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Top Scholars, Leaders Recognized on Campus at 2014 UA Honors Day

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The University of Alabama honored its top students for their academic achievements and leadership Friday, April 4, during the Honors Day Tapping Ceremony, the highlight of UA’s annual Honors Week, March 31-April 6.

Outstanding Student Awards for each class were presented to:

Outstanding Freshmen – Erica Boden and Hunter Ross

Outstanding Sophomore – Megan Smith

Outstanding Junior – Patrick Joseph Crowley

Outstanding Senior – Margaret Johnson

Outstanding Transfer Students – Demi Eckhoff and Miranda Mackey

Outstanding Graduate Students – Aubrey Coleman II and Pratheeksha Premraj

Recipients of UA’s Premier Awards were recognized. These top awards, given by the UA president, include the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, the William P. Bloom Scholarship Award, the John Fraser Ramsey Award, the Morris Lehman Mayer Award and the Catherine Johnson Randall Award.

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award recognizes excellence of character and service to humanity. The award honors one man and one woman of the graduating class and one non-student associated with UA. Winners of the Sullivan Award are Kirkland Back, of Gadsden, Margaret Garner (faculty) and David Phelps, of New Orleans.

The William P. Bloom Scholarship Award honors a junior who has improved intergroup relations within the University community; this year’s winner is Al-Karim Gilani, of Flower Mound, Texas.

The John Fraser Ramsey Award recognizes in a junior the versatility of gifts and attainments, as well as the breadth of excellence in mind and character, that have traditionally been the goals of a liberal education. The recipient of the Ramsey Award is Brian McWilliams, of Wexford, Pa.

The Morris Lehman Mayer Award recognizes one graduating senior and one member of the teaching faculty who exemplify integrity, selfless service and leadership at UA and in the community. Caroline Fulmer (faculty) and Mary Sellers Shaw, of Birmingham, are the recipients of the Mayer Award.

The Catherine Johnson Randall Award recognizes the most outstanding graduating senior based on GPA, rigor of course study and extraordinary scholarly or creative endeavorJoshua Moon, of Arlington, Tenn.,  is this year’s recipient of the Randall Award.

The Frances S. Summersell Award, sponsored by UA’s Iota Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, was given to Dr. Samory Pruitt. This award recognizes an individual or individuals who have aided the educational mission of the University and improved the quality of life in the state.

Dr. Shane Sharpe was named recipient of the ODK Living Legend Award in recognition of contributions to the goals and ideals of higher education.

The Walter R. Guyton Student Service Award was presented to Lucy Arnold Sikes. The Guyton Award recognizes outstanding commitment to the service of UA students.

The National Alumni Association recognizes and honors one male and one female in the senior class to receive the Alumni Student Award. The recipients of the 2013 Alumni Student Awards are Kelsey Beth Gibson, of Tuscaloosa, and Joshua David Moon, of Arlington, Tenn.

The NAA also recognizes and honors students in the senior class. The students have excelled in academics and extracurricular activities, shown strength of character and maturity, and displayed exceptional hospitality toward guests and friends of the University.

The 2013 Alumni Outstanding Senior Award winners are: Kirkland Back, of Gadsden, Eric Bordlee, of Baton Rouge, La., Alexandria Graham, of Troy, Jeffrey Kim, of Huntsville, Katie Lamberth, of Alexander City, Michael Malley, of Gurley, Mary Sellers Shaw, of Birmingham, William Pylant, of Hampton Cove, Mary Katherine Sweeney, of Tuscaloosa, and Garrett Taylor of Odenville.

The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Awards is to honor alumni of The University of Alabama for their loyalty and service to the University and to the NAA. Recipient selection is also based on character, professional achievements and community service at the local, state or national levels. The Distinguished Alumna Award recipient is Camille Maxwell Elebash, of Tuscaloosa. Robert E. Luckie III, of Birmingham, received the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

UA Black Scholar Awards recognizing high academic achievement included:

Sandral Hullett Award: Raven E. Ball, Rikisha Bridges, Nolan R. Corder III, jada S. Culver, Terrence M. Curry, Alexandria Evon Gholston, Ariella G. Gibson, Jourdan A. Green, Kierra L. Howell, Kayla O. Krueger, Imani R. Manley, Daniel J. Massie, Brandon Miller, Jaylaan K. Parker, Kenya S. Patterson, Angelica D. Poole, Kendall S. Smith, Kaylyn M. Williams, Olivia M. Woodard and Rodney K. Woods Jr.

Earnestine Tucker Award: Candace LaNette-Robins Allen, Jeromy C. Beaman, Kyle C. Campbell, Roberts R. DeNyce, Jacquelinen R. Harris, Marcus N. Hill, Kierra L. Howell, Ty’Sheka Ne’Cole Lambert, Derion Bernard Lipford, Kenneth C. McCall, Matthew C. Morris, Tanika M. Powers, LaShunda Denise Simpson, Geryl Barnett Smith Jr., Sylvia D. Turner, Morgan Elaine Watkins, Kearston Symone Wells and Omotoyosi H. Williams.

Archie Wade Award: Anika M. Abiade, Delisa Elaine Baldwin, Amanda K. Bennett, Sarah G. Cox, Georgia H. Floyd, Ayana Ashley Gibson, Destiny Shae Howell, Gabrielle N. Jordan, James M. Kemp Jr., Bobby L. Lewis Jr., Morgan Ashley Loggins, Perry T. McNeill, Kimber Lea Mitchell, Whitney J. Northington, Johanna Nathanielle Obenda, Khortlan Dean Patterson, Krystal D. Rivers, Aisha Seymone Rogers, Jonas R. Salna IV and Alexis K. Williams.

Cleo Thomas Award: Ayana Marie Ames, Nia Nefertiti Barnes, Gianna Nichole Ceophas, Alexandria M. Gilbert, Averi Athena Hayes, Jasmine A. Jordan, Aysia C. Layton, Maryanne Michelle Mobley, Dynasty R. Moore, Alexandria K. Taylor and Charles Tyrone Thomason.

Harold Bishop Award: Nia N. Barnes, Ginanna N. Ceophas, Alexandria M. Gilbert, Averi A. Hayes, Jasmine A. Jordan, Aysia C. Layton, Maryanne M. Mobley and Darius K. Taylor.

Joffre and Zadie B. Whisenton Award – Kristi Garrett, Angela M. Walker

Vivian Malone Jones Endowed Scholarship – Delisa Elaine Baldwin, Whitney Northington

John England Award – Stanley Blackmon

Autherine Lucy Foster Endowed Scholarship –  Joshua Smith

African-American Alumni Network Scholarship – Aaron Fenton

Graduate school awards: Three faculty committees select the seven most Outstanding Graduate School Students each year. The honorees included:

Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation: Dr. Henri Jean-Francois Dengah II, College of Arts and Sciences, department of anthropology.

Outstanding Master’s Thesis: Brandee D. Easter, College of Arts and Sciences, department of English.

Excellence in Teaching by a Master’s Student: Kirsten Bone, College of Arts and Sciences, department of English.

Excellence in Teaching by a Doctoral Student: Erin Chandler, College of Arts and Sciences, department of English.

Excellence in Research by a Master’s Student: Kemar James, College of Engineering, department of mechanical engineering.

Excellence in Research by a Doctoral Student: Jaejin Lee, College of Engineering, department of electrical and computer engineering.

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student: Lisa Beck, College of Arts and Sciences, department of psychology.

UA students were also inducted into these campuswide honoraries:

Omicron Delta Kappa -The purpose of ODK is to recognize students who have attained high standards in collegiate activities, to inspire others to strive for similar attainments, and to bring together students in all areas of college life: scholarship, athletics, campus or community service, social and religious activities, campus government, journalism, speech and mass media and creative and performing arts.

Omicron Delta Kappa inductees include: Cole Adams, Reginald Allen, Sam Andersen, Jordan Baer, Taylor Bannister, Hamilton Bloom, Frances Blount, Hannah Bowers, Jamie Bowman, Whitney Brennan, Rachel Brown, Joanna Bushardt, Lauren Carlton, Bethany Carter, Jordan Crow, Patrick Crowley, Jordan David, Austin Dickinson, Danielle Douglas, Danielle DuBose, Jennifer France, Laura Freeman, Ayanna Freeman, Sara Frese, William Marcus Gibson, Al-Karim Gilani, Alexandria Gilbert, Chase Green, Laura Gregory, Sarah Hall, David Harris, John Harris, Evan Harrison, Averi Hayes, Davis Hudson, Mary Claire Hunter, Peter Inge, Katherine Jordan, Alexandra Kamburis, Jonathan Kiszla, Jonathan Lee, Sarah Martin, Christian Mays, Hannah McBrayer, Emily Meineke, Emily Melton, Rachel Midkiff, Alfred Mitchell, Allison Montgomery, Megan Morgan, Jane Elizabeth Nechtman, Anne Newton, Helena Orgeron, Robert Pendley, Andrew Pickering, Elizabeth Pratt, Jenna Reynolds, Chase Rumley, Elizabeth  Saracini, Hannah Saucier, Alexis Schutz, Ryan Seeley, Rachael Sherrer, Laura Lee Smith, Burke Smith, Kevin Stoffer, Patricia Stutts. Martin Toole, Marie Tucker, Robert (Jordan) Tucker, Katie Tuell, Nathan Vrazel, Shannon Walker, Meghan Wilgus, Mary Wills and Taylor Wood.

Blue Key Honor Society – Blue Key was one of the first honor societies at the University. Blue Key members are selected during the spring semester of their junior year and must represent high scholastic ideals, leadership and diversity of background. Selection is one of the highest honors bestowed on rising seniors.

New Blue Key members include: Alia Abbas, Anika Abiade, Cole Adams, Sam Andersen, Kevyn Armstrong-Wright, Jordan Crow, Patrick Crowley, Jordan David, Danielle Douglas, Danielle DuBose, Laura Freeman, Al-Karim Gilani, Alexandria Gilbert, Michael Goetsch, Riley Goodman, Laura Gregory, Mary Claire Hunter, Peter Inge, Katherine Jordan, Alexandra Kamburis, Jonathan Kiszla, Win Knowles, Brennan LaPorte, Scott Leary, William Leopard, Emily Melton, Rachel Midkiff, Allison Montgomery, Kaitlyn Newell, Anne Newton, Robert Pendley, Ashleigh Ruggles, Rachael Sherrer, Burke Smith, Sara Snider, Kevin Stoffer, Abbey Tadros, Martin Toole, Kimberly Triplett, Marie Tucker, David Wallace, Christopher Willis, Mary Wills, Leighton Wilson and Hannah Zahedi.

Anderson Society – Anderson Society is a senior honorary comprised of 24 members who are chosen in recognition of their significant contributions to the University. The society seeks to promote high academic standards as well as excellence in student leadership and service.

Anderson Society inductees include: Anika Abiade, Zachary Adams, Jason Arterburn, Hannah Bowers, Monica Brint, Katie Chapman, Corey Cialeo, Jordan Crow, Danielle DuBose, Kelly Konrad, Scott Leary, William Leopard, Ben McCormick, Allison Montgomery, Robert Pendley, Rachel Sherrer, Kevin Stoffer, Kimberly Triplett, Marie Tucker, David Wallace, Taylor Wood, Leighton Wilson, Kevyn Armstrong-Wright and Hannah Zahedi.

Anderson Society Honorary Members – Michael Goetsh, Koushik Kasanagtu and Madalyn Vaughn.

Anderson Society Faculty Inductees – Dr. Jason Black, Sara Hartley and Dr. Utz McKnight.

Mortar Board – Election to Mortar Board, a national honor society, is based on leadership, scholarship and service. It is one of the highest honors that can be granted to seniors. Members must display outstanding dedication to service and leadership.

Mortar Board inductees include: Alia Abbas, Anika Abiade, Cole Adams, Sam Andersen, Caroline Armbrester, Kevyn Armstrong-Wright, Jason Arterburn, Nicholas Bolus, Hannah Bowers, Monica Brint, Anna Katherine Cabaniss, Bethany Carter, Katie Chapman, Corey Cialeo, Jessica Crook, Jordan Crow, Patrick Crowley, Mary Damrich, Jordan David, Lessley Dennington, Danielle Douglas, Danielle DuBose, Douglas Fair, Connor Fox, Jennifer France, Laura Freeman, Sara Frese, Al-Karim Gilani, Michael Goetsch, Riley Goodman, Chase Green, Laura Gregory, Evan Harrison, Peter Inge, Katherine Jernigan, Alexandra Kamburis, James Kemp, Jonathan Kiszla, Kelly Konrad, Brennan LaPorte, Scott Leary, Chelsea LeBlanc, William Leopard, Hannah McBrayer, Ben McCormick, Rachel Midkiff, Allison Montgomery, Anne Newton, Maria O’Keefe, Helena Orgeron, Robert Pendley, Ashleigh Ruggles, Rachael Sherrer, Burke Smith, Kevin Stoffer, Patricia Stutts, Abbey Tadros, Martin Toole, Kimberly Triplett, Katherine Tucker, Marie Tucker, Nathan Vrazel, David Walker, Erin Wallach, Meghan Wilgus, Christopher Willis, Mary Wills, Leighton Wilson and Hannah Zahedi.

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state's economy, is in keeping with UA's vision to be the university of choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state's flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.