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The University of Alabama

Dean’s List Students Named for UA Fall Term

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – A total of 7,267 students enrolled during the 2011 fall term at The University of Alabama were named to the Dean’s List with an academic record of 3.5 or above, or the President’s List with an academic record of 4.0, all As.

The UA Dean’s and President’s List recognizes full-time, undergraduate students. The list does not apply to graduate students or undergraduate students who take less than a full course load.

The fall 2011 list includes the following students:

City State Name List Type
Apo AE Micaela Aguilar Presidents List
Apo AE Jacob D Bailey Presidents List
Palmer AK Daniel Philip Burton Deans List
Abbeville AL Shaquillia U Hogan Deans List
Abbeville AL Anna C Phillips Deans List
Abbeville AL Madison L Roland Presidents List
Adamsville AL Faith Larenza Merritt Deans List
Adamsville AL Trenia L Monroe Presidents List
Addison AL Matthew Blake Naylor Deans List
Adger AL Katy Nicole Graham Deans List
Adger AL Frank A White Presidents List
Akron AL Wendy Mae Beard Presidents List
Akron AL Shelly Marie Beasley Deans List
Alabaster AL Carlos A Banuelos Deans List
Alabaster AL Brianna D Beluscak Deans List
Alabaster AL Briana M. Bishop Deans List
Alabaster AL Dominique Bivins Presidents List
Alabaster AL Ashley N Canada Deans List
Alabaster AL Bevin E Clark Deans List
Alabaster AL Jesse S Davis Deans List
Alabaster AL David Conrad Dooley Deans List
Alabaster AL Ashley R Eubanks Deans List
Alabaster AL Brittany S Everson Deans List
Alabaster AL Orlando L Fowler Deans List
Alabaster AL Kevin W Hicks Deans List
Alabaster AL Sean M. Jackson Presidents List
Alabaster AL Kyle E Johnson Deans List
Alabaster AL Austin Riley Jones Deans List
Alabaster AL David Michael Lambert Presidents List
Alabaster AL Alex J Lanter Deans List
Alabaster AL Raychel Elizabeth Martin Deans List
Alabaster AL Casey A May Deans List
Alabaster AL Deanna F Mehlhoff Deans List
Alabaster AL Caris Pope Mitchell Deans List
Alabaster AL Sarah Elizabeth O’Shields Presidents List
Alabaster AL Derek R Partridge Deans List
Alabaster AL Kristen Patete Deans List
Alabaster AL Natasha T Patete Deans List
Alabaster AL Emily S. Pinneo Deans List
Alabaster AL Sarah Elizabeth Richardson Deans List
Alabaster AL Lauren N Vaughan Deans List
Alabaster AL Frances Claire Victory Deans List
Alabaster AL Andrew L Wash Presidents List
Alabaster AL Whitney E. Wash Presidents List
Alabaster AL Jesse D Wooten Deans List
Albertville AL Jason Scott Atchley Deans List
Albertville AL Leigh A. Bray Deans List
Albertville AL Mallory Nakole Brown Deans List
Albertville AL Lucia Maria Di Prima Presidents List
Albertville AL Rosa Vincenza DiPrima Deans List
Albertville AL William Collier Gullahorn III Deans List
Albertville AL David A Hawkins Jr. Deans List
Albertville AL Casey L. Oliver Presidents List
Albertville AL Carlie M Reeves Deans List
Albertville AL Sarah A Waldrop Deans List
Albertville AL Margaret L Younghouse Deans List
Alexander City AL Riley Frances Boone Deans List
Alexander City AL Sarah Morgan Daugherty Deans List
Alexander City AL Amanda D. Floyd Presidents List
Alexander City AL Chase C Green Presidents List
Alexander City AL Robert Carlisle Gunn Presidents List
Alexander City AL Amelia Staley Gwaltney Deans List
Alexander City AL Holley Nichols Howell Deans List
Alexander City AL Kathryn A Lamberth Deans List
Alexander City AL Ross Spratling Nabors Deans List
Alexander City AL Madolyn M. Price Deans List
Alexander City AL Anna M Traylor Deans List
Alexander City AL John R Walker II Deans List
Alexandria AL Michael Scott Ervin Deans List
Alexandria AL Amy L Manners Deans List
Aliceville AL Elizabeth T Fuller Presidents List
Aliceville AL Ashley L Garner Deans List
Aliceville AL Catherine E Johnson Presidents List
Aliceville AL Sara C Lavender Deans List
Aliceville AL Caroline Wade McKinzey Deans List
Aliceville AL Michael J Potts Deans List
Aliceville AL Joshua Jerome Sommerville Deans List
Alpine AL Whitley D Wilson Deans List
Altoona AL Hannah Elizabeth White Presidents List
Andalusia AL Clara Marjorie Bass Presidents List
Andalusia AL Hannah D Carter Deans List
Andalusia AL D’Amber N. Chambers Presidents List
Andalusia AL Heather A Edson Deans List
Andalusia AL Jennifer Leanne Farrington Deans List
Andalusia AL Heather Michelle Fuqua Deans List
Andalusia AL Jack Hjalmar Hammontree Deans List
Andalusia AL Charles D Hester Deans List
Andalusia AL Margaret R Jones Deans List
Andalusia AL Mitchell Thomas Myers Deans List
Andalusia AL Zoza G Spears Presidents List
Andalusia AL Tara Lynn Ward Deans List
Andalusia AL Harold C. Wiggins Deans List
Anniston AL Kelsey E. Ballew Deans List
Anniston AL Emily Katrina Chalk Deans List
Anniston AL Mallory A. Clark Deans List
Anniston AL Benjamin J. Crosby Deans List
Anniston AL Taylor Carol Dawson Deans List
Anniston AL Joshua Kyle Douglas Deans List
Anniston AL Allee C. Ellen Deans List
Anniston AL Caitlin M Fockele Deans List
Anniston AL Andrew Gordon Hopper Deans List
Anniston AL Seth P Kennedy Deans List
Anniston AL Emily M. Keys Deans List
Anniston AL Jackson E. King III Deans List
Anniston AL Desmond J Nunn Deans List
Anniston AL Robert T. Quilliams Deans List
Anniston AL Christiane Layne Smedley Deans List
Anniston AL Adam M Snow Deans List
Anniston AL Kaitlyn E. Stuart Deans List
Anniston AL Michael K Taylor Presidents List
Arab AL Jonathan R Burrows Deans List
Arab AL Janice L. Campbell Deans List
Arab AL Haley Victoria Clemons Presidents List
Arab AL Riley W. Craft Deans List
Arab AL Carley A Hallman Deans List
Arab AL Jacob P Harbin Presidents List
Arab AL John B. Harbin Deans List
Arab AL Anna W Johnson Presidents List
Arab AL Jenna Elizabeth King Deans List
Arab AL Trenten C. Martin Deans List
Arab AL Ashley B Vickers Deans List
Ardmore AL Joshua I Evans Deans List
Arley AL Ryan Hudson Clement Deans List
Ashville AL Colby T. Burttram Deans List
Ashville AL Samuel W Fore Deans List
Athens AL Paula E Adams Deans List
Athens AL Frances J Armstrong Deans List
Athens AL Travis J Atchley Presidents List
Athens AL Leslie M. Austin Deans List
Athens AL Christopher N Bacon Deans List
Athens AL Britney D. Bates Presidents List
Athens AL Lauren C. Belew Presidents List
Athens AL Ashley N Bishop Deans List
Athens AL Anna L Black Deans List
Athens AL Andrew S Branton Presidents List
Athens AL Brock E. Brett Presidents List
Athens AL Terry D. Brown Deans List
Athens AL Jordan G Crow Presidents List
Athens AL Zachary Thomas Dailey Presidents List
Athens AL Andrew T. Davidson Deans List
Athens AL Morgan V Embry Deans List
Athens AL Taylor L. Furline Deans List
Athens AL Kelly L Galuska Deans List
Athens AL Thomas H Gibbs Presidents List
Athens AL Kayla L. Grantham Presidents List
Athens AL Breanne N. Griffin Deans List
Athens AL Gregory S Hacker Presidents List
Athens AL Emily Nicole Hamilton Presidents List
Athens AL Mallory Lane Haney Presidents List
Athens AL Jordan L. Hardy Presidents List
Athens AL Corinne M. Heuiser Deans List
Athens AL Candice M Hovell Deans List
Athens AL Austin Zeke Jackson Deans List
Athens AL Jada W. Jackson Presidents List
Athens AL Katherine Peyton Johnson Deans List
Athens AL Mary Madeleine McKenzie Deans List
Athens AL Colin W. McMurry Deans List
Athens AL Victoria L Mccormick Presidents List
Athens AL Elizabeth N Ming Deans List
Athens AL William C. Ming Jr Deans List
Athens AL Leah M Moody Deans List
Athens AL Melissa L Moody Deans List
Athens AL Elizabeth J. Murray Presidents List
Athens AL Mary Payton Noah Deans List
Athens AL Jonathan Neal Pittman Presidents List
Athens AL Sydney Kathryn Powers Deans List
Athens AL Sarah Elizabeth Rosales Presidents List
Athens AL Chelsea Renae Southard Deans List
Athens AL Thomas A Stolaski Jr Deans List
Athens AL Kimberly D. Stone Presidents List
Athens AL Morgan Michelle Todd Deans List
Atmore AL Sara Elisabeth Davis Presidents List
Atmore AL Porchia S Flavors Deans List
Atmore AL Emily D. Gehman Presidents List
Atmore AL Kristen Anne Gehman Deans List
Atmore AL James Pierce Robinson Deans List
Atmore AL Callie Grace Smith Deans List
Attalla AL Zachary Austin Beasley Deans List
Attalla AL Shellby C Benefield Deans List
Attalla AL Shayla Sizemore Burroughs Deans List
Attalla AL Hannah E Hicks Deans List
Attalla AL Jacob A Roden Presidents List
Attalla AL Stephen Charles Walker Deans List
Auburn AL Katherine Joyce Adcock Deans List
Auburn AL Amira H Aglan Presidents List
Auburn AL Dixie S Alley Deans List
Auburn AL Kevyn Makarla Armstrong-Wright Deans List
Auburn AL Gayle C Avery Deans List
Auburn AL Amelia Elizabeth Brock Deans List
Auburn AL James J Carroll Jr Deans List
Auburn AL Wesly Kyle Clay Deans List
Auburn AL Deborah C Crosby Deans List
Auburn AL David A. Curenton Deans List
Auburn AL John N. Harris Presidents List
Auburn AL Catherine C Humphrey Presidents List
Auburn AL Sarah Beth Langcuster Deans List
Auburn AL Lauren M. Leonard Deans List
Auburn AL Ryan Taylor Milster Presidents List
Auburn AL Grace A Phillips Presidents List
Auburn AL Adam W. Pickens Deans List
Auburn AL Victoria Corinne Robertson Presidents List
Auburn AL Kelly Elizabeth Roy Deans List
Auburn AL Kimberly Ann Roy Presidents List
Auburn AL Caroline Faith Shook Deans List
Auburn AL Meridith H. Shook Deans List
Auburn AL William C Sims Presidents List
Auburn AL Bradley M. Swinney Deans List
Auburn AL James Thomas-Douglas Deans List
Auburn AL Alexandra E. Tucci Presidents List
Auburn AL William Keene Turner Deans List
Banks AL Haley E Hixon Deans List
Banks AL Jodi M Long Deans List
Bay Minette AL James Daniel Bain Deans List
Bay Minette AL Christopher D. Graham Deans List
Bay Minette AL Brett A Lesinger Deans List
Bay Minette AL Mollie A Wallace Presidents List
Bear Creek AL Lauren Brooke Howell Deans List
Berry AL Donna Kimbrell Branyon Presidents List
Berry AL Crystal J Brown Presidents List
Berry AL Daniel P Moore Presidents List
Berry AL Heather L. Thrasher Deans List
Berry AL Mariah K. Turman Presidents List
Berry AL Meagan E. Willcutt Deans List
Bessemer AL Jessica S Bonnett Deans List
Bessemer AL Rachel Marie Bowers Presidents List
Bessemer AL Judith N Burroughs Deans List
Bessemer AL Johanna L Davis Presidents List
Bessemer AL Christina N Duncan Presidents List
Bessemer AL Andrew B Dunn Deans List
Bessemer AL Sarah Katherine Groover Deans List
Bessemer AL Amy Elizabeth Hames Presidents List
Bessemer AL Jasmine N Hawkins Deans List
Bessemer AL Synetta Jenae Hawkins Deans List
Bessemer AL Denver Lynn Hunt Deans List
Bessemer AL Mellonee R. Johnson Presidents List
Bessemer AL Derrill James Koelz Deans List
Bessemer AL Richard L Ledson III Deans List
Bessemer AL Morgan Ashley Loggins Presidents List
Bessemer AL Zachary F. Love Deans List
Bessemer AL Glennise S Marshall Deans List
Bessemer AL Millia M McCarty Presidents List
Bessemer AL Brittany A. Menzel Deans List
Bessemer AL Sara Y Merriweather Deans List
Bessemer AL Sydney L Page Deans List
Bessemer AL Cassie Michaela Parker-Snodgrass Deans List
Bessemer AL Abby M. Parsons Deans List
Bessemer AL Brittany N. Powell Deans List
Bessemer AL Kevin S Purser Deans List
Bessemer AL Mark A. Purser Deans List
Bessemer AL Eric R Rickles Deans List
Bessemer AL Brandon S Russell Deans List
Bessemer AL Audie Lee Shields Deans List
Bessemer AL John Alan Skinner Deans List
Bessemer AL Shane C. Slaughter Deans List
Bessemer AL Willis James Smith Presidents List
Bessemer AL Joi B West Deans List
Bessemer AL Mary Elizabeth Williams Deans List
Bessemer AL Molly B Williams Deans List
Bessemer AL Tempest L. Williamson Deans List
Bessemer AL Lauren A Zezulka Deans List

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