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The University of Alabama

May, August Graduates Announced at UA

The following students are listed as candidates to receive degrees for August (continued):

City State Name Degree
Scottsboro AL Kevin D. Adams Bachelor’s Degree
Scottsboro AL Nancy Ann Gentry Bachelor’s Degree
Scottsboro AL Thomas B. Holland Bachelor’s Degree
Scottsboro AL Samuel Edward Noble, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Scottsboro AL Jamie Nicole Travis Bachelor’s Degree
Scottsboro AL Wanda Elizabeth Watson Bachelor’s Degree
Scottsboro AL Kimberly Cook Fossett Master’s Degree
Scottsboro AL Amy Josephine LaRue Master’s Degree
Selma AL Jakkera S. Allen Bachelor’s Degree
Selma AL James Ware Cox Bachelor’s Degree
Selma AL Joshua Lynn Henry Bachelor’s Degree
Selma AL Jaleesa N. McMillan Bachelor’s Degree
Selma AL Carla A. Wall Bachelor’s Degree
Selma AL JeMecia A. Ward Bachelor’s Degree
Selma AL Randi Nichole Hughey Master’s Degree
Selma AL Clyde Everett Rivers III Master’s Degree
Semmes AL Evan Nile Bradley Bachelor’s Degree
Semmes AL Jason Bradley Cosper Bachelor’s Degree
Semmes AL Sondra McLeod Fincher Bachelor’s Degree
Semmes AL Ashley R. Touart Bachelor’s Degree
Sheffield AL Krista Leanne Jeffreys Doctoral Degree
Shorter AL Alyson L. Reynolds Bachelor’s Degree
Somerville AL Candice Brooke Spurlin Bachelor’s Degree
Somerville AL Steven T. Thompson Bachelor’s Degree
Somerville AL Phillip Andrew Gipner Master’s Degree
Spanish Fort AL Chad Joseph Alessi Bachelor’s Degree
Spanish Fort AL Chelsea L. Clayborn Bachelor’s Degree
Spanish Fort AL Mary R. Foster Bachelor’s Degree
Spanish Fort AL David L. Trawick Bachelor’s Degree
Spanish Fort AL Russell Lee Davis Master’s Degree
Spanish Fort AL Allison Brooke Vinyard Master’s Degree
Springville AL Donna G. Coupland Master’s Degree
Spruce Pine AL Kristi M. Dempsey Doctoral Degree
Stapleton AL Ricky J. Fowler Bachelor’s Degree
Steele AL Danny C. Wise Master’s Degree
Stevenson AL Kyle Jordan LeRoy Bachelor’s Degree
Stevenson AL Tammy Rene Guess Doctoral Degree
Sylacauga AL Caleb L. Jacobs Bachelor’s Degree
Sylacauga AL Hali Jamelle Buie Master’s Degree
Sylacauga AL Donterious L. Cook Master’s Degree
Sylacauga AL Danielle Marie Ezell Master’s Degree
Talladega AL Jasmyne S. Thomas Bachelor’s Degree
Talladega AL Leigh Ann Keith Doctoral Degree
Tallassee AL Robert J. McNamara Bachelor’s Degree
Tallassee AL Phebe Dionne Foy Doctoral Degree
Theodore AL Clifford P. Bouler Bachelor’s Degree
Theodore AL Courtney L. Whitten Bachelor’s Degree
Thomasville AL Melanie Ann Cornelson Bachelor’s Degree
Toney AL India S. Matthews Bachelor’s Degree
Toney AL Abigail Nicole Wright Bachelor’s Degree
Toxey AL Joseph B. Bonner Master’s Degree
Trinity AL Kristy Diane Terry Black Doctoral Degree
Trinity AL William B. Hodges Master’s Degree
Troy AL Jessica R. Kitchens Bachelor’s Degree
Troy AL Cristin M. Dillard Master’s Degree
Troy AL Lydia Anne Ellis Master’s Degree
Trussville AL Andrew C. Bellenger Bachelor’s Degree
Trussville AL Alex W. Benson Bachelor’s Degree
Trussville AL Charles Tyler Flores Bachelor’s Degree
Trussville AL Ashleigh Lynn Lyle Bachelor’s Degree
Trussville AL Victoria R. Wiggins Bachelor’s Degree
Trussville AL Karly A. Tuggle Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Forrest S. Adair Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Denton Leon Alford Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Michael L. Armstrong Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Brittani Pow Atwood Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Ian D. Brittain Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jasmine S. Brothers Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Clayton Jennings Caldwell Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jeffrey D. Campbell Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Andria Wheatley Carlisle Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kathryn B. Carter Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Panida  Chaiongkhan Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Christopher Adam Collier Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kelli Michelle Craddock Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Calvin Ross Culliver Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Starr P. Culpepper Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Katlin Elisabeth Davis Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Monica K. DeVaughn Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Clytee Lachelle Drake Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Tabatha Elizabeth Dye Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Benjamin D. East Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL William S. Edwards, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Daniel James Fields Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Emily K. Flanagan Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Amber Leeanne Forsythe Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Nicholas Andrew Foy Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Leverius D. Glass Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Phillip D. Grant, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Evan  Greene Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Brittany S. Greer Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Coryanne  Gromotka Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Naneva Elizabeth Haines Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Takebanee S. Hill Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Laurie Beth Jensen Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Mary Martin Johnson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Caitlin Elizabeth Jones Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Hilary L. Jones Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kasabrian Deanna Jones Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Michael R. Kaholokula Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Bettienne  Kelly Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Meghann K. Kernan Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Meghan D. Kladke Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL William C. Knight Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Abraham M. Kutingala Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Micah  Larsen Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Alyson L. Lawrence Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL GaYun  Lee Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Mary E. Leigh Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Burgess Guy Leonard Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jonathon Alan Lightsey Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Rachel E. Lopacki Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jerry A. Lushington Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Robert R. Magnuson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL David Anthony Makowski Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Micah W. Martin Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Daniel Hunter McCarver Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Lauren E. McClendon Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Ellen R. McCown Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL William Eliot McGee Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Richard Brian McLendon Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Justin F. Mixon Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Chauntel Elizabeth Montgomery Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Tashia Renee Napier Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Andrew K. Ostrander Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Tiffany L. Oswalt Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Donna Marice Owens-Collins Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kristina Michelle Patrick Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Abner Edward Patton Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Daryl L. Phelps Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL James N. Phifer Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL William A. Phifer Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Michael Vincent Polis Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Michael Keith Powell, Jr Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Lynn A. Rainey Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Meredith L. Randall Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Yancey Reid Reach Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Courtney Erin Ready Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL April Joy Richardson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jalessa M. Richardson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Josiah D. Ross Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL John  Safford Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Drew David Sanford Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Matthew B. Sartain Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Edmund M. Sexton, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Elizabeth Ann Simon Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jared K. Sims Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Christopher Hunter Slatton Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Andrew Jackson Smithart IV Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Katlin L. Snow Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Timothy F. Stepter, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Marica L. Stewart Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Geoffrey Michael Strickland Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Hayley Elizabeth Strong Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Hayley Elizabeth Strong Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Matthew N. Sturdivant Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Debra D. Sullivan Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Caroline Elizabeth Thompson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Willard Ross Thompson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL David X. Thurman Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Valerie Elisabeth Trull Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kristen Yvette Ward Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Christopher E. Weaver Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Phillip Glyn Weaver Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Shannon Lenore Weaver Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Christina Nicole Williamson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Benjamin Tyler Wilson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Brittany M. Wilson Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Erica L. Windle Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Remona Wilson Winston Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kyle C. Wiser Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kelly R. Woods Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Yi-Cheng  Yu Bachelor’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Haj Abdeslam  Allali Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Gytis  Balilionis Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Joshua Brandon Dickhaus Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Bridgette Lee Fisher Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Monica  Florez Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Regina Latonya Golar Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Maria Thereza Pita Gondim Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Julie Anne Gray Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Travis Gary Illian Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jung Kyu Kim Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Yuliya  Kolomyts Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jason Michael Parton Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Gregory Alexander Robinson Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Peng  Shao Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Rebecca F. Stallworth Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Noboru  Togawa Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Joy Delynne Wilcox Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Carolyn Land Williams Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Gwendolyn Stewart Williams Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Mary Veronica Wojnaroski Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL O’Neil Antonio Wright Doctoral Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Farhana  Afroz Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Mary Sylvia Agwang Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Adam Russell Beeson Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jennifer Ann Biladeau Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Justin Glen Brons Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Zachary M. Burell Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL David Lavincent Caddell Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kaitlin E. Cauchon Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Michael James Cervera Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Samujjwal  Chakraborty Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Whitney Roberts Childers Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Laquita Richardson Coleman Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Lauren E. Cooper Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kathleen M. Crowe Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Julie  Cunningham Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Adam  Dalton Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Elizabeth Ann Dinapoli Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL William Blake Doherty Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kimberly Suzanne Bailey Downing Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Julia B. Emrich Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Naga Sai Shravan Evana Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Daniel Clark Genest Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Vibha  Gill Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Cayla W. Hayes Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Patricia  Hill Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jasmina  Hira Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Abby Grammer Horton Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Lynda Hill Ingram Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jessica A. Kornegay Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Rebecca Rose Lutonsky Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Daniel E. Lyerly Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Andrew Justin Machtolff Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Rebecca A. McGowin Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jessica Ann Minney Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Valencia Macha Morrow Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Qinyue  Pan Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jihoon  Park Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Sharita S. Pickett Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Sarah O. Porter Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Eric S. Porth Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Mark Howard ReMine Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Shraddha Pradip Sen Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Brandon E. Sevedge Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL James Edward Shamlee, Jr. Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Wenwu  Shi Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Harsimran  Singh Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL April Lynn Southern Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jonathan  Stone Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Kristopher George Strickland Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL James E. Stuart Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Yuanyuan  Su Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Ashley Michelle Tu Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Jonathan Alan Underwood Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Tao  Wang Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL William Andrew Watson Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Xiaoyu  Xu Master’s Degree
Tuscaloosa AL Liuhui  Zhao Master’s Degree
Tuscumbia AL Allison Fleming Bigbie Master’s Degree
Uniontown AL Perren Terrell Banks Master’s Degree
Uriah AL Gerrie R. McMillian Doctoral Degree
Verbena AL Christopher Scott Phillips Bachelor’s Degree
Warrior AL Paul N. Jerles Bachelor’s Degree
Warrior AL Matthew Paul McKay Master’s Degree
Warrior AL Kayla Danielle Reynolds Master’s Degree
West Blocton AL Marcus A. Nunn Bachelor’s Degree
Wetumpka AL Michael H. Gregory Bachelor’s Degree
Wetumpka AL Mary Catherine Welch Bachelor’s Degree
Wetumpka AL Benjamin F. Weldon Bachelor’s Degree
Whatley AL Angelica Kierrah Allen Bachelor’s Degree
Wilmer AL Anna R. Solomon Bachelor’s Degree
Wilsonville AL Alexander Ryals Lovorn Bachelor’s Degree
Wilsonville AL Gregory S. Williams Bachelor’s Degree
Winfield AL William Z. Bryant Master’s Degree
Woodstock AL Merissa S. Deloach Bachelor’s Degree
York AL Demario R. Carter Bachelor’s Degree
Fayetteville AR Jennifer Ellen Lloyd Master’s Degree
Fordyce AR Blake Caldwell Vaughan Bachelor’s Degree
Little Rock AR Haley Marie Rugger Master’s Degree
Little Rock AR Rahul  Vadakke Veetil Master’s Degree
Pine Bluff AR Leslie Amber Smith Doctoral Degree
Sheridan AR Christy Michelle Wilson-Eggburn Doctoral Degree
Siloam Springs AR Joel Philip Alfano Master’s Degree
Stuttgart AR Maria  Williams Doctoral Degree
Stuttgart AR Riley Lee Williams Doctoral Degree
Paradise Valley AZ Dana R. Garmany Bachelor’s Degree
ElDorado Hills CA Kyle Ryan Davis Bachelor’s Degree
LaCanada Flintridge CA Julie Elizabeth Tichon Master’s Degree
Pacoima CA Sidney Lynn Jones Master’s Degree
Palo Alto CA Avi Benjamin Kushlan Master’s Degree
San Diego CA Benjamin John Pisarev Master’s Degree
San Francisco CA Ryan Woodson Leonard Bachelor’s Degree
San Jose CA Yoshito James Yamamoto Master’s Degree
San Ramon CA Jonathan Crawford Watts Master’s Degree
Denver CO Tamar  Miller Master’s Degree
Shelton CT Tyler H. Rowe Bachelor’s Degree
Westport CT Michelle Elizabeth Pocius Bachelor’s Degree
Washington DC Gregory David Mays Bachelor’s Degree
Magnolia DE Robert Charles Holbrook Master’s Degree
Clearwater FL Nicholas W. Paladino Bachelor’s Degree
Clermont FL Alexander N. Woolbright Master’s Degree
Fort Lauderdale FL Shayna Michelle Reitman Master’s Degree
Geneva FL Jennifer L. Basile Bachelor’s Degree
Gulf Breeze FL Shanna Cave Kelty Bachelor’s Degree
Hallandale FL David Harris Haft Master’s Degree
Hollywood FL Jennifer Michelle Schultz Bachelor’s Degree
Jacksonville FL Charles David McDowell Bachelor’s Degree
Jacksonville FL Julia G. Middlekauff Bachelor’s Degree
Jacksonville Beach FL Michael James Weaver Bachelor’s Degree
Jupiter FL Douglas H. Morrow Bachelor’s Degree
Lady Lake FL Michael Joseph Kelly Bachelor’s Degree
Lynn Haven FL Stephanie D. Campbell Bachelor’s Degree
Marianna FL Crystal Joyce Marsh Master’s Degree
Miami FL Dionisio  Bencomo Master’s Degree
Miami FL Fedline  Ferjuste Master’s Degree
Miami FL Eli  Panell Master’s Degree
North Palm Beach FL Kurtis Owen Althouse Master’s Degree
Orlando FL Jennifer L. Grennan Bachelor’s Degree
Orlando FL Erin Cathleen Elsass Master’s Degree
Orlando FL Hannah Theresa Miller Master’s Degree
Orlando FL Margaret Dawn Nowicki Master’s Degree
Palm Harbor FL Ernesto C. Perez Doctoral Degree
Panama City FL Shaun M. Gaiser Bachelor’s Degree
Panama City FL Hilary  Rubin Bachelor’s Degree
Panama City FL Daniel E. Bush Master’s Degree
Pensacola FL Carol Ann Colbert Master’s Degree
PlantCity FL Cathy Noe Gaffney Bachelor’s Degree
Ponte Vedra Beach FL Allison C. Diederich Bachelor’s Degree
Ponte Vedra Beach FL Joseph M. Jennesse Bachelor’s Degree
Safety Harbor FL Claire Elise Huenke Bachelor’s Degree
SantaRosa Beach FL Jane Elizabeth Kerrigan Master’s Degree
Satellite Beach FL James R. Mullins Bachelor’s Degree
Spring Hill FL Lisa Ann Martin Master’s Degree
Stuart FL Raymond Geofran Robison Master’s Degree
Tallahassee FL Caroline Mallory Campbell Bachelor’s Degree
Tallahassee FL Varisia P. Raffington Bachelor’s Degree
Tampa FL Jessica Marie Ayers Master’s Degree
Tampa FL Lindsay Rae Dunn Master’s Degree
Winter Springs FL Nancy Sue Freeman Master’s Degree
Acworth GA Susan Cavanah Dunn Master’s Degree
Acworth GA Lindsay Meredith Harris Master’s Degree
Albany GA John Hall Kirbo Master’s Degree
Allentown GA Pengfei  Yao Doctoral Degree
Alpharetta GA Patrick Michael Murphy, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Alpharetta GA Kyle M. Rice Bachelor’s Degree
Alpharetta GA William Richard Schnitzler Bachelor’s Degree
Alpharetta GA Douglas R. Vaughn Bachelor’s Degree
Alpharetta GA Kelly Otis Henderson Juris Doctor Degree
Athens GA Molly Roquemore Lloyd Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Julie L. Beattie Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Andrew Michael Destro Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Meredith Grace Edwards Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA William Colin Hanks Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Virginia Suzanne Jackson Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Michael A. Karafotias-Gibson Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Gregory S. Kellert Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA John Andrew King Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Cory O. Kruszewski Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Christopher A. McCormick Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Patrick O. Mewborn Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Thomas Garic Moran, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Robert Chaloner Patterson Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Matthew Richard Robinson Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Jessica A. Thompkins Bachelor’s Degree
Atlanta GA Mia Chandra Long Doctoral Degree
Atlanta GA Amanda Griffin Butler Master’s Degree
Atlanta GA Alexander D. Duncan Master’s Degree
Atlanta GA Phillip Russell Wilson Master’s Degree
Avondale Estates GA Brian Keith Melton Bachelor’s Degree
Canton GA Joseph A. Dickinson Bachelor’s Degree
Canton GA Hayden Gwyneth Warmington Bachelor’s Degree
Canton GA Kevin Edward Goss Master’s Degree
Carrollton GA Robert Martin Germany Bachelor’s Degree
Carrollton GA Marlis Jane MaGill Doctoral Degree
Carrollton GA Danette Ruth Smith Doctoral Degree
Chula GA Robert B. Bloodworth Bachelor’s Degree
Columbus GA Hannah Elizabeth Self Bachelor’s Degree
Columbus GA Blake Neisler Melton Master’s Degree
Columbus GA Adam Reynolds Pease Master’s Degree
Columbus GA Mary Kellye Sparks Master’s Degree
Cumming GA Priya Pandurang Bangal Master’s Degree
Cumming GA Jeffrey Jay Meek Master’s Degree
Dallas GA Adrian D. Davis Bachelor’s Degree
Dalton GA Michelle Ray Janke Master’s Degree
Decatur GA Melanie Jane Armistead Master’s Degree
Douglasville GA Donna Negus Crawford Master’s Degree
Duluth GA James Gardner Bell Master’s Degree
Duluth GA William Clifton Lorick, Jr. Master’s Degree
Ellaville GA Jodie Ann Leeder Doctoral Degree
Ellenwood GA Reginald M. Miller Master’s Degree
Fayetteville GA James C. Piazza Bachelor’s Degree
Flowery Branch GA Rachel  Cordle Master’s Degree
Grantville GA Susan Raina Welch Doctoral Degree
Gray GA Millie Young Smith Master’s Degree
Hartwell GA Robert Wenton Brown Doctoral Degree
Jasper GA Kelly Robyn Cannon Bachelor’s Degree
Kennesaw GA Molly Elizabeth Uhlig Bachelor’s Degree
Kennesaw GA Kimberly Lorraine Cave Doctoral Degree
Kennesaw GA Tiffany Marie Stevens Doctoral Degree
Keysville GA Robert Kyle Stewart Master’s Degree
Lagrange GA Rebecca C. Hill Bachelor’s Degree
Lagrange GA Jon T. Kelton Bachelor’s Degree
Lawrenceville GA Adam Brian Cranford Bachelor’s Degree
Lawrenceville GA James T. Mucha Bachelor’s Degree
Lithia Springs GA Onatome I. Tasker Bachelor’s Degree
Marietta GA Cameron Leigh Armstrong Bachelor’s Degree
Marietta GA Claire Reynolds Brucker Bachelor’s Degree
Marietta GA Demetri Dionne Ricks Bachelor’s Degree
Marietta GA Ginger  Bechtold Doctoral Degree
Marietta GA Aimee E. Manion Doctoral Degree
Marietta GA Julianna  Burrall Master’s Degree
Marietta GA Bonnie Lee Lawrence Master’s Degree
Marietta GA John Eric Loomis Master’s Degree
Marietta GA Stuart Chesley Mathews Master’s Degree
Marietta GA Jessica E. Schrenk Master’s Degree
Peachtree City GA Rachael Engler Moffitt Master’s Degree
Powder Springs GA Hannah R. Carlile Bachelor’s Degree
Resaca GA Nicole Lashea Brown Master’s Degree
Rex GA Jeffrey K. Hood Master’s Degree
Ringgold GA Allison Denise Allen Doctoral Degree
Rocky Face GA Noah D. Randolph Bachelor’s Degree
Rome GA Harris M. Long Bachelor’s Degree
Rome GA Zachary Andrew Meltzer Bachelor’s Degree
Rome GA Summerford Anne Smith Bachelor’s Degree
Rome GA Michael T. Ward Bachelor’s Degree
Rome GA Thad W. Watters Bachelor’s Degree
Rome GA David Matthew Brearley Master’s Degree
Rome GA Weyman Cleon Little Master’s Degree
Roswell GA Andrew Scott Hein Bachelor’s Degree
Roswell GA Megan E. Meloy Bachelor’s Degree
Roswell GA Michael Joseph Russell Bachelor’s Degree
Saint Marys GA Andrea Leigh Ward Master’s Degree
Saint Simons Island GA Craig Porter Barnett Bachelor’s Degree
Savannah GA Thomas C. Hall Bachelor’s Degree
Savannah GA Margaret A. Sutlive Bachelor’s Degree
Savannah GA Kevin Timothy Almeroth Master’s Degree
Sharpsburg GA Tobias Lee Teal Master’s Degree
Smyrna GA Brittany Elise Gilham Master’s Degree
Smyrna GA Joseph Gregory Mitchell Master’s Degree
Snellville GA Dana Nicole Scott Master’s Degree
Snellville GA Courtney  Strauthers Master’s Degree
Suwanee GA Kelsey Ann Cripps Bachelor’s Degree
Tifton GA Whitley Jo White Bachelor’s Degree
Toccoa GA Kia Shantae Boyd Bachelor’s Degree
Tucker GA JohnPaul S. Cosby Bachelor’s Degree
Valdosta GA Erin Elizabeth Honeycutt Master’s Degree
Vienna GA Joshua Thomas Gautney Bachelor’s Degree
Whitesburg GA Nicholas Ryan Rhodes Doctoral Degree
Woodstock GA Carley Suzanne Chambo Bachelor’s Degree
Woodstock GA Kathryn Kenna Smoak Bachelor’s Degree
Woodstock GA Robert E. Braucht Master’s Degree
Aiea HI Lauren Phyllis Rodier Doctoral Degree
Honolulu HI Carey Luise O’Leary Bachelor’s Degree
Wahiawa HI Christina Toon Fields Master’s Degree
Burlington IA Alyssa Ruth Stewart Master’s Degree
Davenport IA Christiane Broihier Brannon Master’s Degree
Boise ID Erin Huckabay Downey Master’s Degree
Parma ID Kelly Fanning Pesnell Doctoral Degree
Bensenville IL Samuel D. Hathcock Bachelor’s Degree
Caseyville IL Carlotta A. S. Taylor-White Doctoral Degree
Chicago IL Dana Lenore Robinson-Street Doctoral Degree
Manhattan IL Eric John Benney Bachelor’s Degree
Red Bud IL Litney Lea Koch Master’s Degree
Rock Island IL Alex Joseph Seiver Master’s Degree
Wheaton IL David Hon Melilli Master’s Degree
Clarksville IN Tiffany M. Welcher Bachelor’s Degree
Indianapolis IN Russell Lem Ellis Master’s Degree
Newburgh IN Helen D. Azarian Master’s Degree
Kansas City KS Courtney Lorraine Kendrick Master’s Degree
Lenexa KS Stephanie Lynn Cochran Master’s Degree
Overland Park KS Susan Annette Rogers Master’s Degree
Hartford KY Susan  Daniel Doctoral Degree
Lexington KY Meredith Marie Lynch Master’s Degree
Louisville KY Kristen B. Klayko Master’s Degree
Louisville KY Christopher Jarrad Roby Master’s Degree
Louisville KY James Carol Worthington, Sr. Master’s Degree
Alexandria LA Cynthia M. Roberts Doctoral Degree
Baton Rouge LA Karla Renee Horton Doctoral Degree
Baton Rouge LA Julie Miller McLaury Master’s Degree
Bossier City LA Miguel Jerome Romero Master’s Degree
Bossier City LA Kristopher William Rorberg Master’s Degree
Lafayette LA Steven Travis Ramos Master’s Degree
Metairie LA Clifford Villere Brown Bachelor’s Degree
Metairie LA Amy Rita Bell Doctoral Degree
Monroe LA Michael John Sampognaro, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Natchitoches LA Margaret Manger Fitzhugh Doctoral Degree
New Orleans LA Andrew Braddock Burns Bachelor’s Degree
New Orleans LA Katherine Vier Staub Bachelor’s Degree
Shreveport LA Laura C. Kovalsky Bachelor’s Degree
Cambridge MA Christine Marie Stella Doctoral Degree
Hopkinton MA Tiana Jeanne Riel Master’s Degree
Lincoln MA Catherine Diane Buzney Master’s Degree
Newton Center MA Effie  Saly Doctoral Degree
Baltimore MD Alexandra M. Yuro Master’s Degree
Fort Washington MD Nicole Carrin O’Neal Master’s Degree
Gunpowder MD Carrie Elizabeth Shult Master’s Degree
Prince Frederick MD Jessica Reune Bland Master’s Degree
Rockville MD Erik Christopher Greiner Master’s Degree
Brunswick ME Martin Plant Morthland Doctoral Degree
Battle Creek MI Nicholas P. Boyer Bachelor’s Degree
New Haven MI Amanda Jacqueline Kuula-Johnson Doctoral Degree
Suttons Bay MI Andrew James Dalzell Bachelor’s Degree
Temperance MI Lindsay  Malone Master’s Degree
Minneapolis MN Jennifer Ann Zins Master’s Degree
Saint Paul MN Chad Matthew Bigalke Master’s Degree
Cape Girardeau MO Darren Michael Neels Master’s Degree
Kansas City MO April Ann Escobar Master’s Degree
Saint Louis MO Allyson E. Angle Master’s Degree
Saint Louis MO Nicole Kay Jobe Master’s Degree
Saint Louis MO Chris Allen Ratcliff Master’s Degree
Brandon MS Christopher Paul Palmer Master’s Degree
Canton MS Dorether Laverne Watts Master’s Degree
Columbus MS Andrew C. Richardson Bachelor’s Degree
Columbus MS Anessia C. Smith Bachelor’s Degree
Columbus MS Melissa Claire Cooper Master’s Degree
Columbus MS Heather M. Estes Master’s Degree
Hattiesburg MS Kelsey Michelle Land Bachelor’s Degree
Jackson MS Barrett G. Ford Bachelor’s Degree
Jackson MS Virginia N. Parsons Bachelor’s Degree
Meridian MS Walt Reid Barrett Master’s Degree
Natchez MS Preston C. Parish Bachelor’s Degree
Ocean Springs MS Justin S. Brady Bachelor’s Degree
Ocean Springs MS Kristi  Conner Bachelor’s Degree
Ocean Springs MS Sherry Lynne Arboneaux Master’s Degree
Olive Branch MS Loryn Elizabeth Gregory Bachelor’s Degree
Olive Branch MS Suzanne McCallum Argo Master’s Degree
Oxford MS Josef August Vaculcik Master’s Degree
Raymond MS Tammy Cherelle Owens Master’s Degree
Starkville MS Sara Danielle Coon Bachelor’s Degree
Starkville MS Mary Atkinson Smith Doctoral Degree
Terry MS Summer Shea Morrison Bachelor’s Degree
Winona MS Evan Michael Dauterive Master’s Degree
Kalispell MT April K. Szuch Master’s Degree
Charlotte NC Mark Gillam Barber Bachelor’s Degree
Charlotte NC Lauren J. Bauer Bachelor’s Degree
Charlotte NC James Rush Dunaway, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Charlotte NC Traci Renee Large Bachelor’s Degree
Charlotte NC Rosalynne Faith Lopez Bachelor’s Degree
Charlotte NC Bradley C. Moody Bachelor’s Degree
Charlotte NC Chao  Zhang Doctoral Degree
Charlotte NC Lisa Locklar Cashion Master’s Degree
Clemmons NC Catherine Goldie Wright Master’s Degree
Durham NC Desiree Adams Griffin Doctoral Degree
Fletcher NC Shannon Lee Phillips Master’s Degree
Greensboro NC Edward Aaron Fields Bachelor’s Degree
Greenville NC Mitzi Caroline Pestaner Master’s Degree
Jacksonville NC Kathleen Evans Judy Bachelor’s Degree
Kittrell NC Joyce Wynne Fischer Master’s Degree
Leicester NC Susan Ellen Jones Master’s Degree
Matthews NC Aymen B. Soussi Bachelor’s Degree
Mooresville NC Lauren Stephanie Cosper Bachelor’s Degree
New Bern NC Jamie Elizabeth Bragg Bachelor’s Degree
Raleigh NC Daniel Paul Menestres Doctoral Degree
Reidsville NC Wanda S. Williamson Doctoral Degree
Southern Pines NC Melody Bell Miller Bachelor’s Degree
Waynesville NC Agatha Brooke Guy Master’s Degree
Bellevue NE Julie Carver Hunter Master’s Degree
Exeter NH Matthew Robert Fee Bachelor’s Degree
Suncook NH Brian J. Anderson Master’s Degree
Absecon NJ Michael Joseph Sargente Master’s Degree
Fair Haven NJ Erin Lee Brasch Bachelor’s Degree
Riverton NJ Constance Mary Bowen Doctoral Degree
Albuquerque NM Robert D. Gorman Master’s Degree
Brentwood NY Felicia R. Tucker Master’s Degree
Buffalo NY Diane  Stonemetz Doctoral Degree
New York NY Jessica L. Maupin Bachelor’s Degree
Ossining NY William Robert Wagner Doctoral Degree
RockyPoint NY Karen Thompson Sonnessa Master’s Degree
Staten Island NY Pia Simone Garber Master’s Degree
Yorktown Heights NY Patricia M. Carroll Master’s Degree
Bedford OH Mikhaela D. Burnett Bachelor’s Degree
Cincinnati OH Kara M. Gudmens Master’s Degree
Columbiana OH Courtney D. Stone Master’s Degree
Columbus OH Mamie L. Martin Doctoral Degree
Dayton OH Joseph M. Greenwood Bachelor’s Degree
Dayton OH Christopher Alan Martin Master’s Degree
North Ridgeville OH Alexander D. Thompson Master’s Degree
Salem OH Taylor A. Hendricks Bachelor’s Degree
Xenia OH Kendra D. Balassone Bachelor’s Degree
Broken Arrow OK Brad E. LeMarr Master’s Degree
Tulsa OK Jeffrey Lee McFadden Master’s Degree
Tulsa OK Melissa Shepard Taylor Master’s Degree
Portland OR Alison Gene Smith Master’s Degree
Carlisle PA Ryan Matthew Stitt Bachelor’s Degree
Cranberry Twp PA Frances  Chao Bachelor’s Degree
Hanover PA Scott Mckinley Starr Master’s Degree
Indiana PA Caitlin Lattimer Bidwell Bachelor’s Degree
Kittanning PA Edwin William Russell Master’s Degree
Verona PA Robert Michael Coppala Master’s Degree
York PA Benjamin Vaughn Neve Doctoral Degree
San Juan PR Yadira  Portalatin-Mendez Master’s Degree
San Juan PR Yaritza  Portalatin-Mendez Master’s Degree
Aiken SC Stephen D. Rumble Master’s Degree
Chapin SC Jennifer Pugh Wright Doctoral Degree
Clemson SC Nima  Fiuzat Master’s Degree
Columbia SC Alexia N. Hall Bachelor’s Degree
Columbia SC Nathan  Carroll Master’s Degree
Columbia SC Anita Janelle Mixon Master’s Degree
Gilbert SC Stephanie Roxanne Taylor Bachelor’s Degree
Greenville SC Edward Zachary Horton Master’s Degree
Mauldin SC Diana Marie Finkle Master’s Degree
Mayo SC Jenny L. Jolley Doctoral Degree
Moore SC Victoria Smith Kilcawley Doctoral Degree
Mount Pleasant SC Shawn Ryan Willis Master’s Degree
Seneca SC Nicholas Dean Leslie Bachelor’s Degree
Sioux Falls SD Jill R. Heuer Master’s Degree
Brentwood TN Lauren N. Hodskins Bachelor’s Degree
Brentwood TN Kathryn Lynn Kehler Bachelor’s Degree
Brentwood TN Thomas R. Reid Master’s Degree
Butler TN Annemarie  Witmer Doctoral Degree
Caryville TN Stephanie Leigh Conder Doctoral Degree
Chattanooga TN Lee B. Brock Bachelor’s Degree
Chattanooga TN Mandi L. Ethridge Bachelor’s Degree
Collierville TN Kendel Elise Selvey Bachelor’s Degree
Cordova TN Rebecca Nicole Jordan Bachelor’s Degree
Cordova TN Kirby L. Kinney Bachelor’s Degree
Cordova TN Richard Lee Ennis II Master’s Degree
Cottontown TN Kimberlie Aline Barrett Bachelor’s Degree
Franklin TN Caroline E. Beard Bachelor’s Degree
Franklin TN Joe M. Lambert, Jr. Master’s Degree
Franklin TN Nathan James Litwin Master’s Degree
Franklin TN Brittany C. Wood Master’s Degree
Germantown TN Barrett Anderson Jones Bachelor’s Degree
Germantown TN Jason Q. Dowdy Master’s Degree
Germantown TN Martin Andrew Wohlfarth Master’s Degree
Hermitage TN Trevor Kendrick England Master’s Degree
Hixson TN Aldous Desmond McCrory Master’s Degree
LaVergne TN Kyonzte L. N. Toombs Master’s Degree
Lexington TN Raven Dedrick Wentworth Doctoral Degree
Maryville TN Danielle Clark Puckett Bachelor’s Degree
Memphis TN Brian Taylor Casey Bachelor’s Degree
Memphis TN Alexander Ashley Folk Bachelor’s Degree
Memphis TN Kathryn L. Hanlon Bachelor’s Degree
Memphis TN Grace A. Rickman Bachelor’s Degree
Memphis TN Leah G. Wilensky Bachelor’s Degree
Memphis TN Lauren E. Musselman Master’s Degree
Mount Juliet TN Tierney  Jenkins Bachelor’s Degree
Murfreesboro TN Jean Malone Ward Master’s Degree
Nashville TN Margaret Williamson Bowden Bachelor’s Degree
Nashville TN Christopher John Geer Bachelor’s Degree
Nashville TN Lauren Barr Phipps Bachelor’s Degree
Nashville TN Polly Anna Shepard Bachelor’s Degree
Nashville TN Charles M. Tyndal III Bachelor’s Degree
Nashville TN Jennifer Beth Arvin Master’s Degree
Nashville TN Timothy Jay Warner Master’s Degree
Nolensville TN Adam Clark Presley Bachelor’s Degree
Pulaski TN Kate D. Cardin Bachelor’s Degree
Pulaski TN Aaron Grant Sullivan Master’s Degree
Ramer TN Mica Nicole Crawford Doctoral Degree
Spring Hill TN Stephanie Lynn Cooper Bachelor’s Degree
Spring Hill TN Michelle Lin Swanson Doctoral Degree
Tullahoma TN Andrea N. Bigham Master’s Degree
Austin TX Pan  Chen Doctoral Degree
Dallas TX Davidson S. Liland Bachelor’s Degree
Dallas TX Karla  Macias Bachelor’s Degree
Dallas TX Kelsey Marie Walker Bachelor’s Degree
Dallas TX Julie Lee Glover Master’s Degree
ElPaso TX Margaret Elizabeth Valenzuela Bachelor’s Degree
Flower Mound TX Ashley Sheree Miller Bachelor’s Degree
Fort Worth TX Brian Austin Clinkscales Bachelor’s Degree
Fort Worth TX Kenneth Taylor Foote, Jr. Bachelor’s Degree
Fort Worth TX Thompson Earl Purvis Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Michael T. Bersch Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Robert Travis Blevins Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Christopher D. Brandt Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Cathleen L. Cantrell Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Jackson G. Gillette Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Kelley K. Hayden Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Andrew Coleman Kesterson Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Tyler Grainger Maddox Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Morgan McNeil Mayfield Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Lauren B. Porter Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Joseph H. Rambin Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Travis James Stockard Bachelor’s Degree
Houston TX Cindy  Akwue Master’s Degree
Houston TX Gabriela  Flores Master’s Degree
Huntsville TX Yinaze Herve Dovoedo Doctoral Degree
Irving TX Kelsey Anne Nemeth Bachelor’s Degree
Keller TX Robin Shirley Forbes Master’s Degree
Kilgore TX Rachel Ann Harvey Master’s Degree
Lorena TX Brandi Danielle Fagner Master’s Degree
Lubbock TX Maryanne  McCauley Bachelor’s Degree
Lubbock TX David M. Noble Doctoral Degree
Manvel TX David R. Edgar Bachelor’s Degree
New Braunfels TX Nicholas James Zaleski Master’s Degree
Pasadena TX Valerie A. Stiner Bachelor’s Degree
Plano TX Carla Ann Berdeaux Master’s Degree
Port Arthur TX Linda Gail Houston Doctoral Degree
Richmond TX Justin H. Killingsworth Master’s Degree
San Antonio TX Lewis Charles Corbitt Master’s Degree
Seabrook TX Amanda Elizabeth Hackler Doctoral Degree
Sugar Land TX Cristina Cecilia Serrentino Popovici Master’s Degree
Sugar Land TX Cristina Cecilia Serrentino Popovici Master’s Degree
Texarkana TX Lydia Ann Wommack Bachelor’s Degree
Texarkana TX Lydia Ann Wommack Bachelor’s Degree
Tomball TX Kristin Leigh Hellem Hughes Doctoral Degree
Tyler TX Rachel Claire Staples Bachelor’s Degree
Kaysville UT Collette Campbell Renstrom Doctoral Degree
Payson UT Jeremy J. Myntti Master’s Degree
Provo UT Emily M. Nelson Master’s Degree
Alexandria VA Courtney M. Smith Bachelor’s Degree
Amissville VA Mary Helena Parrish Bachelor’s Degree
Bedford VA Stephanie Meagan Johnson Master’s Degree
Charlottesville VA Michael  McCann Bachelor’s Degree
Charlottesville VA Catherine Carter Sims Bachelor’s Degree
Chesterfield VA Brett Thomas Elder Bachelor’s Degree
Fairfax Station VA Andrew S. Finelli Bachelor’s Degree
Fairfax Station VA Bradford Howland Patterson Doctoral Degree
Fairfax Station VA Bradford Howland Patterson Master’s Degree
Falls Church VA Jack V. DiGregory Bachelor’s Degree
Grundy VA Wilma Jean Deel Doctoral Degree
Keswick VA Colin Brett Chapell Doctoral Degree
Leesburg VA Scott Paul Milo Bachelor’s Degree
Midlothian VA Mallory A. Franks Bachelor’s Degree
Midlothian VA Anna Moncure Manning Master’s Degree
Newport News VA Erin M. Hines Bachelor’s Degree
Newport News VA Cassandra Leigh Roberts Doctoral Degree
Reston VA Nicholas Henley Walker Master’s Degree
Richmond VA Henry G. Goodstein Bachelor’s Degree
Richmond VA Laura M. Millner Bachelor’s Degree
Richmond VA Austin C. Williamson Bachelor’s Degree
Richmond VA Awnali Dawn Mills Master’s Degree
Roanoke VA Molly Catherine Burke Master’s Degree
Round Hill VA Ivy Claire Hunter Bachelor’s Degree
Springfield VA Adrith Lee Bicchieri Master’s Degree
Stafford VA Simms Adelaide Califf Bachelor’s Degree
Waynesboro VA Brandee E. Marion Master’s Degree
Bremerton WA Tanya L. Spoon Doctoral Degree
Lacey WA Dawn  Will Master’s Degree
Spokane WA Ambre L. Rypien Bachelor’s Degree
Appleton WI Rahul  Nori Master’s Degree
Colgate WI Brittany Marie Keyser Master’s Degree
Jackson WI Jodi Rochelle Slak Bachelor’s Degree
Oshkosh WI Jeremy K. Davis Bachelor’s Degree
Gerrardstown WV Hannah Meleney Wilkes Master’s Degree
Hurricane WV Ladawna J. Bostic Master’s Degree
Weirton WV Darlene M. Sperlazza Doctoral Degree

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state's economy, is in keeping with UA's vision to be the university of choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state's flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.