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The University of Alabama

Dean’s List Students Named for UA Summer Term

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – A total of 379 students enrolled during the 2012 summer term at The University of Alabama were named to the Dean’s List with an academic record of 3.5 or above, or the President’s List with an academic record of 4.0, all As.

The UA Dean’s and President’s Lists recognize full-time undergraduate students. The lists do not apply to graduate students or undergraduate students who take less than a full course load.

Apo AE Kaitlin Lichty Deans List
Alabaster AL Caitlin A Connors Deans List
Albertville AL Jason Scott Atchley Presidents List
Albertville AL Jordan K. Galloway Deans List
Albertville AL Lucas M. McLendon Deans List
Albertville AL Amanda P Rhodarmer Deans List
Aliceville AL Janaye E Lockett Presidents List
Aliceville AL Dwonshelliea V Wilder Deans List
Altoona AL Hannah Elizabeth White Deans List
Andalusia AL Harold C. Wiggins Deans List
Anniston AL Christopher Bryant Haynes Deans List
Arab AL Christopher A Black Presidents List
Arab AL Haley Victoria Clemons Presidents List
Athens AL Zachary Thomas Dailey Presidents List
Athens AL Austin Zeke Jackson Presidents List
Athens AL Sarah Elizabeth Rosales Presidents List
Bear Creek AL Lauren Brooke Howell Deans List
Bessemer AL Aleisha J Key Deans List
Bessemer AL William Phillip White Deans List
Bessemer AL Tahj W Young Deans List
Birmingham 35205 AL Mariana Rose Costa Deans List
Birmingham 35205 AL Reynard M Papa Jr Deans List
Birmingham 35213 AL James D Grisham Deans List
Birmingham 35213 AL Mary Sellers Shaw Presidents List
Birmingham 35213 AL Mary M Weed Presidents List
Birmingham 35214 AL Brittany N. Lee Deans List
Birmingham 35215 AL Robert Edward Lee III Deans List
Birmingham 35216 AL William James Finnegan Presidents List
Birmingham 35216 AL Matthew B. Graffeo Deans List
Birmingham 35223 AL Lenora Ireland Brown Presidents List
Birmingham 35223 AL Kathryn Walker Crenshaw Presidents List
Birmingham 35223 AL Mary L Lassiter Presidents List
Birmingham 35223 AL Matthew Clay McDowell Presidents List
Birmingham 35223 AL Lindsey Anne Patterson Deans List
Birmingham 35223 AL Bruce A Rawls Jr Deans List
Birmingham 35223 AL Mary C Sharp Deans List
Birmingham 35223 AL Laura K Wagner Presidents List
Birmingham 35226 AL William C Herring Deans List
Birmingham 35226 AL Lindsey Kaye Morrissette Presidents List
Birmingham 35226 AL Catherine Taylor Pewitt Presidents List
Birmingham 35226 AL Brandon W. Pridgen Presidents List
Birmingham 35228 AL Jean-Luc Adams Deans List
Birmingham 35228 AL Camille Deon Jones Deans List
Birmingham 35235 AL Wellyna C Johnson Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Kristina Elise Akins Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Emilee G Barrow Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Rosemary Tanner Brennan Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Mark Allen English Presidents List
Birmingham 35242 AL Donna T Ferretti Presidents List
Birmingham 35242 AL Ansley C Fuller Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Lauren G. Gallas Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Jackson Cramer Hagen Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Davis M Hill Presidents List
Birmingham 35242 AL Christopher Edward Lawrence Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Ashley Leigh Lewis Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Kaitlyn M. McMahon Presidents List
Birmingham 35242 AL Jon Colquitt Moore Jr. Presidents List
Birmingham 35242 AL Taylor Ryan Sanders Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Micah P Semon Deans List
Birmingham 35242 AL Patrick R Terry Presidents List
Birmingham 35242 AL Elizabeth R Voltz Presidents List
Birmingham 35242 AL Ashlee T Webber Deans List
Birmingham 35243 AL Wesley Robert Jones Deans List
Birmingham 35243 AL Hannah Grace Partain Deans List
Birmingham 35244 AL Laura Elizabeth Bennett Deans List
Birmingham 35244 AL Rachel Anne Rivers Deans List
Birmingham 35244 AL Elaine K Song Presidents List
Birmingham 35244 AL Steven J Tajer Deans List
Bremen AL Caitlin J Marsh Presidents List
Brent AL Jessica J Cox Deans List
Brewton AL Kathryn L Miller Deans List
Brownsboro AL Barbara Jo Smith Deans List
Butler AL Layne J Moore Deans List
Chelsea AL Kellen A Cowen Presidents List
Cottondale AL Genna Leann Jones Presidents List
Cottondale AL Derek W Marcum Presidents List
Cottondale AL Melissa Marie Page Deans List
Daphne AL Eric R Arnold Presidents List
Daphne AL Joseph Edmund Helean Deans List
Daphne AL Dana M. McCormick Presidents List
Deatsville AL Sarah E Waldrop Presidents List
Dothan AL Alaina Denean Clark Deans List
Dothan AL Brianna L Grayson Deans List
Dothan AL Elizabeth A Loftin Deans List
Dothan AL Robert B Meadows Presidents List
Dothan AL Mary G Roebling Deans List
Dothan AL Andrew Woodson Smyth Presidents List
Dothan AL Lacee Lynn Strickland Deans List
Double Springs AL Colby D. Martin Deans List
Duncanville AL Jonathan R. Obrien Presidents List
Duncanville AL Edward T. Sterling Deans List
Enterprise AL William W. Frazier III Deans List
Enterprise AL Hannah Kelsey Miller Presidents List
Enterprise AL Latigre K Purdie Deans List
Epes AL Keira C Hill Deans List
Eufaula AL Zachary R Brown Presidents List
Eutaw AL Laporsha S Brown Deans List
Fairhope AL Alexis B Cornelison Deans List
Fairhope AL Justin Tyler Raines Presidents List
Fairhope AL Alexandra Lord Smith Presidents List
Fayette AL Richard Scott Drapo II Deans List
Fayette AL Tracy N Hardy Presidents List
Fayette AL Kevin E Killingsworth Presidents List
Fayette AL Joseph Kent Williamson Deans List
Fosters AL Demetrius D Walker Deans List
Fruithurst AL Katie Lene Austin Presidents List
Gardendale AL Adam W. Greene Presidents List
Goodwater AL Clare Nicole Garrett Presidents List
Gordo AL Claire C Harper Deans List
Goshen AL Rachel Emily Folmar Deans List
Gulf Shores AL Katharine M Martin Deans List
Guntersville AL Meagan A Vaughan Deans List
Hackleburg AL Lacey R Fincher Deans List
Hamilton AL Rachel Leanna Shewbart Deans List
Hamilton AL Savannah E Thompson Deans List
Harvest AL Melanie R Alexander Deans List
Harvest AL Justin Sandlin Presidents List
Helena AL Khara B Cole Deans List
Helena AL Patrick David Farren Deans List
Helena AL Karen Staliwe Johnson Presidents List
Helena AL Brandi A. Russell Deans List
Huntsville AL Anna K Aycock Deans List
Huntsville AL Kaylie A Booth Deans List
Huntsville AL Megan Ford Deans List
Huntsville AL Hannah L. Huddleston Deans List
Huntsville AL Jewel C Loper Deans List
Huntsville AL William C Lusk Presidents List
Huntsville AL Rebecca Danielle Robinson Deans List
Huntsville AL Allie L. Shepard Presidents List
Huntsville AL Ashley Marie Thomas Deans List
Huntsville AL Ryan T. Tripp Deans List
Huntsville AL Lauren E Wesley Deans List
Jemison AL Andrew Jason Oaks Presidents List
Livingston AL Sara Katherine Bonner Presidents List
Madison AL Maceo Dawson Caudle Presidents List
Madison AL Evan Michael Graves Presidents List
Madison AL Emily M Johnson Presidents List
Madison AL Tyler S Leach Presidents List
Madison AL Alex Thomas Marsh Presidents List
Madison AL Joshua H. McDaniel Deans List
Madison AL Amy D Peck Presidents List
Madison AL Kristen M Schrader Deans List
McCalla AL Christopher Grant Burks Presidents List
Meridianville AL Christopher S. Wade Presidents List
Mobile AL Jessica N Chambers Presidents List
Mobile AL John M Delchamps Jr Deans List
Mobile AL Brooke Haney Presidents List
Mobile AL John A Lightbourne Presidents List
Mobile AL Ivan W. Matchett Deans List
Mobile AL John B McFadyen Jr Deans List
Mobile AL Thomas Lawrence Piecuch Deans List
Mobile AL Michael G. Skipper Jr. Deans List
Mobile AL Elizabeth Rebekah Stroecker Presidents List
Mobile AL Kelly Michelle Wilson Presidents List
Montgomery AL Nicholas Bryan Adger Deans List
Montgomery AL Richard B Cobb Presidents List
Montgomery AL Kiara N. Foxhall Deans List
Montgomery AL Alfred Hamilton III Presidents List
Montgomery AL Jaye L. Lawrence Deans List
Montgomery AL Courtney A McCall Deans List
Montgomery AL Reyna A Murrell Presidents List
Montgomery AL Hobart F Reed III Deans List
Montgomery AL Hillary K. Rogers Deans List
Montgomery AL Davis S Vaughn Presidents List
Moundville AL Monica S Blackmon Presidents List
Moundville AL Justine B. Knox Presidents List
Moundville AL Marina M Patrick Deans List
Moundville AL Heather M Watkins Deans List
Muscle Shoals AL Isabelle V. Akers Deans List
New Market AL Bobby Renoyd Jordan Deans List
New Market AL David C. Wise Presidents List
Newbern AL Frank Allen Jr. Deans List
Northport AL Robert Aydin Presidents List
Northport AL Chance A Blake Deans List
Northport AL Lee A Chatham Presidents List
Northport AL Andrew K Chung Deans List
Northport AL Ryan Christopher Dugan Presidents List
Northport AL Jessica L Hart Presidents List
Northport AL William D. Jordan Jr Presidents List
Northport AL Jennifer Michelle Lake Deans List
Northport AL Haley B. Lee Deans List
Northport AL Robert D Lee Deans List
Northport AL Rebecca Sloan Saunders Presidents List
Northport AL Brannon D. Steele Deans List
Northport AL Randall S Warren Presidents List
Oakman AL Stephanie E Ballard Presidents List
Odenville AL Ryan Craig Campbell Deans List
Odenville AL Garrett H. Taylor Presidents List
Opelika AL Hayden F Gunter Presidents List
Opp AL Heather Phillips Presidents List
OwensCrossRoads AL Erin Denise Brindley Deans List
OwensCrossRoads AL Morgan B Butler Presidents List
Pelham AL Matthew M Conde Deans List
Pelham AL Sarah Virginia Douglas Deans List
Peterson AL Jeannette Kathleen Byrd Presidents List
Phenix City AL Naomi Christa Davis Deans List
Pinson AL Meghan E. McRae Deans List
Prattville AL Savanna Lee Harvard Presidents List
Rainbow City AL Cameron E Cleveland Deans List
Ralph AL Nicholas L Tinker Presidents List
Ramer AL Daniel T Nakamura Presidents List
Roanoke AL Charles W. Slay Presidents List
Saginaw AL Edward H. Lindley III Presidents List
Salem AL Carson E Perrella Deans List
Salem AL Morgan B Thomas Presidents List
Saraland AL Raqueal Lavishia Jones Presidents List
Scottsboro AL Hannah M Jones Presidents List
Seale AL LeKeshia RoShawn Thomas Deans List
Selma AL David D. Powe Deans List
Smiths Station AL Joshua B Fleitas Deans List
Sterrett AL Landry E. Venable Deans List
Sylacauga AL Caroline R Clark Deans List
Thomasville AL Christopher P East Deans List
Troy AL Christopher V. Davis Presidents List
Trussville AL Ariane Michelle Cox Deans List
Trussville AL Kayci N Dennis Deans List
Trussville AL Nolan R Hoffman Presidents List
Trussville AL Jonathan M Simpson Deans List
Trussville AL Erin N Spinks Deans List
Trussville AL Baleigh Morgan Swaney Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Joanna I AbuOmar Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Ashli Anastasia Barnes Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Alexxandria N. Black Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Kevin A. Brown Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Reneitheyia L. Cook Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Adrian Barton Cortes Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Katherine L DeLay Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Christopher H Dobbs Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Christopher M. Duke Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Allee C. Ellen Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Kelsie Danielle Fair Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Lewis Bryant Foster Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Briana W Gilbert Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Lisa Stacey Glick Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Robert S Goodwin Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Parker D Graham Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Jasmine N Green Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Elke Heumesser Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Tabitha N. Holcombe Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Bjoern Hornikel Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL James A. Hughston Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Arielle J Hurst Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Kristin M. Kelley Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Erica Davis King Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Michael Anthony Koerber Jr Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Jonathan Colby Landrum Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Hyeok Lee Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Pingchuan Ma Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Charlotte M Magnusson Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Kristopher V. Metcalfe Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Robyn D Mitchell Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Randell Gordon Nichols Jr. Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Adam V Nunley Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Nicoletta R Pannunzio Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Elizabath Philip Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Hunter Cole Pierce Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Samantha Rae Plumlee Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Emily Elizabeth Pollard Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Brittney S Pruitt Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Andrew A Raulerson Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Kristen Nichole Saban Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Alyssa M Stites Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Brittany Maria Street Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Sarah Jean Tooley Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Peter G Williams Presidents List
Tuscaloosa AL Jennifer K Wright Deans List
Tuscaloosa AL Jason A Yeager Deans List
Valley Head AL Kristen N Tcherneshoff Deans List
Vance AL Cumberlan Danielle Davis Deans List
Vance AL Raven J Poe Deans List
Woodville AL Steven C Davis Deans List
Alamo CA Eric D Yaron Deans List
Belmont CA Jill Cathlyn Morehouse Deans List
Carlsbad CA Samantha C Richter Deans List
Manteca CA Faith A Grochau-Wright Presidents List
Portola Valley CA Jessica Marie Blocker Presidents List
Changchun CH Zhongwen Zhang Deans List
Jinan CH Feifei Xing Presidents List
Lin Yi CH Yuan Zhuang Deans List
Taiyuan CH Jiaqi Pan Presidents List
Castle Rock CO Hunter L James Presidents List
ColoradoSprings CO Jaimie E Crawford Presidents List
Parker CO Olin Ford King Presidents List
Darien CT Robert Parker Tricarico Deans List
Middlefield CT Ryan John Overturf Presidents List
Newark DE Nathaniel Schultz Graber Presidents List
Fort Lauderdale FL Brittany Nicole Bauman Deans List
Hollywood FL Amanda Lauren Petryszak Presidents List
Lynn Haven FL Meagan K Thorpe Deans List
Odessa FL Rachel Lynn Kasson Presidents List
PonteVedraBeach FL Michael A. Jennesse Jr. Deans List
PonteVedraBeach FL Kayli Danielle Spencer Deans List
PonteVedraBeach FL John Bartley Towers Jr Deans List
PonteVedraBeach FL Julia Ann Pearl Viti Deans List
SaintPetersburg FL Suhong Qin Presidents List
SantaRosa Beach FL Jacqueline Beavers Presidents List
Sarasota FL Heather M Merriman Deans List
Alpharetta GA Harrison Register Brown Deans List
Alpharetta GA Matthew Clayton McDonald Deans List
Alpharetta GA Diana J Zarzour Deans List
Athens GA Jordan Alexandra Perry Presidents List
Atlanta GA Meredith E. Feiman Presidents List
Atlanta GA Benjamin Andrew Lacy Deans List
Atlanta GA Evan Rich Lang Deans List
Atlanta GA Cashmere Miller Deans List
Atlanta GA Jessica Noelle Miller-Khalil Deans List
Atlanta GA Brian Keith Olliff Deans List
Columbus GA Akeisha Danielle Young Presidents List
Columbus GA Shanikia Nicole Young Presidents List
Conyers GA Rachel Elizabeth Delevett Deans List
Cumming GA Caitlin V Jennings Deans List
Douglasville GA Lakeshia N Doctor Deans List
Duluth GA Emma Elizabeth Cornwall Deans List
Marietta GA Alissa M Colacicco Deans List
Marietta GA Danielle L Menear Presidents List
Marietta GA Bethanne H. Vines Presidents List
Rome GA Winnie Anne Wright Presidents List
Roswell GA Jason William Berman Deans List
Roswell GA Brandon M May Deans List
Statesboro GA Anna M Foy Deans List
Woodstock GA Kristin Carmon Payne Presidents List
Downers Grove IL Michael Thomas Walser Presidents List
Urbana IL Sean E Ackerson Deans List
Vernon Hills IL Taylor Marie LaLuzerne Deans List
St. Andrew, Kingston 7 JM Jonathan Chimaobim Reid Deans List
Sungnam KS Nam In Seong Deans List
Madisonville LA Brandon Sutton Slay Deans List
New Orleans LA Rebecca Danielle Katz Presidents List
Attleboro MA Meagan Elise Fuller Presidents List
NorthAdams MA James Brooks Deans List
Chaska MN Rachael N Hoff Presidents List
Minneapolis MN Emily Rose Jaeger Deans List
Biloxi MS Kevin E Norwood Deans List
Columbus MS Michelle Pilate Presidents List
Hattiesburg MS Randolph J Ross Jr Presidents List
Natchez MS Harrison L Burns Presidents List
Apex NC Kaiya Mary Alexandria Arroyo Presidents List
Gastonia NC Maria Katrina Pearson Presidents List
Matthews NC Nicholas A Hagopian Deans List
Winston Salem NC Mary Grace Showfety Presidents List
Rye NH Michael Robert O’Brien Deans List
Astoria NY Mary Elizabeth Butler Deans List
Columbus OH Tessa Farrington Reach Presidents List
Milford OH Amanda Christine Crowe Deans List
Terrace Park OH Maxwell C. Koehler Deans List
Pittsburgh PA Tiffany Taylor Eby Presidents List
Riyadh SA Hasan Abdulatif Albasha Deans List
Columbia SC Christian P Lattimore Deans List
Greenville SC William Bannister Ray Deans List
Collierville TN Lauren D. Henderson Presidents List
Franklin TN Katherine E Werner Presidents List
Germantown TN Meghan Elizabeth Martin Presidents List
Knoxville TN Miranda A Latremore Deans List
Madison TN Kimberly Dawn Hurt Presidents List
Memphis TN Patrick Martin Croce Deans List
Memphis TN Devin Elizabeth Grissom Deans List
Nashville TN William C Looney Presidents List
Nashville TN Garrett L Martin Presidents List
Old Hickory TN Chelsey Paige Nolen Deans List
Ooltewah TN Dana J Flaherty Deans List
Austin TX Lauren Nicole McCoy Deans List
Austin TX Trent McBee Wilson Deans List
Colleyville TX Avery E Orrell Presidents List
Corpus Christi TX Jessica K. Blair Deans List
Dallas TX Alexandra Jane Swigart Deans List
Fort Worth TX Anna M Philpott Deans List
Houston TX Katherine Leigh Nelson Presidents List
Southlake TX Benjamin Thomas Carroll Deans List
Victoria TX Jason Andrew Slagle Presidents List
GreatFalls VA Olivia Maria Mencia Deans List
Leesburg VA Calvin Wallace Russell Deans List
McLean VA Madeline Richardson Horst Presidents List
Norfolk VA Carter Elizabeth Garris Presidents List
Vienna VA Christopher Ramon Samuels Presidents List
Ho Chi Minh VM Thanh Truc Vo Phan Deans List
Seattle WA Erin Enriquez Deans List
Melissa D Brock Deans List
Steven M Sparks Deans List

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state's economy, is in keeping with UA's vision to be the university of choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state's flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.