Lynn Lawson Deans List
Meagan Leigh Allen Deans List
Gabriela Alonso Gonzalez Medeiros Deans List
Mohammed Yousef Alrufaie Deans List
Ketley Alves Silva Deans List
Abigail L Anderson Deans List
Scott H Andrews Deans List
Austin Robert Barrington Deans List
Sara Randal Barton Deans List
Shawna Nicole Bray Presidents List
Kathryne T Brown Deans List
Samantha Marie Busch Presidents List
Xingyu Chen Deans List
Jeremy B Connor Deans List
Nathalia Correa Paula Presidents List
Caroline P Crews Deans List
Thomas C Cusick Deans List
Carson Lane DeLarue Deans List
Maegan G DiLoreto Presidents List
Jamie Lynn Dorr Presidents List
Ruiying Du Deans List
Andrew L Dubin Presidents List
Brian N Elmore Deans List
Meghan Anne Fay Presidents List
Barbara Ferreira Dos Santos Deans List
Mariel A Ferris Deans List
John T Franklin Deans List
Alexander R Fraser Deans List
Matthew Robert Gabbard Deans List
Savannah Maria Gibson Deans List
Isabella Goncalves De Souza Presidents List
Kristin J Goulart Deans List
Alli Elizabeth Gowins Deans List
Michael Justin Gray Presidents List
Jason Michael Griswold Presidents List
Sarah Elaine Griswold Deans List
Elizabeth M Guthrie Presidents List
Adam Wesley Hall Deans List
Montia M Hall Deans List
Jessica T Horton Deans List
Kaihong Huang Deans List
Alyssa Eve Hubbard Deans List
Paige Alexis Illiano Presidents List
Matthew P Johnson Deans List
Danielle L Jones Deans List
Hannah Gene Kessler Deans List
Joshua R Kirkley Deans List
Bradley D Kirkpatrick Deans List
Skylar D Lail Deans List
Craig Philip Landru Deans List
Alyssa Marie Landry Deans List
Jasen Pierce Lauritsen Deans List
Korey A Lovett Deans List
David A Mach Deans List
Elizabeth Mapp Deans List
Mary Haley McGarity Deans List
Lauren Jaunee’ Muse Deans List
Murilo Keiti Nakano Kono Deans List
Allyson A Pitzel Deans List
Emily Kathleen Powell Deans List
Jifeng Ren Deans List
Matthew P Reynolds Presidents List
Hannah Marie Richardson Deans List
Arthur James Romero Deans List
Karla Ann Ruths Deans List
Walther Jundie Schneider Deans List
Shengnan Shan Deans List
Allison Paige Shikorsky Deans List
Adam Taylor Shipley Deans List
Shenon Silva de Souza Deans List
Anna C Smith Presidents List
Lauren E Summerford Deans List
Ziwei Sun Deans List
Karolina Szczepaniak Deans List
Kacy A Tanveer Deans List
Abigail Grace Taylor Deans List
Kirsty van Dam Deans List
Jie Wang Deans List
Reagan D White Deans List
Charles W Wood Presidents List
Christian E Wright Deans List
Amanda Marie Zimmerman Deans List

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state's economy, is in keeping with UA's vision to be the university of choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state's flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.