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The University of Alabama

Dean’s List Students Named at UA

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — A total of 5,477 students enrolled during the fall 2008 semester at The University of Alabama made the Dean’s List with academic records of 3.5 or above (on a 4.0 scale), or the President’s List with academic records of 4.0 (all As).

The UA Dean’s and President’s List recognizes full-time undergraduate students. The list does not apply to graduate students or undergraduate students who take less than a full course load.

The fall 2008 list includes the following students:

City State Name List Type
Abbeville AL Anna C. Phillips Presidents List
Abbeville AL Robert D. Sellers Presidents List
Adamsville AL Jacob P. Dean Deans List
Adamsville AL Kayla S. Lawrence Deans List
Addison AL Lindsey E. Cobb Presidents List
Addison AL Matthew Blake Naylor Deans List
Adger AL Olivia A. Bandy Presidents List
Adger AL Katy Nicole Graham Deans List
Adger AL Matthew David Sims Presidents List
Adger AL Frank A. White Deans List
Alabaster AL Amanda M. Alldredge Presidents List
Alabaster AL Emily N. Allen Presidents List
Alabaster AL Christina L. Arnone Deans List
Alabaster AL Kenny L. Betts Deans List
Alabaster AL Mary K. Boyd Deans List
Alabaster AL Jonathan M.. Cobb Deans List
Alabaster AL Nyeshia Sherelle Cohill Deans List
Alabaster AL Nicole D. Ferguson Deans List
Alabaster AL Abby Belinda Harlow Deans List
Alabaster AL Jacob E. Hatcher Deans List
Alabaster AL Heather L. Johnson Deans List
Alabaster AL Robert A. Jones Deans List
Alabaster AL Jeanne M. Laurent Deans List
Alabaster AL Christina M. Logan Presidents List
Alabaster AL Ashley N. Lott Deans List
Alabaster AL Lauren A. Mandle Deans List
Alabaster AL Nicholas A. Miles Deans List
Alabaster AL Ashley Lauren Patete Deans List
Alabaster AL Kristen Patete Deans List
Alabaster AL Yaleshia D. Taylor Deans List
Alabaster AL Nicolette S. Waddell Deans List
Alabaster AL Whitney E. Wash Deans List
Alabaster AL Emily M. Waymire Presidents List
Alabaster AL Michael G. Whitaker Deans List
Alabaster AL Nicholas J. Zito Presidents List
Albertville AL Leigh A. Bray Presidents List
Albertville AL Maury B. Bray IV Deans List
Albertville AL Cassie J. Cannady Deans List
Albertville AL Anna K. Clemons Presidents List
Albertville AL Jordan R. Cochran Deans List
Albertville AL Tara A. Cochran Deans List
Albertville AL Eduardo Walter Cortez-Garcia Presidents List
Albertville AL Ryan D. Dooley Deans List
Albertville AL Morgan R. Engle Deans List
Albertville AL Jacob Houston Hall Deans List
Albertville AL Brandon S. McGaha Deans List
Albertville AL Stacey L. Ogle Deans List
Albertville AL Megan L.. Spurlin Presidents List
Albertville AL Keri Elaine Stephens Deans List
Albertville AL Jacob L. Turner Presidents List
Alexander City AL Mary Katherine E. Blankenship Deans List
Alexander City AL John Luke Chapman Deans List
Alexander City AL William W. Chappell Deans List
Alexander City AL Lindsay E. Cole Deans List
Alexander City AL Amanda D. Floyd Deans List
Alexander City AL Leland Willis George Deans List
Alexander City AL Robert Carlisle Gunn Deans List
Alexander City AL Amelia Staley Gwaltney Presidents List
Alexander City AL Caroline Cameron Gwaltney Deans List
Alexander City AL Samantha L. Haggerty Deans List
Alexander City AL Hannah Robinson Haynes Deans List
Alexander City AL Hayes Rahn Holliday Deans List
Alexander City AL Holley Nichols Howell Deans List
Alexander City AL Abby Leanna Johnson Deans List
Alexander City AL Ross Spratling Nabors Presidents List
Alexander City AL Kaitlyn V. Parker Deans List
Alexander City AL Madolyn M. Price Presidents List
Alexander City AL Lee M. Rutland Deans List
Alexander City AL Aubrey F. West Deans List
Alexander City AL Jinmei Zhou Deans List
Alexandria AL Joshua A. Husted Presidents List
Alexandria AL Mark A. Husted Deans List
Alexandria AL Stevie N. Smith Deans List
Aliceville AL Chelsea M. Martin Deans List
Alpine AL Whitley D. Wilson Presidents List
Andalusia AL Courtney J. Bass Deans List
Andalusia AL Cody Foster Brown Deans List
Andalusia AL Maile A. Floyd Deans List
Andalusia AL Meagan Deanne Gantt Presidents List
Andalusia AL Lauren D. Hobbs Deans List
Andalusia AL Andrew M. Holloway Deans List
Andalusia AL Mitchell Thomas Myers Deans List
Andalusia AL Stephanie K. Nall Deans List
Andalusia AL Leandria S. Owens Deans List
Andalusia AL Carrie E. Smith Presidents List
Andalusia AL Sarah Wofford Deans List
Anderson AL Nickolas G. Old Deans List
Anniston AL Kelsey E. Ballew Deans List
Anniston AL Will H. Broome Deans List
Anniston AL Lauren B. Evans Presidents List
Anniston AL Daniel K. Faulkner Deans List
Anniston AL Lindsey E. Forbus Presidents List
Anniston AL Kristin L. Hulsey Deans List
Anniston AL Lauren A. Hulsey Deans List
Anniston AL Matthew T. Johnson Presidents List
Anniston AL Evan S. Kennedy Deans List
Anniston AL Julia A.. Locklier Deans List
Anniston AL Morgan Melanie Long Presidents List
Anniston AL Larry Joe Moore Jr Deans List
Anniston AL Marilyn B. Pinson Deans List
Anniston AL Kristin L. Reid Deans List
Anniston AL Joel A. Schoenberg Deans List
Anniston AL Margaret A. Smith Presidents List
Anniston AL Phillips N. Thomas Presidents List
Anniston AL Roberta M. Thomas Deans List
Anniston AL William M. Vandervoort Deans List
Anniston AL Sarah P. Walker Presidents List
Anniston AL Erin B. Williams Deans List
Arab AL Emily Amanda Couch Deans List
Arab AL Ashlyn E. Isom Deans List
Arab AL Krista Suzanne King Deans List
Arab AL Kyle A. Reaves Presidents List
Arab AL Alana L. Rogers Deans List
Arab AL Lauren E. Ryder Deans List
Arab AL Laura A. Traylor Deans List
Ardmore AL Joshua I. Evans Deans List
Ardmore AL Gregory D. Stewart Presidents List
Ardmore AL Catherine Coleen Taylor Deans List
Ardmore AL Joe Kenneth Whitt III Deans List
Ashford AL Seth A. Strickland Deans List
Ashford AL Cody D. Sumlin Deans List
Ashville AL Katlin L. Snow Deans List
Athens AL Bob Atkinson Presidents List
Athens AL Leslie M. Austin Deans List
Athens AL Angelo V. Azzarello Presidents List
Athens AL Matthew B. Bailey Deans List
Athens AL Lauren Belew Presidents List
Athens AL Brandon L. Casebolt Deans List
Athens AL Allison C. Chandler Presidents List
Athens AL Melissa Suzanne Clem Presidents List
Athens AL Lara R. Dean Deans List
Athens AL Ashlee N. Eaton Deans List
Athens AL Heath A. Fogg Deans List
Athens AL Mallory L. Haney Presidents List
Athens AL Joseph H. Higginbotham Presidents List
Athens AL Brittany L. Hovell Presidents List
Athens AL Candice M. Hovell Presidents List
Athens AL Elizabeth L. Hunt Deans List
Athens AL Alana Michelle Knight Presidents List
Athens AL Bethany K. Knowles Deans List
Athens AL Britley Cole Leonard Deans List
Athens AL Courtney L. Medlen Deans List
Athens AL Emily A. Miller Deans List
Athens AL Allison B. Murphy Deans List
Athens AL Kirankumar B. Patel Presidents List
Athens AL Theo T. Pinson Deans List
Athens AL Jonathan Neal Pittman Presidents List
Athens AL David L. Pritchett Deans List
Athens AL Collier M. Raley Deans List
Athens AL Mary Elizabeth Rich Deans List
Athens AL Jacob Micah Spry Deans List
Athens AL Kimberly D. Stone Presidents List
Athens AL Jere C. Trent II Presidents List
Athens AL Lauren T. Turberville Deans List
Athens AL Matthew R Watson Deans List
Athens AL Colin T. Whitworth Deans List
Athens AL Mary A. Woodroof Presidents List
Athens AL Thomas S. Woodroof III Deans List
Atmore AL James F. Anderson II Deans List
Atmore AL Erin L. Childress Presidents List
Atmore AL Jaime L. Drew Presidents List
Atmore AL Treasure L. Fay Presidents List
Atmore AL Gregory T. Hodgen Deans List
Atmore AL Alisha Marie Linam Deans List
Atmore AL Jessie D. McKinley Presidents List
Atmore AL James Pierce Robinson Presidents List
Attalla AL Stephanie F. Prickett Presidents List
Auburn AL Leah D. Blake Deans List
Auburn AL Bradlee P. Colburn Presidents List
Auburn AL David A. Curenton Presidents List
Auburn AL Tom B. Dake Deans List
Auburn AL John N. Harris Deans List
Auburn AL Sarah B. Langcuster Deans List
Auburn AL Lauren M. Leonard Deans List
Auburn AL Jessica N. Pitts Deans List
Auburn AL Lauren E. Robertson Deans List
Auburn AL Kimberly Ann Roy Deans List
Auburn AL Andrew J. Shaver Presidents List
Auburn AL Meridith H. Shook Deans List
Auburn AL Mary Scott Speigner Presidents List
Auburn AL Alexandra E. Tucci Presidents List
Auburn AL Laura A. Tyler Deans List
Axis AL Jasmine N. Orso Deans List
Baileyton AL Christina M. Ibrahim Deans List
Banks AL Carrie Mcinish Wesley Presidents List
Bay Minette AL Emily M. Dickman Presidents List
Bay Minette AL Crystal Ashton Durant Deans List
Bay Minette AL Patrick C. Gunter Deans List
Bay Minette AL George A. Hoffman Deans List
Bay Minette AL Mary-Kate Owen Deans List
Bay Minette AL Catherine A. Simon Deans List
Bay Minette AL Dustin W. Thompson Deans List
Berry AL Jonathan W. Christian Presidents List
Berry AL MaKayla Leigh Crossley Deans List
Berry AL Stephanie L. Davis Presidents List
Berry AL Jordan Ali Handley Presidents List
Berry AL David S. Moore Deans List
Bessemer AL Karly J. Alexander Presidents List
Bessemer AL Austin J. Barnett Deans List
Bessemer AL Ashleigh Bonds Presidents List
Bessemer AL Sarah Ashley Brown Presidents List
Bessemer AL Kristian F. Chesser Deans List
Bessemer AL Randi E. Coble Deans List
Bessemer AL Lori B. Darden Deans List
Bessemer AL Nicholas T. Dutton Deans List
Bessemer AL Tiffany J. Evans Deans List
Bessemer AL William T. Hanks Deans List
Bessemer AL Brittany Nicole Hill Deans List
Bessemer AL Ashley Lauren Holmes Deans List
Bessemer AL Mellonee R. Johnson Deans List
Bessemer AL Elyse Monique Love Presidents List
Bessemer AL Katy R. McDonald Deans List
Bessemer AL Samantha E. Ousley Presidents List
Bessemer AL Brittany R. Parsons Presidents List
Bessemer AL Laura Ashley Pierce Deans List
Bessemer AL Courtney Lane Plowman Presidents List
Bessemer AL Mark A. Purser Deans List
Bessemer AL Kiara Bonet’ Sally Deans List
Bessemer AL Laura J. Slater Deans List
Bessemer AL Samantha R. Staggs Deans List
Bessemer AL Justin A. Thomas Deans List
Bessemer AL Jeremy D. Threatt Deans List
Bessemer AL Stephen Paul Tyler Deans List
Bessemer AL Ryan E. Veasey Deans List
Bessemer AL Katy K. Webb Presidents List
Bessemer AL Katherine Lynn Weldon Presidents List
Bessemer AL Emily E. Williams Deans List
Bessemer AL Mary Elizabeth Williams Deans List

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